Notio 2.01Notio 2.01
Important notes are managed best with Notio

New in 2.01:
(2012-02-21, R 151)

  • More adjustments for the Mac App Store.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 2.0:
(2011-09-26, R 123)

  • Notio 2.0 is a completely new developed, database-based application.
  • The user interface of the application has been completely redesigned.
  • Notes can get any number of resource attachments (PDFs, images, or web archives).
  • Notes can be written in rich text format with formattings and styles, or as plain text.
  • Notes support all Unicode characters.
  • Formatted text notes support various fonts, embedded images, tables, lists, separator lines, and to do checkboxes.
  • Resources can be dragged onto the app icon in the Dock, or be imported, or be added using the Attachments inspector.
  • All notes and attachments can be searched, even for attributes like: title, content, keywords, comment, description, color label, and type.
  • Removed elements can be definitely deleted or be restored.
  • Notio installs the following services:
    • System service Import URL into Notio: imports the currently selected URL from a text or from your browser address bar as a resource.
    • System service Import File into Notio: imports text files as notes, and PDFs, images, and web archives as resources, respectively.
    • PDF service Save PDF to Notio which you can find in the Print dialog of almost every other application via the [PDF] button.
  • Notio supports browser scripts to take URLs and browser page contents easily.

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