iLocalize 4.3.5iLocalize 4.3.5
Quickly localize your macOS applications

New in 4.3.5:
(2017-03-21, R 127)

  • Requires macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher.
  • All dialogs now use adjusted Auto Layout and Base Internationalization (please report layout issues).
  • In the alert box Remove Language, the button [Remove] no longer is the default button.
  • New projects export to the user's Desktop by default.
  • The Help is integrated again (not yet completed for all languages!).
  • Many deprecated methods have been updated.
  • Various other bug fixes.

New in 4.3.4:
(2016-02-09, R 93)

  • Supports macOS 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • All localized languages have been re-added.
  • iLocalize now uses Base Internationalization and Auto Layout. (Note: This does not mean that it supports Base I18n for projects already!)
  • HTML (XML) parser has been adjusted.
  • Many deprecated methods replaced.
  • Using a new revision numbering method.
  • Various other bug fixes.

New in 4.3.3b05:

  • Beta version (English only).
  • All XIBs use auto-layout.
  • Some code modernization.

New in 4.2:

  • New keyboard shortcut to translate using suggested glossary translation: Cmd-Option-Shift+G.
  • Ability to create project based on a folder by specifying which sub-folders to import.
  • Ability to export and merge to a folder.
  • Ability to diff between the current and previous version of a file.
  • Ability to open the current and previous version of a base file and its current localized version at once.
  • Ability to convert nib into xib files when exporting a project.
  • Tree view hierarchy when previewing an update operation.
  • Tree view hierarchy when presenting warnings associated with a bundle.
  • RegEx search works like in iLocalize 3.
  • Search scope buttons groups relaxed.
  • Support for latest AppleGlot glossary.
  • Export comments in XLIFF, TMX, TXML and strings.
  • Export the key in the XLIFF format under the attribute 'resname' and use that one when importing back (optional).
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where TMX glossary wouldn't be recognized because of the language code.
  • Fixed a propagation issue with sentences having a punctuation in the middle of it.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented phrases such as can't to be searched in the project.
  • Fixed bug that prevented white space to be preserved in glossary.
  • Fixed potential issues with bindings that would cause a crash.
  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Fixed issue reading XLIFF files.
  • Fixed an issue updating the lock button when toggling the state.
  • Fixed a crash after editing an entry in a glossary and switching to the main project window.
  • Fixed an issue where languages would fail to be recognized as similar (e.g. en_GB and en-GB).

New in 4.1:

  • Project Browser list mode, added support for Enter key to open the selected project.
  • Ability to select more than one filter at a time.
  • Ability to filter the Glossary Manager.
  • Glossary scope list is now sorted and empty folder are hidden.
  • Better TXML export.
  • Moved the File > Open Previous Version menu item after File > Open Recent Project.
  • Ability to edit strings when multiple files were selected even if one of then was ignored.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Translate using Glossaries.
  • Removed Propagate translation to similar strings as this option is already included in the Propagate Translation option.
  • Ability to choose between Developer and Translator mode (see Help for more information about this option).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where saving a glossary resulting of a merging of several glossaries would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where a TMX glossary with no entry would loose its target language.
  • Fixed an issue where label filters were not correctly converted to iLocalize 4 format.
  • Fixed an issue where punctuation of base string would not be added to translation when option Propagate to similar items was checked.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents to convert correctly some iLocalize 3 filters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Propagate Strings to All Files menu item would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where clearing a search wouldn't remove the colorized matching characters.
  • Fixed an issue when editing a translation while having a search filter enabled.
  • Fixed an issue in the Update from Bundle dialog where the languages list was not refreshed after a bundle was dragged in that dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where the status bar didn't count properly the non-translated strings.
  • Fixed an issue where the results of a search in the glossary window wouldn’t show all the rows of the list.
  • Fixed an issue where the row height would clip the text when displayed in more than one line.
  • Fixed an issue where the project toolbar customization would not be persisted across restart.
  • Fixed an issue where language names would not have the first letter capitalized in some locale.
  • Fixed an issue where the base language would still be editable even when the preferences said it was read-only.
  • Fixed the Mac App Store distribution that didn't include the localized languages.
  • Fixed the Mac App Store icon.

New in 4.0:

  • Revamped interface for more efficient workflow.
  • Enhanced export/import of strings to various formats: XLIFF, TMX, TXML, and .strings.
  • Enhanced glossary to read and write more formats: XLIFF, TMX, TXML, and .strings.
  • Improved filters that can be fully customized using a predicate editor.
  • Added support for creating project from regular folder.
  • Enhanced search capability inside a project.
  • Enhanced performance on multi-core machines.
  • Mac macOS 10.6 or newer.

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