Charmas 2.21Charmas 2.21
Get out of the font jungle!

New in 2.21:
(2017-11-27, R 346)

  • Fixed: The Registration dialog is shown again on macOS 10.9.

New in 2.20:
(2016-12-21, R 339)

  • System Require­ments: 64 bit only, macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.
  • New: The registration form converts entered NAME and MATCHCODE strings automatically to uppercase letters.
  • New: Spanish localization added. es
  • All relevant icons updated into resolution-independent versions.
  • Tiny adjustments in localizations.
  • Minor bug fixes.

New in 2.18:
(2013-09-04, R 288)

  • Printing has been reactivated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

New in 2.17:
(2013-08-10, R 285)

  • DSD version automatically searches for updates (again).
  • Tiny adjustments in localizations.
  • Minor bug fixes.

New in 2.16:
(2012-06-13, R 279)

  • Serialization issue fixed.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 2.15:
(2012-04-22, R 269)

  • Requires macOS 10.6 or later.
  • Supports sandboxing.
  • Supports 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
  • Font recognition and output have been adjusted for Mountain Lion.
  • Glyphs which are not implemented in a font, are no longer shown in another font but as a crossed box.
  • The footer line in font overviews now shows version and revision number of the application.
  • The FontFinder Inspector has been enhanced.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 2.12:
(2012-02-19, R 260)

  • Requires macOS 10.5 or later.
  • Registration issue fixed.
  • Japanese localization added. ja
  • Czech localization improved. cs

New in 2.11:
(2011-01-29, R 222)

  • New application icon.
  • Manual navigation symbols now use Cocoa style.
  • Adjustments for the Mac App Store.

New in 2.10:
(2010-09-28, R 200)

  • New: FontBook: There are two new layouts: Multi Font Layout - 2 Columns and Multi Font Layout - 3 Columns.
  • New: [49] FontFinder: Click on the new Info button to open a Font Inspector window which shows all available information about the currently selected font.
  • Fix: [50] FontFinder: The drawer Font Sources indicates when paths are longer than shown.
  • The online manual files have human readable names now (e.g. disclaimer.htm instead of 08.htm).
  • The Online manual has been completely reviewed.

New in 2.02:
(2008-07-25, R 161)

  • [42] Charmas checks automatically on each launch if a newer version is available. It only reports newer versions.
  • [43] Charmas offers a Send Message dialog now where you can send direct feedback about the application (e.g. feature requests, bug reports etc.) as an email to the developer.
  • [44] The default sample texts in the Preferences can now be set differently for each localized version of Charmas. The Czech version has already got its own sample texts. Of course you can overwrite the sample texts at any time with your own sample texts.
  • Charmas now supports OEM codes and therefore can be distributed by third-party distributors like e.g. or

New in 2.01:
(2008-07-21, R 136)

  • New serialization method introduced: registered users of Charmas 2.0 will get new registration match codes from us.
  • The Registration dialog can no longer be accessed when the application is already registered.
  • Charmas menu re-structured and menu item Credits added again.
  • Export menu item typos in File menu fixed.
  • New menu item Visit Charmas Homepage in Help menu.
  • Charmas manual reviewed and dialog screenshots updated.
  • Application GUI updated.

New in 2.00:
(2007-05-07, R 80)

  • External font sources can be used for wathing fonts or printing font catalogs.
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) enhanced.
  • Font Finder:
    • Search functions enhanced.
    • Text presentation enhanced.
  • Font Book:
    • Layouts enhanced.
    • New Font Book layout lists up to 22 fonts per page.
    • On export in image format you can choose between various formats and resolutions: TIFF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG and GIF.

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