PDFClerk Pro 3.12.2PDFClerk Pro 3.12.2
PDF Editor / Powerful PDF Manipulation

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.12.2:

  • Fix: Deleting pages that were recently moved could cause some pages that were not deleted to become hidden.
  • PDFClerk Pro is now Developer ID signed, to facilitate installation on macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.12.1:

  • Fix: Opening PDF and PDFClerk Documents documents no longer marks them as dirty.
  • Fix: Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur when dragging pages between documents.
  • Fix: Other bug fixes.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.12:

  • New: On macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), or higher, when a PDF containing rotated pages is opened, they are now normalized, so that they are no longer internally rotated, while their visual appearance remains unaltered.
  • Fix: Splitting pages while showing a box other than the media box no longer causes incorrect splits.
  • Fix: Mirroring rotated pages no longer causes content misalignment.
  • Fix: Adding links and other static annotations based on selected text is accurate again.
  • Fix: Creating a new annotation now deselects any selected annotations.
  • Fix: PDFClerk no longer tries to save new files with (Unsaved) in their name.
  • Fix: Various internal bugfixes.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.11:

  • New: Added merging of annotations from multiple PDF documents.
  • New: Added imposition template option to print CMYK plate identifiers for offset printing.
  • Fixed: Corrected layout errors that had crept into the document window in the French and German localizations in 3.10.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.10.1:

  • Fixed: Resolved some potential memory related issues during program startup.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with background colors when splitting or exploding.
  • Fixed: Added workaround to an annotation ordering issue in macOS 10.5.8.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.10:

  • New: Added overlay option to Import menu. You can now overlay a PDF document on top of another.
  • New: Added font and font size scripting properties to form fields.
  • Fixed: Custom page color is now respected again when exporting and printing.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.9.5:

  • New: Added scripting properties to offer better control of static text box text.
  • New: Added sticky sketch creation mode to facilitate hand-writing text using a sketch object. (Press option while selecting the Sketch option to activate. Press escape, enter or return to end sticky sketch mode.).
  • Changed: Improved the automated license upgrade feature. It now needs even less user interaction.
  • Changed: When an imposition is active the Draw submenu now indicates the display box used to draw the individual pages, rather than the display box used to draw the imposed sheets (which is always the media box).
  • Fixed: Exporting to bitmaps through AppleScript now honours page ranges.
  • Fixed: Implemented a few corrections that should reduce the chance of some difficult to trace, rare crashes.
  • Fixed: When saving a new document, the file name shown in the window title no longer has (Unsaved) appended to it. Subsequent saves will also no longer ask again for a file name.
  • Fixed: Rotated polygons now draw correctly upon loading a PDFClerk document.
  • Fixed: Removed a workaround for a Mac OS issue with outline destinations, which got fixed in 10.6 and higher. (The workaround could cause duplicated undo actions.)
  • Fixed: Template editor: entering top and bottom sheet margins no longer exchanges these values.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.9.4:

  • New: Pages can now be merged side by side, in addition to one on top of the other.
  • Fixed: Changing font properties of text boxes with a single character could be problematic.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue with dynamic annotations inspector when a form button had no on state value.
  • Fixed: Corrected some harmless memory bugs that could result in warnings being logged to the console.
  • Fixed: Worked around an issue where some locked documents would fail to open on macOS 10.6. They are now unlocked and decrypted if the required password is provided.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.9.3:

  • New: PDFClerk Pro now remembers which list view was active when opening a PDFClerk document.
  • Fixed: Resolved a recently introduced rare crash that could occur during program start.
  • Fixed: AppleScript: Display box properties when creating a page (with Create new page) are now honoured.
  • Fixed: The Dynamic Annotations Inspector would sometimes resize incorrectly if a button annotation was chosen.
  • Fixed: Other settings no longer revert when changing the font in the Document Settings Label pane.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.9.2:

  • Fixed: Corrected a bug in 3.9.1 that could cause some license files to be incorrectly rejected.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug in 3.9.1 that causes the automatic update to fail.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.9.1:

