PDF Nomad 2.4.2PDF Nomad 2.4.2
PDF Nomad - the Versatile PDF Editor

New in PDF Nomad 2.4.2:
(2015-09-05, R 224)

  • Fixed: Bug fixes for increased stability.

New in PDF Nomad 2.4.1:
(2015-08-28, R 223)

  • New: Options to show finishing marks in Booklet Editor.
  • Fixed: Bug fixes for increased stability and other minor enhancements.

New in PDF Nomad 2.4:
(2014-10-12, R 201)

  • New: Multiline Form Fields. Now you can create forms with multiline text fields. (Non App Store only)
  • New: Resize all pages to their crop box size in one fell swoop.
  • Fixed: In recent macOS releases switching to light table mode could result in a crash. Minimum view scale is now 10% (was 5%).
  • Fixed: In Crop & Shift mode it is now easier to hit the gear button when viewing at any scale.

New in PDF Nomad 2.3:
(2013-11-26, R 189)

  • New: Drag selected text from the preview canvas to the outline list to create a new bookmark that links directly to the selected text.
  • New: Link patterns occuring in the document text to an external target.
  • New: You can put a placeholder in the target URL, that will be replaced by the matched pattern.
  • New: Optionally print only a page's annotations. (Allows overlay printing on paper forms etc.)
  • New: PDF Nomad now detects if it is running outside the Applications folder and offers to copy itself into it.
  • New: When zoomed out or showing facing pages, you can now paste on the page where you hover the mouse by pressing command-option-control-V.
  • New: Added performing ocr AppleScript property on the document so that it becomes possible, in a script, to check whether OCR is ongoing.
  • New: When editing a recognized OCR element in the popover, you can press the return key to dismiss the popover.
  • Changed: When double clicking a static text box annotation the popover will now appear to its left side, to avoid it getting in the way as the text grows while editing.
  • Fixed: On macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) text boxes displayed an incorrect font size during editing.
  • Fixed: Editing an element during the OCR correction phase could under certain circumstances result in a hang.

New in PDF Nomad 2.2:
(2013-10-22, R 179)

  • New: Basic measuring of lines, rectangles and ovals.
  • New: Option to open all files into a single document.
  • New: Hold shift key when dragging line ends, or rotating shapes to constrain angle to 15º increments.
  • New: Extended zooming to between 5% and 10000% (from between 10% and 2000%).
  • Fixed: Setting the text color of a static text box to clear color, would result in an exception.
  • Fixed: Annotations were not always drawn on pages that had been deskewed.
  • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 2.1.1:
(2013-08-08, R 173)

  • Changed: Zoom to Actual size now approximates the physical printed size (at 100%), rather than setting the zoom to 100%.
  • Changed: Increased tolerance when working with thin lines, making them an easier click target.
  • Fixed: Implemented workarounds to macOS PDF annotation rendering issues.
  • Fixed: Editing dynamic line annotation line-end-types is now undoable.
  • Fixed: After changing a color on a dynamic annotation it would not be reused when creating the next annotation.
  • Fixed: Resizing pages with content scaling on, could result in empty pages, if the originals were rotated pages in the source document.
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 2.1:
(2013-07-04, R 169)

  • New: Search for text in annotations.
  • New: Added recent searches menu to search field.
  • New: Choice annotations for creating forms.
  • New: Import/export form data as CSV.
  • New: The OCR engine now supports 67 languages.
  • New: Added toggle for display and print properties of several annotations.
  • New: PDF Nomad Help is now localized for German.
  • Changed: Operations on selected pages now operate on the pages selected in the thubmnail view if that view is being shown.
  • Fixed: Corrections to all localizations (DE, FR, NL, PT).
  • Fixed: Page preview in watermarks editor responds again to selected page number.
  • Fixed: Double clicking an annotation while a popover was being shown could result in undefined behaviour.
  • Fixed: Showing and then hiding the assistant preview canvas could cause a crash.
  • [Fixed: AppleScript in App Store version was not available.]
  • [Fixed: Help file should now be available in the App Store version of PDF Nomad.]

New in PDF Nomad 2.0.1:
(2013-06-08, R 159)

  • Fixed: In 2.0 it was not possible to alter the page labels in the page list.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances a scanned document would not appear in the document window.
  • Fixed: The Import from Scanner menu item was missing in some localized versions.
  • Fixed: German localization improved. de
  • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 2.0:
(2013-05-23, R 158)

  • New: Scan documents directly into PDF Nomad. (Separate purchase with Scanning, OCR, Bookmarks and Auto Deskew)
  • New: OCR scanned documents or any documents whose text textual contents are missing. (Separate purchase with Scanning, OCR, Bookmarks and Auto Deskew)
  • New: Bookmarks menu for quick access to documents of your choosing. (Separate purchase with Scanning, OCR, Bookmarks and Auto Deskew)
  • New: AppleScript support. Automate your workflow through scripting.
  • New: Auto deskew option when rotating page content. (Especially useful for scanned pages. Separate purchase with Scanning, OCR, Bookmarks and Auto Deskew)
  • New: Right click a selected word/line to add it as a document keyword.
  • New: When dragging page contents, hold the shift and alt keys, to drag only the pages on the same side as the page being dragged.
  • New: Added menu items under the View menu for the lists on the left and right.
  • New: When inserting PDF documents into an open document, the outlines from the inserted documents are also merged.
  • Changed: The About Box has been expanded and redesigned.
  • Fixed: A ghost-window could briefly appear at startup. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed: Sometimes saving pages whose contents were imported bitmap files could result in the pages having a black background.
  • Fixed: Rotating pages could cause mispositioning of subsequent page splits and/or page labels.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with entering fractional numbers into the rotation input field when rotating page contents.
  • Fixed: When the search field was active the Find Next and Find Previous commands were unavailable.

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