PasswordWallet 4.8.12PasswordWallet 4.8.12
PasswordWallet is the perfect place for your passwords!

New in 4.8.12:

  • PasswordWallet is now localized to Dutch!
  • Show password Full Screen now works again on Catalina.
  • Fixed lots of issues with macOS 10.5 (Catalina) and its very new document handling.
  • Updated the documentation to remove outdated verbiage.
  • Fixed an issue where the header of the import table wouldn't update after a field name was selected from the dropdown menu. Or something. :-)
  • Fixed issue for ssh:// URLs where username has a '@' in it.

New in 4.8.11:

  • Prevent user from adding circular references when linking entries together.
  • Added highlight for found text in Notes.

New in 4.8.10:

  • More Dark Mode fixes.

New in 4.8.9:

  • Better with Dark Mode.
  • Took some stabs at the screen artifacts problem in Notes that some users are seeing on their systems.
  • Moved from eSellerate to Fastspring for payment processing.

New in 4.8.8:
(2018-03-22, R 6274)

  • Fixed bug where auto-typing would time out prematurely.
  • Fixed bug with dropbox sync of multiple passwordwallet files.
  • A brand new native Android version is now avialble! Details!

New in 4.8.7:
(2017-09-09, R 6233)

  • A brand new native Android version is now available.
  • An updated iOS version of PasswordWallet now supports printing and much more.
  • Fixed bug that could crash with background dropbox sync on some systems.
  • Cleaned up some logging.

New in 4.8.6:
(2017-06-21, R 6225)

  • New, modern Dropbox implementation.
  • Dropbox sync is much more reliable.

New in 4.8.5:
(2016-10-21, R 6194)

  • Fixed auto-update.
  • Critical security fix for bug introduced in 4.8.4.

New in 4.8.4:
(2016-10-17, R 6191)

  • Saving auto-type window position as before.
  • Update of registration process.
  • Working around problem with prefs and registration on 10.12 Sierra.
  • Synchronization back on by default now. Those who wifi-synchronize won!

New in 4.8.3:

  • Fixed issue with auto-typing with the palette.
  • Fixed crash with WiFi sync between two PasswordWallets on any two devices.
  • Because of the quick turnaround for these issues, updated Spanish, French, German and Japanese localized ReadMe files will not be updated for this release.

New in 4.8.2:

  • 64-bit clean!
  • Changed auto-type window background to work with 10.11+.
  • PasswordWallet now requires macOS 10.9.
  • Added +4, +5 and +6 font size options to Entry List preferences.
  • Now moving shortcut buttons over if scrollbars are set to auto-hide in system preferences.
  • Sync more reliable when another device drops off network unexpectedly.
  • Updated Dropbox framework which should fix dropbox issues for those having them.
  • Search field now retains focus when x is clicked on macOS 10.10.
  • Worked around bug in 10.10 where an empty but visible toolbar would cause a crash when closing a passwordwallet window.
  • Detecting possible cycles when referencing one username or password in an entry from another.
  • Detecting corrupted files and displaying an error. PasswordWallet will attempt to recover as much data as possible.
  • Avoiding Dropbox conflicted copies.

New in 4.8.1:

  • Added 'Synchronize now' menu item to Synchronize toolbar menu if there are Dropbox or WebDAV syncs available.
  • Fixed issue with default sync prefs not allowing new files to be added.
  • Fixed issue with focus in Find field not being restored after an automatic sync.

New in 4.8.0:
(2014-09-18, R 6088)

  • Removed option to create bookmarklets in Safari via SyncServices on 10.9 since SyncServices no longer exists on 10.9.
  • Removed old Palm Classic and old Windows Mobile sync support.
  • Added Show Bullets menu item to right-click contextual menu in entry list. (It works the same way as the one in the Wallet menu in the menubar.)

New in 4.7.4:

  • Documents with password sheet open will not prevent system from quitting PasswordWallet. This should smooth auto-update in the future too.
  • Fixed small UI glitch with advanced IP address option introduced in 4.7.3.
  • Command-E for Edit Entry now works again.

New in 4.7.3:

  • Added an Advanced option to bypass Bonjour with a manual IP address. Useful for misbehaving routers.
  • Better Dropbox error detection.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen at random on some systems about once-every-two-months. Thanks for your patience!