  • New: Auto opening of exported PDF documents was extended, so that you can choose to open in PDFClerk, Preview or Adobe Reader.
  • New: On macOS 10.6 PDFClerk supports iChat Theater sharing of PDF files.
  • Fixed: Implemented workaround for bug introduced in macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) that could slow down or even freeze PDFClerk in certain conditions after opening very large documents.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue in macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) that caused the page to rotate, instead of the page object when trying to rotate the object.
  • Fixed: Annotation ordering now works correctly on macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
  • Fixed: Resolved issue with width stepper in placement inspector when dealing with objects that constrain their proportions.
  • Fixed: Flipping even/odd columns in an imposition template flipped the wrong column.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.9:

  • New: The contextual menu on a page now offers the option to print only that page.
  • New: German localization added. de
  • New: French localization added. fr
  • Fixed: The sheets per signature value is now set correctly when opening a PDFClerk Pro document.
  • Fixed: The sheets per signature entry field in the toolbar is now enabled, if appropriate, when loading a PDFClerk Pro document.
  • Fixed: Static annotation handles are now drawn when in edit all annotations mode.
  • Fixed: The sheets list for impositions now scrolls to the selected page again.
  • Fixed: Ovals were drawing as squares when opening a PDFClerk document, you had to move them before they became ovals again.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.8.1:

  • New: Option in the Display Boxes Inspector (media box templates) to resize a page's media box to an outset from a secondary display box.
  • Fixed: The workaround in version 3.8 for a bug introduced by Apple in macOS 10.5.7 was inefficient and could exponentially increase the time it takes to open a document. This fix implements an efficient workaround so that opening even huge documents is snappy again.
  • Fixed: PDFClerk Pro no longer offers to save encrypted documents when quitting.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.8:

  • New: Annotation reordering now works for all supported annotation types.
  • New: Dragging selected pages from the page list to the Finder exports a PDF containing those pages.
  • New: Fullscreen option, now independently of remote control function.
  • New: Kiosk mode when in fullscreen mode is optional.
  • New: Positioning, sizing and rotating objects now works on all selected objects, where possible.
  • Changed: It is now possible to change the font of selected form fields without needing to bring up the inspector.
  • Changed: It is now possible to change the font of all selected text objects (like form fields and text boxes).
  • Changed: Clearing all form fields now also clears check boxes and radio buttons.
  • Fixed: Implemented workaround for bug introduced in macOS 10.5.7, where annotation order on a page shifts by one when the page is first opened. (Unfortunately this does not fix the issue in other applications that use the same frameworks, most prominently Preview.)
  • Fixed: Creating a new polyline no longer draws it on all pages.
  • Fixed: Changing a form field's font when multiple form fields are selected now changes the font in all selected fields.
  • Fixed: The explode dialog incorrectly listed Sheets Per Document where it should read Sheet Sides Per Document.
  • Fixed: Resolved some glitches to do with light table mode and window resizing.
  • Fixed: Resolved some glitches when switching to a different list view while in light table mode.
  • Fixed: Changed import document shortcut to command-control-I, so as not to clash with text-italic shortcut.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue where if template slot fit percentage was set to 0, behaviour would be unpredictable. From now on 0% gets interpreted as 1.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue where certain imposition contexts could lead to undesirable behaviour.
  • Fixed: Resolved drawing glitch when drawing an annotation index number when editing all annotations (work mode 4).

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.7.1:

