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Customer comments:

Great tool, PDFClerk! I use it daily to very quickly put 2,4 or 8 pages or flyers together on one sheet. Last month I doubled up a book (2 identical A4’s on 1 A3) and ended in a few seconds with a 1,4 Gb, 220 page A3 document.

But yesterday PDFClerk made my yaw dropping with the interleave function. Every 2 weeks one of my customers gives me 2 personalized (Word-)documents: one document with all the front sides and one with all the back sides. Normally I would print document one, put the prints back into the machine and print the other document on the backs, hoping and praying that there would be no misfeeds.

Now PDFClerk interleaves the 2 documents and I have just one printjob, safe and sound.
P. Pasveer, The Netherlands
This is a very cool tool to have. I love the 2-up imposition option with the automatic creep compensation. What a feature!
Thank you very much for implementing so quickly the compression feature that I required. I am really impressed by such an amazing care to a customer's need!
A.T. Italy
I have been working with pdfclerk 2.0.2 for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with how much time and effort this product has saved me.
J.G. Australia
I really like the software. I had been running Acrobat Pro but it does not work with Intel-based Macs, and your software does quite a few things that I need in Pro.
Hello from France ! your PDF Clerk product seems an extraordinary tool for a teacher like me!! […] Thanks a million for this amazing tool, and I truly hope being soon able to stitch/edit/resize/rewrite my hundreds of PDF files thanks to you guys!
A. France
Since down loading PDFClerk, I've been using it as one of the legs of a photography (digital), computer (Photoshop Elements) and bookbinding (2 front and 2 back pages per sheet using PDFClerk) hobby. Hey, it's cheaper than golf.

But in this instance, I had reverted to my old (time consuming) routine of using Photoshop Elements to size and shape some floor plan sketches. Then cropped those into two pages per floor. That gave me 8 pages which I then attempted to match them into sheets using Photoshop Elements. I fiddled with that for a while with no satisfaction (trying to match the two pages). Then I decided to just throw the 8 pages onto PDFClerk and go. I still don't understand why, but the whole thing came out with the two floor halves perfectly matched.
I continue to use your programme constructively in numerous ways. It seems to me to have the edge on your competition, […] by being able to address large and differing memory requirements and […] to reproduce pdf files low on memory but without internal faults. […] you are certainly making my work a lot easier.
P.W.N. Australia
I have had the opportunity to explore version 2.2 a little, and I must say that the added tools are quite awesome. Congratulations. Now I can dispense with the other imposition applications I have.
L.D. Canada
Wow... that's customer service!
Thanks so much! […] I really appreciate your effort on this and hope it will also be well received by others. I wish all developers were as responsive and interested!
I am most impressed with PDFclerk. I publish full-size books but was looking for a simple way to produce miniature books on my laser printer. Your simple imposition tools allow me to do this, and at a very reasonable price, too.
Thanks for taking a close look and making all the changes you have. As I noted before, I can only wish more developers were as responsive and considerate as you are.
PDFClerk has been flawless for me so far, easy to reorder pages and see the results right in the window. Great job.
WOO HOO!!! That works WONDERFULLY, thanks so very much!!!
Many thanks for PDFClerk 2.7.1, your product goes from strength to strength.
J.G. Australia
I have been looking for a reliable [PDF] assembler program for 4 years […] The program is a godsend.
Incidentally, one book was 450 pages long […] in which I used most of the document options, thus proving its utility for heavyweight document assembly and publication. I am going on to convert a number of disintegrating paperbacks in my library using your programme.
P.N. Australia
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New in PDFClerk Pro 3.12:
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher