Art Text 3.0Art Text 3.0
Art Text is an application for creating high-quality textual graphics

New in Art Text 3.0:
(2016-05-12, R 614)

  • 20+ samples that demonstrate Art Text capabilities.
  • 70+ pre-designed templates aimed at the quick creation of word art, logos and buttons.
  • Introduced 3D rendering engine to create beautiful 3D text and logo.
  • With just one click convert 2D text or shape to 3D.
  • Added layer content preview into the Layers tree, important for hidden objects.
2D Editing Tools
  • 750+ hand drawn shapes, paint stains, watercolor blobs, spots.
  • 30+ masks give textures aged, scratched and many other effects.
  • 540+ textures with seamless tile.
  • 30+ special objects that simulate flash, flare, sparkle and light trace.
  • 100 gradient presets.
  • Oval gradient tool.
3D Effects
  • 140+ 3D materials.
  • Introduced Colorize feature makes it possible to change 3D material color while preserving texture pattern.
  • 3D materials support rough surfaces, choose from 140+ supplied bump maps.
  • Glow controls will let you adjust luminosity of 3D materials.
  • Advanced 3D material properties include ambient, diffuse and specular colors, and glossiness.
  • 24 adjustable transformation shapes specific for 3D objects.
  • Focal length allows to partially blur 3D text with perspective view.
  • 80+ environment textures.
  • Lighting tool helps to create the light model — group of light sources with various parameters.
  • 3D objects have ability to cast soft-edged shadows.

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