JobTimer 3.17JobTimer 3.17
Calculate your job work time more easily – never lose a single second any more!

New in 3.17:
(2013-10-14, R 407)

  • Application no longer crashes on launch (Mac macOS 10.5 to Mac macOS 10.7) or on creating a new document (Mac macOS 10.8).

New in 3.16:
(2013-10-04, R 401)

  • App icons support Retina displays.
  • All time values will be recalculated when a JobTimer document is being loaded.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 3.15:
(2012-11-21, R 382)

  • Bugfix for old v1 documents.

New in 3.14:
(2012-05-23, R 374)

  • Spanish localization added. es
  • Dutch localization improved. nl
  • French localization improved. fr
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 3.13:
(2012-04-27, R 358)

  • Universal Binary build fixed (supports PPC architectures again)

New in 3.12:
(2011-08-17, R 353)

  • Dutch localization completed (manual included).

New in 3.11:
(2011-06-15, R 337)

  • [91] The Total Amounts row for hour wages no longer shows the $ currency symbol in other languages.
  • The Time Registration preference has got a new key combination recorder.
  • Cosmetic enhancements in the jobs table.
  • Swedish localization added. sv

New in 3.10:
(2011-03-17, R 303)

  • JobTimer requires at least macOS 10.5 (Leopard) as of this version.
  • Print: the new Print dialog (since Leopard) is supported, including preview.
  • Preferences: the Update panel is back (Sparkle is no longer supported).
  • Export: The only selected jobs/groups is no longer ignored in some special cases.
  • Export: CSV output is much faster.
  • Export: CSV output supports choice of field separator character and line ending.

New in 3.03:
(2011-03-04, R 267)

  • Only adjustments for Mac App Store version.

New in 3.02:
(2010-07-09, R 226)

  • Fixed an issue in the Inspector content refreshing.
  • The Preferences pane no longer shows the still redundant Show All view.
  • [58] OEM licensed versions now show the OEM name in the info dialog.
  • Encoding issues in manual fixed.

New in 3.01:
(2010-03-10, R 215)

  • Window menu has a new menu item Zoom now.
  • Sparkle updater should work from this version in future.
  • Growl framework has been updated. JobTimer works again on macOS 10.4 (Tiger).
  • Registry dialog handles data pasted from the clipboard much better.
  • Menu entry JobTimer > Register JobTimer can no longer be selected in the registered version.
  • Danish localization improved. da

New in 3.00:
(2009-12-16, R 199)

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