New in 4.7.2:

  • No longer asking for a password to reopen a file after sync by wifi from (not to) an iOS device.
  • Fixed issue with Random Generation choices not working on 10.6.8.
  • Empty synchronization preferences are no longer bad synchronization preferences.
  • Repaired French localization. Pardonnez-moi !

New in 4.7.1:

  • Changed sizes in main list window for a more unified look.
  • Now signing all components with Apple's DevID, so no more security warnings from the macOS Gatekeeper.
  • Added better compatibility with 10.8 document model.
  • Moved modal password dialogs to sheets attached to windows.
  • Completely reworked Dropbox synchronization and authentication.
  • Better at detecting default browser when launching URLs to address a bug in Parallels.
  • Fixed memory leak that occurred during synchronization.
  • Small toolbar items now work as expected.
  • Text-only toolbar items now work as expected.
  • Browser menu now contains all other custom browsers in other records in the wallet file.
  • Show/Hide Bullets menu item now works in editor windows.
  • The PasswordWallet binary contained within the PasswordWallet bundle now supports command-line options. Try -? for help.
  • Removed toolbar customization from old 10.5 systems.
  • Addressed issue where sync passwords would appear to not be saved in keychain even though they were.
  • Addressed issue where PasswordWallet would sometimes crash during automatic synchronization under heavy use.
  • Removed MobileMe sync since MobileMe no longer exists. We urge users to sync through a free Dropbox account.

New in 4.7.0:

  • New fancy, customizable toolbar on Wallets.
  • New synchronization options to make all other device data look like this one, no matter how many devices you have.
  • Instant access to synchronization state from inside document window.
  • Addressed an uncommon, intermittent crash. Thank you, dedicated users, for sending in those reports! Combining them I was able to find and fix it!
  • Fixed revert to bullets timer when opening document.
  • If a file:/// URL contains ~, ~ will be substituted for the home directory, /Users/username when opening a linked file.
  • Added an Open menu item to Network Synchronization preferences.
  • Silky smooth animations when expanding password data.
  • Now trying harder to wake up bonjour discovery.
  • Closing open editor windows during sync.
  • PasswordWallet is now available in Chinese!

New in 4.6.2:

  • Now making better use of Dropbox Tokens for faster Dropbox sync.
  • Auto-typing works a bit better with Safari on Lion on really fast hardware.
  • PasswordWallet will warn compliant clipboard utilities to not save your username or password that have been copied to the clipboard. (Clipboards are still cleared on a timer.)
  • Synchronization Wizard will not require lots of Next clicks if all you're missing is a password.
  • Addressed potential issue when re-opening PasswordWallet files on 10.6.x.

New in 4.6.1:

  • Fixed issues with automatic sync and reading files under certain conditions.
  • Added more error checking in synchronization.
  • Fixed issuses with auto-reopen introduced with macOS 10.7 Lion.
  • Removed double tooltip in preferences.

New in 4.6.0:

  • PasswordWallet now requires macOS 10.5 or later and is Lion Compatible!
  • All new network synchronization wizard.
  • All new Dropbox(tm) support.
  • Added all new synchronization preferences.
  • Fixed issue where full screen usernames and passwords would sometimes wrap to two lines.
  • Fixed problem with duplicates appearing during synchronization.
  • Lowercase letters in usernames and passwords are now underlined with a light grey line.
  • Extra columns found when importing will always be accumulated in Notes additions.
  • Updated sync server to use new Sync Preferences.
  • PasswordWallet for macOS now has a minimum OS requirement of 10.5.
  • Fixed crash when finding duplicates in empty files.
  • Reveal in Finder is back in the Wallet menu.
  • Added menu item to reset a wallet's synchronization.
  • New synchronization logging.
  • Added synchronization option to the Wallet menu.
  • Reorganized Sync Menu.
  • Reorganized Help Menu.
  • Fixed issue with exports happening only on close but not close+quit.
  • Fixed issue where Check Spelling as You Type wouldn't stick.

New in 4.5.3:

  • Password dialog for entry now gets keyboard focus when it's opened.
  • Synchronization and opening documents should be at least 10 times faster than before.
  • Synchronization update to fix duplication errors.
  • Fixed lock file problem after quit with Open Document password dialog is visible.
  • Copy and Paste now pastes the old category too.
  • Fixed infrequent issue with Find Duplicates menu item.