  • New: Added resize handles to the bottom of the sidebar lists (both on the left and right side of the document window).
  • New: Watermark rotation can now be specified with a negative value. It will be translated into a positive value (e.g: -90º becomes 270º).
  • New: Holding the option key while clicking the center button in the placement inspector will center objects only horizontally on a page.
  • Changed: The sidebar lists on either end of the document window no longer resize when the window is resized. Only the preview area resizes.
  • Changed: When toggling light table state, the previous width of the left sidebar is now remembered.
  • Changed: A PDFClerk document can now be saved at any time.
  • Changed: Streamlined user feedback when saving speech to an audio file.
  • Fixed: Some UI glitches.
  • Fixed: Undo/Redo of page sorting works again.
  • Fixed: Removed a freeze that could occur under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed: In mixed annotation mode objects couldn't be deleted from a page.
  • Fixed: Since version 3.7 selecting text and then creating a text box was not creating a copy of the selected text for editing in the box.
  • Fixed: Canceling the document settings dialog now also cancels changes to watermarks.
  • Fixed: Undoing changes to document settings now also undoes any changes to watermarks within the dialog's session.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with calculation of creep amount.
  • Fixed: A 'default' undo menu item no longer appears when opening a PDFClerk document.
  • Fixed: Adding a check box from the toolbar popup menu now really adds a check box, rather than a push button.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue with Revert to saved functionality.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.7:

  • New: Annotation sequence on a page can now be reversed with a single command in the contextual menu for pages (useful with forms).
  • New: Form field tab order can now be adjusted by dragging a field's index number to another form field, to swap sequence order.
  • New: Added a mixed mode for editing static and dynamic annotations simultaneously.
  • New: Added a Clear All Form Fields menu item to the Dynamic Annotations menu. Use this after having finished designing a form to clear any form field contents.
  • New: Added a warning the first time (per session) you change a media box when the document is shown by another display box.
  • Changed: Swapped orientation of horizontal and vertical page splitting to be more intuitive. (Horizontal split now splits horizontally instead of along horizontal axis, which would result in a vertical split & vv.)
  • Changed: When adding an annotation to a page the new annotation now becomes the last annotation on the page, rather than the first (this results in a more likely satisfying tab order when designing PDF forms).
  • Changed: When adding a button annotation to a page using the toolbar popup, it now defaults to the more widely used check-box button, rather than a rarely used push-button.
  • Changed: The Add Button Widget menu item now has a submenu to chose the type of button to create.
  • Changed: When duplicating dynamic annotations, they are now created with a unique field name, rather than with the same field name as the original.
  • Fixed: Draw Page Labels popup of application preferences works again.
  • Fixed: Changes to font settings under the Labels tab of the application preferences dialog are now reflected again.
  • Fixed: Corrected text of undo menu items for horizontal and vertical page splitting.
  • Fixed: Changing view mode when a form field is being edited now stops editing that form field.
  • Fixed: When creating a form field the font is now set to the last font used for previously created form fields.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue when importing PDF documents without outlines.
  • Fixed: Resolved a number of UI glitches relating to shapes with callouts.
  • Fixed: Trying to save an empty PDFClerk document would fail.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.6:

  • New: Grid for object placement.
  • New: Added an easy way to put frames around form fields, and underlines under links. (Bring up contextual menu on selected dynamic annotations.)
  • New: Selected pages can now be merged into one page. (Bring up contextual menu in the page list to access the feature.)
  • New: Added an easy and quick way to split individual/selected pages (bring up contextual menu on a page to find it).
  • New: Option to set starting file number or use page labels as file numbers when exploding to PDF.
  • New: Added import of form field data in CSV form (as exported from PDFClerk).
  • Changed: When deleting pages in the pages list, the selection is now set to the first page after the last deleted page.
  • Changed: The pages list no longer scrolls to the last selected page when removing from a selection.
  • Fixed: When closing the Impositions Editor by clicking the OK button immediately after entering a value in a field, that value is now retained.
  • Fixed: Corrected issues where the Display Boxes Inspector and other elements could be confused as to which page to treat as the current page in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Corrected bitmap export for pages that are not shown by their media box, when the shown box is smaller than the media box.
  • Fixed: Worked around an issue where some radio button/check box annotations would lose their settings when a PDFClerk document is saved.
  • Fixed: Corrected a glitch that would cause those same annotations to not be correctly set when reading the PDFClerk document back in.
  • Fixed: The active displaybox wasn't being set correctly when opening a PDFClerk document. The document would always open showing the crop box.
  • Fixed: When saving PDFClerk files, the displayboxes of original PDF documents whose media box origin was displaced, were being incorrectly written.
  • Fixed: Corrected some glitches in CSV form data export.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue when promoting an imposed document to master.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous minor corrections.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.5.1:

  • New: In text selection mode, holding down the option key while dragging, selects the text that falls within the selection rectangle rather than selecting text by line. This makes it easy to e.g. select an individual column of a page.
  • Changed: When editing cells in the pages list, tabbing now selects the next editable cell. Shift tabbing selects the previous editable cell, across rows when appropriate.
  • Changed: Hitting the return key while editing a cell in the pages list now starts editing the cell below it. Shift return moves to the cell above it.
  • Fixed: Corrected a bug that could cause a rare crash when the current page in the preview area changed.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to set the font color of form fields.
  • Fixed: Hitting Shift-Tab on top-level outline items no longer makes them disappear. It now has no effect.
  • Fixed: Turning on registration marks no longer draws them on the individual imposed pages.
  • Fixed: Some registration marks on non-imposed pages would not draw.
  • Fixed: Resolved minor glitch with the page stepper in the Index Table linking dialog.
  • Fixed: Resolved bug introduced in v3.5 that could cause the automated outline generation feature to fail to find the target page for some outlines.
  • Fixed: Made a small improvement to the automated outline generation from links feature.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.5:

  • New: Automated hyperlinking of cross references in the document using regular expressions.
  • New: Automated hyperlinking of Index Table entries.
  • New: Several compression options for saving bitmap image objects in a PDFClerk document.
  • New: It is now possible to detach page contents so that they become a shape object on top of a blank page.
  • Changed: Moved showing of license agreement back into first run of application.
  • Changed: PDFClerk Pro now asks about auto updating permission when first run.
  • Changed: PDFClerk now defaults to saving bitmap image objects with lossless compression when saving its own file format.
  • Changed: When editing a text box, now the background will retain the text box color.
  • Fixed: The Go To Page menu command would not work while the preview area had focus.
  • Fixed: Bug introduced in 3.4.3 disabled sorting pages by clicking on the columns headers in the pages list.
  • Fixed: Improved object selection behaviour in certain circumstances.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.4.3:

  • Fixed: Resolved issue introduced in version 3.4.2, which could result in a crash when creating an untitled document in demo mode.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue where the automatic outline creation dialog would not show a preview of the PDF if the original document had been moved after opening it in PDFClerk Pro.
  • Fixed: Add polyline menu item is now disabled when it should be.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.4.2:

  • New: Callouts for static text boxes and static rectangles.
  • New: Application wide option to be warned about printer paper size not matching size of first page before printing. (This option is off by default.)
  • New: Application wide preference for defaulting to a border around text boxes.
  • New: Ability to apply auto-incrementing (or decrementing) number replacement in regular expression based modification of outlines.
  • New: Ability to export form data as a csv file.
  • Fixed: Automatic outline generation from TOC now correctly handles leader lines containing middle dot character.
  • Fixed: Rotated opaque static text boxes now draw their background correctly.
  • Fixed: Exporting to PDF while running in demo mode no longer balloons the file size of documents with more than a few pages.
  • Fixed: Testing the auto-outline creation feature in demo mode no longer causes malfunctions.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.4.1:

  • New: Double clicking on a page (i.e. not on an object on the page) when in annotation mode switches back to text mode.
  • Fixed: Under some circumstances, double clicking a dynamic annotation would fail to auto switch to Edit Dynamic Annotations mode.
  • Fixed: The automatic review feature introduced in v3.4 would open the generated PDF(s) in a new instance of the PDFClerk application.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.4:

  • New: Turn off hierarchical indentation during auto outline creation.
  • New: Apply hierarchy altering actions through the find and replace dialog for outlines.
  • New: Freetext annotations can be edited inline. (Double click annotation to start editing.)
  • New: Double clicking an annotation changes to the correct work mode for that annotation and selects it, regardless of what the current work mode is. Freetext annotations and text boxes will automatically enter editing mode.
  • New: The prefix/suffix fields of the relabel dialog support the special variables $title, $author, $subject, $sourceName, $currentPageNumber and $totalPages, which are dynamically replaced by their respective values in the document, both when displayed in the page list, and when rendered on the pages. (So the labels adjust automatically as you reorder pages and/or add/remove pages, or alter some document attributes.
  • New: Name based watermarks support the same special variables mentioned above.
  • New: Added workmode selection buttons to the Toolbar.
  • New: New application preference to open PDFs after exporting them (does not apply to exploded PDF generation).
  • New: Added link, under the Help Menu, to the online tutorials.
  • Changed: Creating outlines from selected links now flows through the auto outline creation dialog, providing more control and better results, especially in the case of columnar TOC layouts.
  • Changed: From now on, leaving the number field empty in the relabel pages dialog will cause the page number to be omitted from the label during the relabeling process.
  • Changed: Moved Find Field from Toolbar to the Find list.
  • Changed: Redesigned a number of Toolbar items.
  • Changed: Redesigned the list views navigation bar.
  • Changed: Made some changes in scripting terminology to page inclusion and exclusion types, since some terms were conflicting with other properties (namely: first page, last page).
  • Changed: Formatting of samples in the search results list now conforms to the more usual formatting as in Apple's preview.
  • Changed: Other minor UI tweaks.
  • Fixed: Using the Tab key to indent outlines now correctly takes into account whether the option key is being held down (previously it was always treating it as down).
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue between the inspector and line endings, which could cause unpredictable behaviour.
  • Fixed: Removed FDF export menu, which made it into a recent update by mistake.
  • Fixed: Multiline page labels are now shown in the page list with all linefeeds removed. (This should clear up some cases where the display could become messy.)
  • Fixed: Scripting an annotation's stroke style to solid now works.
  • Fixed: Setting properties of static annotations in scripts did not always update the content view.
  • Fixed: Improved implementation of watermark scriptability. All properties should now be settable and readable.
  • Fixed: Making a new outline in a script now successfully returns a reference to the new outline.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.3.1:

  • New: You can now define multiple analysis-rectangles for the automated outline generation feature (for TOCs with columnar layout).
  • New: Various under the hood improvements to the automated outline generation feature.
  • New: Holding the option key while clicking OK in the outline generation dialog turns off smart TOC line detection, which in some cases improves results.
  • Fixed: If an imposition is the default mode for new documents, the Signature Sheets field in the toolbar will now be correct when opening a PDF document.
  • Fixed: Creating a text box from selected text was broken.
  • Fixed: Version 3.3 broke getting pages by index in scripts.
  • Fixed: Workaround for a bug introduced by macOS 10.5.5 where an outline's destination page could no longer be changed by entering a new page number in the page number field.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.3:

  • New: Polyline tool. Draw arbitrary shapes consisting of straight lines.
  • New: Option to auto-close the path of freehand or polyline shapes.
  • New: Static annotations can now draw their fill in one of various blend modes (in scripts this is the fill mode).
  • New: Easily add a cross or check mark to a box when filling out static forms. (Control click on box and choose from top of contextual menu.)
  • New: Extended search functionality, available in the Find menu of the Edit menu.
  • New: Powerful outline specific find and replace (including regular expressions).
  • New: Added option to force alphabetical sorting when importing files: Hold down the control key when dropping files or confirming the import dialog.
  • New: You can now add watermarks whose name is used as the source text to be rendered onto the pages.
  • New: Hierarchal outlines can now be rearranged using Tab and Shift-Tab.
  • Changed: Changed and improved automatic outline generation, linking Table of Contents lines to their target page and creating outlines from selected links.
  • Changed: It is now possible to set a fill color for dynamic annotations of type square and circle.
  • Changed: Simplified and restructured the Appearance Inspector, while adding support for new features.
  • Changed: If the remembered position of a document window, when opening a PDFClerk document, doesn't totally fit on one or more screen, the window position is reset to the top left of the main screen.
  • Changed: When creating dynamic annotations the recently set annotation properties will be remembered and used as the new annotation's properties.
  • Changed: When searching text, all found instances of the search strings are now highlighted simultaneously. The selected instance has a distinguishing color.
  • Changed: When inserting a blank page, the page now takes its size and display boxes from the page currently at the place where it is being inserted. If a document has no pages the size is taken from the document's current sheet size.
  • Changed: You can no longer preview page 0 in the watermarks preview.
  • Fixed: When exploding a document through AppleScript the number of exported files returned would always be 0.
  • Fixed: When exploding a document through AppleScript no errors were raised if a file could not be saved to disk.
  • Fixed: Drag-resizing freehand paths now follows the mouse better.
  • Fixed: Rotated shapes now draw correctly when a PDFClerk file is reopened.
  • Fixed: Rotating a shape after opening a PDFClerk file now rotates the shape correctly.
  • Fixed: Corrected cosmetic drawing glitch when undoing rotation of a line.
  • Fixed: Improved cursor tracking in the PDF view.
  • Fixed: In some cases where it should, the inspector panel did not update.
  • Fixed: Improved hit testing on rotated annotations.
  • Fixed: Resolved issue where rotating an unrotated object with the rotate left command would rotate it initially in the opposite direction.
  • Fixed: Opening a PDFClerk document with freehand paths and then resizing those paths without first moving them would cause the paths to malfunction.
  • Fixed: Improved hittesting when dragselecting rotated annotations.
  • Fixed: Drag-resizing unrotated polygons now works correctly. Drag-resizing of rotated polygons improved.
  • Fixed: Resolved a recently introduced bug that would cause inserted blank pages to be copied/duplicated incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that could sometimes cause an annotation to be added to the wrong group (static/dynamic) making it difficult to select and edit it.
  • Fixed: Opacity is now applied to watermarks with text based sources.
  • Fixed: Text based watermarks now respond correctly to the different sizing options.
  • Fixed: Resolved some issues when importing files.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.2:

  • New: Outlines are now scriptable.
  • New: PDF actions are now scriptable.
  • New: Option to apply a filter when exporting to PDF or bitmaps. (So you can now produce PDF-X or reduce file size, etc.) .
  • New: Application preference to open the most recent document on startup. This option overrides the open untitled document option when activated and is on by default.
  • New: Imposition templates can now be duplicated in the impositions editor.
  • New: Text on a page can now be directly accessed in scripts (e.g: first paragraph of page 1).
  • Changed: Removed the file type selector from the save panel. The proper way to choose what kind of file to write to disk is by either saving (type:PDFClerk) or exporting (type:PDF).
  • Changed: When ending editing of a text box by clicking outside the box, the text box will now remain selected (unless the click is on another object: then that object will be selected instead). This makes it more convenient to nudge text boxes after entering text.
  • Changed: Progress info sheets during save and export now provide improved feedback.
  • Fixed: Corrected an oversight that could cause a PDFClerk Pro file to fail to open under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Corrected an error when saving a PDFClerk document with rotated pages to disk, that could cause those pages to have missing parts upon the document being read back in.
  • Fixed: Resolved off-by-one scripting issue in the page ranges argument of the Export command. If your scripts work around the issue up to now, you'll need to remove the work-around. (The range indexes are now one based, instead of 0 based).
  • Fixed: Resolved a crash that could occur when saving large documents to disk in demo mode.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with QuickLook when saving imposed documents to disk.
  • Fixed: Several corrections to the inspector panel when inspecting outline actions. (E.g. it now updates when an outline is selected while the caps lock key is down.).
  • Fixed: Corrected issue with annotation inspector when a button widget has no caption.
  • Fixed: Progress indicator when saving to bitmaps now works again.
  • Fixed: Some watermark issues related to changing and syncing to source.
  • Fixed: A glitch when placing an annotation on the page by dragging, where the feedback rectangle would not match the drag.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where copying a static annotation and pasting it to another page made the pasted annotation uneditable.
  • Fixed: When copying pages between documents using thumbnail views, the page list would not reflect the changes.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.1.2:

