Barcody 3.16Barcody 3.16
Barcody makes creating barcodes a piece of cake

New in 3.16:
(2017-11-27, R 816)

  • Fixed: The Registration dialog is shown again on macOS 10.9.

New in 3.15:
(2017-10-29, R 812)

  • New: [117] 1D Barcodes: An additional info text can be output below the barcode. It uses the selected barcode font and will be scaled automatically, if it is wider than the barcode.
  • New: [119] The position of the add-on barcode text can be chosen (above or below).
  • New: The distance from barcode to add-on barcode can be changed by defining an offset value.
  • New: Manual: A new chapter CMYK Color Output describes how to output pure CMYK colors best.
  • Fixed: Sequence Editor: An invalid start value could cause crashes.
  • Fixed: Export: When exporting barcodes with add-on, the add-on barcode is no longer exported as a separate barcode.
  • Fixed: Barcodes: The descriptors of some barcodes have been actualized: EAN-13 now is GTIN-13, EAN-8 is GTIN-8, UPC A is GTIN-12.

New in 3.11:
(2017-01-25, R 783)

  • New: Export: The @CONTENT@ placeholder is shortened to 32 characters when being used for generating file names to avoid extremely long filenames for 2D barcodes.
  • New: Export: Since macOS 10.11, export panel options are closed by default by the OS. Barcody now forces them to be disclosed by default.
  • Fixed: Export (EPS): transparent output (without background) is now reliable.
  • Fixed: Changing the module width didn't adjust the corresponding barcode width information in the barcodes document window and vice versa.

New in 3.10:
(2016-11-10, R 768)

  • System Require­ments: macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.
  • Create Barcodes from Data File supports URL data with double slashes.
  • The Sequence Editor stores its size and sets the zoom popup resolution to 100% by default.
  • Serialization system changed.
  • Many dialogs use Auto Layout.
  • Manual: new tutorial page My First Barcode.

New in 3.05:
(2015-07-24, R 720)

  • [250] Create Barcodes from Data File recognizes selected barcode as template.

New in 3.04:
(2015-07-06, R 715)

  • New barcody type supported: Pharmacode (Laetus); description see manual.
  • The registration dialog has been updated and shows clearer information about what to fill in.
  • Buttons which link to web pages on, now use HTTPS URLs.

New in 3.03:
(2014-10-23, R 697)

  • Export of single barcodes uses placeholders, too.
  • The registration form converts entered NAME and MATCHCODE strings automatically to uppercase letters.
  • Japanese localization improved. ja

New in 3.02:
(2014-09-15, R 681)

  • Export of single barcodes no longer shows a useless export save panel (Mavericks only).
  • Export of multiple barcodes creates correct file copies names if files exist already.
  • Tiny strings corrections.

New in 3.01:
(2014-09-08, R 672)

  • [97] Information line about valid and unused characters wraps into two lines.
  • [232] Default Parameters: Checkbox Calculate calm zone automatically could not be unchecked.
  • [233] Default Parameters: For All calm zone parameters values were never applied to new barcodes.
  • Barcody reads the screen size information and scales 100% to fit real 100% size.
  • Dutch localization improved. nl

New in 3.00:
(2014-07-03, R 641)

New Barcode Format:
  • [145] + [183] : Now also supporting 2D barcode Data Matrix. Barcody 3 now supports 31 barcodes.
New Document Features:
  • [121] Multiple selection now is supported, so you can e.g. change the color or font of multiple barcodes at once. Only the Name, Content, Add-on Content, and Description fields are excluded.
  • [195] Various barcode types now support the option Draw light margin indicators which outputs the characters < and > next to the text line, if any. These margin indicators help graphic designers not to touch the calm zone of the barcode.
  • Use the new option Draw Background to suppress or draw the colored background. This way you can output barcodes with transparent or colored backgrounds.
  • Document window: When a group has been selected, all unrequired elements will be hidden.
  • [31] Toolbar: New optional tool buttons for Print and Save (not in the default set).
  • New option Draw text as vector path converts text to vector paths on output.
  • The option Calculate calm zone automatically now supports various barcodes.
  • Font Information: The [Select Font] button from previous versions has been replaced by a text field which shows the currently selected font name. Open the system font panel via Toolbar or View menu.
New in Sequence Editor:
  • [138] Generate barcodes with add-on data, using the new Add-on Separator string.
  • Now has a Barcode Preview area which shows the currently selected barcode from the Sequence Preview.
New Menu Features:
  • [60] File Menu: New menu entries New Barcode, New Group, New Barcodes with Sequence Editor.
  • [69] File Menu: New feature New Barcodes from Data File: You can now import barcode bulk data from a text or CSV file. The super-easy Import Assistant lets you import your data within seconds, supporting Add-on data as well.
  • File Menu: New feature New with Selected Barcodes: Creates a new document by copying the currently selected barcodes and groups.
  • [129] File Menu: New export feature Export as PDF Document: Exports all selected barcodes into a single PDF document.
  • File Menu: Send Email now also supports the PDF Document type.
  • File Menu: Page Setup gives access to the system page setup dialog.
  • File Menu: Various new menu items for automatic document backup, renaming, moving and copying documents.
  • File Menu: Print: On print output, the new checkbox Adjust barcode size to fit adjusts the size(s) of the printed barcode(s) to fit into the selected label(s) format.
  • File Menu: Export: Due to the Sandboxing feature, we had to adjust the export method: If you export a single barcode only, the common file picker is shown. When exporting multiple barcodes, you can only select an export folder, while Barcody auto-generates file names from your settings.
  • [227] Edit Menu: New feature Set Barcode Parameters as Default: Use the parameters of the currently selected barcode as defaults for this type of barcode.
  • View Menu: New entries Show/Hide Rulers support rulers in the document window for measuring the barcode size.
  • View Menu: New entries Show/Hide Colors open resp. close the system colors panel.
  • View Menu: New entries Show/Hide Fonts open resp. close the system fonts panel.
  • Preferences: General: When you check the Effects option Highlight sheets, the document area will be darkened when a sheet drops out of the document title bar / toolbar. This increases the focus on the sheet.
  • Preferences: General: The new button Reset Alerts and Warnings does exactly what you expect it to do.
  • Preferences: Labels: This panel has got a new overview with label sheets previews.
  • Preferences: Default Parameters: In this new Preferences panel you can you can preset all of the important parameters for barcode creation. Select a type of barcode in the left outline view and edit its default parameters on the right side. Note the For All option: When you change parameters here, all types of barcodes inherit their defaults from it.
  • The GUI has been modernized.
  • The manual offers much more content with zoomable pop-up images for large graphics and finally can be navigated by keyboard.
  • Completely re-written 64-bit application.
  • New: supports Sandboxing.
  • Document Autosave has been implemented.
  • New toolbar icons (resolution-independent)
  • Sending emails with your barcodes no longer uses AppleScript but Sharing Services.
  • The registration method has been adjusted for the Barcody 3 generation. Old match codes from Barcody 1 or Barcody 2 will not be accepted.
  • System Require­ments: macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher
Bug fixes:
  • [94] Sequence Editor: Large numbers no longer cause formatting garbage and value overflow.
  • [123] Calm Zone calculation has been adjusted.
  • [126] Barcode output enhanced.
  • [155] Move the font baseline using the new Font Offset parameter.
  • [166] Fonts as Courier are no longer placed or sized incorrectly.
  • Various other bug fixes.

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