New in 4.5.2:

  • Compatibility with PasswordWallet for iPad!
  • Open Document password dialogs now allow Command-Q to quit the application.
  • PasswordWallet will try harder to not open the default file when other documents are opened.
  • Added preference to prevent default file from being set automatically.
  • No longer asking for master password after a sync.

New in 4.5.1:

  • PasswordWallet is now available in Japanese!
  • MobileMe usernames now forced to lowercase and checked for correctness.
  • Addressed compatibility with exports and Palm webOS 1.4.
  • Export preferences for each type of export are now saved separately.
  • Export on Close is now flagged with a checkmark in the File -> Export menu items.
  • Export on Close now only honors the most recent export type to have it selected.
  • Fixed possible crash when not saving mobileme or WebDAV password in Keychain.
  • Fixed possible crash with some web exports with short category names.
  • Updated help to clarify a few things about Android and webOS exports.
  • The sync window now shows full file paths.
  • Removed console messages.
  • Fixed problem with consecutive syncs, open files and 10.5.

New in 4.5.0:

  • Another free upgrade for 4.x users!
  • Completely new MobileMe, WebDAV, iPhone-Computer and Computer-Computer synchronization. (Requires iPhone PasswordWallet 4.5.)
  • Sync confirmation windows will come to the format of other application windows now, instead of hiding behind other apps.
  • Added specialized exports for Android and Palm webOS devices.
  • All exports have a preference to export when the file is closed after a change.
  • If the user command-tabs to passwordwallet, the default file will open if no other documents are open.
  • Pasting multiple entries in to a wallet will now properly select the pasted entries.
  • Fixed issue with File-to-File sync if partnered file was empty.
  • Finally made dialogs more Cocoa like!
  • Synchronize Automator Action is now Snow Leopard compatible.
  • Rearranged sync menu to make automator action easier to find.
  • New 4.5 Windows Mobile app added to built-in installer.

New in 4.4.7:

  • Improved VoiceOver support for visually impaired users.
  • Minimized document windows now have simple document icons. (Having a real minimized window there would be a security hole.)
  • PasswordWallet now saves the locations of PasswordWallet Entry editor windows. (Not just the size, as before.)
  • HTML export is now a little bit faster and more reliable.
  • Added a Short random words dictionary option for words between 3 and 5 characters in length.
  • Typing the first few characters of an entry to select it from the list view works better.
  • Click the gear icon to show usernames and passwords as (1) resolved, (2) indexed character lists, or (3) raw, in the main entry list.
  • Application name is now localizable.
  • Now quitting helper apps when quitting PasswordWallet. This will make auto-update more reliable.
  • Auto-typing now works with JIS keyboards.
  • Fixed issue where editing a record would not set the dot on the close box correctly.
  • Fixed issue with auto-typing an unsaved record from within the editor.
  • Fixed issue with labels for usernames and passwords not being exported to bookmarklets.

New in 4.4.6:

  • Updated Windows Mobile conduit to set default file on device after sync.
  • Integrated Windows Mobile installer is now updated to version 4.4.2.
  • Fixed German synchronization settings.
  • Fixed Localized documentation.

New in 4.4.5:

  • Fixed problem that would cause record duplication when synchronizing between Mac and iPhone versions.
  • Now allowing users to disable the default file preference when the default file cannot be found.
  • Now putting up a warning when files specified in file URLs cannot be found. (When linking two PW documents.)
  • Category sorting is now case insensitive.
  • Accessing a record now triggers a file save. (If the releated preference is turned on.)
  • Updated Japanese documentation.

New in 4.4.4:

  • Japanese localization improved. ja
  • If there is more than one import column tagged as Notes, their data will all be combined into the notes of the imported record.
  • Fixed the import file column headers to respond to clicks more reliably.
  • Fixed issue when canceling the removal of a paired server.
  • Saving files for the first time will set that file as default if no default file is specified.
  • If Sync Services is corrupt, users can export to bookmarklet with the Option Key down on the keyboard to turn off the preference Automatically export when this file is closed.
  • We're not strongly discouraging use of empty master passwords. (Sorry to those of you who wanted empty passwords.)
  • Cleaned up logic when presenting Found in Keychain when the user opens their wallet.
  • Fixed possible crash the second time Choose file... was pushed in preferences for default file or Palm sync file.