  • New: The following PDF document attributes are now scriptable: title, author, subject, keywords.
  • Changed: Contentscaling mode properties width and height have been renamed fit width and fit height to avoid clashes with the page properties width and height.
  • Fixed: Issue with annotation stamp objects that could, among other things, cause issues with file saving in Demo Mode.
  • Fixed: Resolved a memory leak that could occur when closing a document.
  • Fixed: Interleaving documents through scripting should now work.
  • Fixed: Corrected the scripting dictionary entry for page label opacity.
  • Fixed: Scripting page label alignment should now produce correct results.
  • Fixed: Scripting changes to document settings should now dynamically update the content view.
  • Fixed: Removed the non-functional Go To Page menu item in the Dynamic Annotations Inspector (use Hyperlinks instead).
  • Fixed: Watermarks can now again import PDFs.
  • Fixed: Corrected scripting issue that failed to get a page's forced display box when the box type was none.
  • Fixed: Corrected scripting issue that failed to set and read the manual and none content scaling modes correctly in various places.
  • Fixed: Corrected user interface availability in the Annotation Stamp Inspector. (Reloaded stamp objects cannot change their appearance stream.)

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.1.1:

  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to drag content to imposed sheets.
  • Fixed: Removed a cause for infrequent crashes when exporting to PDF. The downside is that the UI blocks during the export, which may be less than ideal for large documents, but it is better than the potential for crashing.
  • Fixed: If the print command was issued while the content view had focus, the PDFClerk Pro print options would not be loaded and printing coud be incorrect.
  • Fixed: A cosmetic glitch in the security inspector was corrected.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.1:

  • New: Added extra printing options to the print panel allowing greater control over page rotation and page scaling.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue with sheet orientation when printing impositions.
  • Fixed: Adressed a number of stability and functionality issues in the media browser.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.0.1:

  • New: Watermarks are now scriptable.
  • New: Watermarks can now track their source file (so that they dynamically update when the source file is modified).
  • New: A watermark's source can now be changed/reconnected after the watermark has been created.
  • Fixed: Corrected input/output values of percentage fields for start/end shape size of lines. (They now actually display percentages.)
  • Fixed: Imposed documents are now scaled down, if needed, to fit the selected paper size when printing.
  • Fixed: Horizontal/Vertical corner radius input fields in Appearance Inspector can now be set to 0.
  • Fixed: Corrected scriptability of several object properties.
  • Fixed: The content view is now always redrawn when the Document Settings dialog is dismissed.
  • Fixed: Removed tool tips in the toolbar and menus because they could cause odd behaviour on some 10.5.2 systems.
  • Fixed: Re-installed factory provided slot creep indexes in the factory provided default imposition templates. (If you had an earlier version of PDFClerk Pro installed, you'll need to remove the PDFClerkPro Impositions.plist file from the Application Support->PDFClerk folder to gain the indexes as this removal will cause a fresh copy of the factory provided templates to be installed. Note that if you have created custom templates, or changed the factory provided ones, then you will lose those changes.
  • Fixed: MS Word documents can again be dropped onto the PDFClerk Pro application icon or onto the page list of an open PDFClerk Pro document.

New in PDFClerk Pro 3.0:

  • New: PDF outlines (aka Boomarks): Create and edit outline items manually or automatically.
  • New: PDF annotations: Mark up and collaborate on documents with ease.
  • New: PDF forms: Create and edit interactive forms.
  • New: PDF document encryption.
  • New: Selectable and searchable document text.
  • New: Thumbnail view for light-table style views of your documents.
  • New: PDFClerk files can be exchanged without losing custom layouts.
  • New: More powerful page and imposition layout features: incl. even/odd sheet margins and resizing media boxes.
  • New: Speech: Have selected text or whole documents read back to you or saved to an audio file.
  • New: Applescript: Automate repetitive tasks.
  • New: Font info: the fonts used in selected text.
  • New: Use the remote control to browse documents and/or present them fullscreen.
  • New: More new features and many interface improvements.
  • PDFClerk Pro 3.0 is a free upgrade for users who purchased previous versions on or after 2007-07-21. All other registered users can upgrade at a substantial discount. To upgrade either way, download and run PDFClerk Pro. When it finds your current license file it will guide you through the quick and easy upgrade steps.