New in 4.4.3:

  • Fixed issue with Bookmarklet deleted in Safari no being exported on next export from PasswordWallet.
  • Fixed issue with Bookmarklet (WebKit) in French.
  • Now ignoring # for non-importable data in CSV files.
  • Opening documents from old versions of PasswordWallet is much smoother. (Not so many dialogs.)
  • Updated Help menu to include device names.
  • Better error reporting for corrupt or missing Safari Bookmarks. (Bookmarklet export only.)

New in 4.4.2:

  • Updated French localization with 4.4 features!
  • Fixed issue with Windows Mobile Conduit on 10.4 PowerPC.

New in 4.4.1:

  • Updated German localization with 4.4 features!
  • Synchronization logging is now conditionally enabled when PasswordWallet starts up.
  • Fixed nested sorting. Sorting by category will be sub-sorted by title.
  • Fixed mysterious duplicating record bug. Please open and save all of your files with 4.4.1.
  • Fixed issue where type and creator codes were not set after sync for old files that do not have a .passwordWallet4 extension.
  • Find duplicates will now sort the document by title first.
  • If imported files cannot be read as UTF8, PasswordWallet will try Mac OS Roman instead.
  • Fixed verbiage on Stand-alone bookmark export page and lots of typos throughout the software.
  • Removed left-over registration requirement for bookmarklet export.

New in 4.4.0:

  • Introducing PasswordWallet for iPhone and iPod Touch!
  • Introducing Multiple-file Network Synchronization between two Macs or a Mac and iPhone!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile for PocketPC and Smartphone!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile Multi-file synchronization!
  • Introducing PasswordWallet one-way export for Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and Symbian phones running WebKit!
  • Introducing much improved Bookmarklet Export that automatically breaks up large files for more speed and compatibility.
  • Bookmark and HTML export is no longer a separate product, but is included with PasswordWallet for macOS.
  • Bookmarks are now fully unicode compatible for more reliability on German, French and Japanese devices.
  • Bookmarks are now synchronized to Safari through macOS Synchronization Services.
  • Added Export bookmark as link for easily import on to non-syncable devices and phones.
  • Addressed issues where macOS was telling us to open our document twice resulting in the user being asked for a password twice even though they cancelled.
  • Improved error recovery when reading old file types that are corrupted and scraping those files to recover partial data.
  • Delete from the Edit menu now works on entries just like Delete Entry from the Wallet menu. (Sorry about that.)
  • Added help items for installing and configuring PassworWallet for iPhone and Windows Mobile.
  • Now setting file types and creators on synced files correctly.
  • Added Sparkle auto-update mechanism! Check for Updates will download and install the latest and greatest PasswordWallet.
  • Made registration a little bit easier.
  • All synchronizations that affect open and modified documents will be automatically saved. Data in open editors will also be automatically saved.
  • Fixed problem where import wasn't always bringing in UTF-8 correctly.
  • PasswordWallet's plug-ins and add-ons are now Codesigned.
  • Improved URL handling to work with malformed, non-http URLs.

New in 4.3.5 r2:

  • 4.3.5r2 contains fixes for German iPhone only. (Build 4889)

New in 4.3.5:

  • PasswordWallet is now localized to German! (Provided by Ulf Dunkel at
  • Added document title to the titlebar of the open-password dialog.
  • Fixed issues when opening more than one wallet document simultaneously.
  • Auto-typing now works if the URL is a file URL and all you want to do with it is auto-type.
  • Now removing all modifier characters when copying username or password to the clipboard. (Before we were removing only trailing modifiers.)
  • Added some pretty cool runtime error reporting to the console in case of errors.

New in 4.3.4:

  • Added code so PasswordWindows can no longer be harvested by background utilities using new core graphics windowing interfaces.
  • Fixed issue that could cause a crash when dismissing the editor dialog on a few systems.
  • When reading old PasswordWallet 3 files, we're now using the machine's character sets for localization instead of assuming Mac OS Roman.
  • PasswordWallet is now a little more forgiving about windows off the edge of the screen when restoring the window position.
  • No longer confusing window layering when auto-tying panel closes.
  • Lots of iPhone changes... (See PasswordWallet for iPhone What's New.)

New in 4.3.3:

  • French localization added. fr
  • Japanese localization added. ja
  • Fixed category of automator action under Leopard so it appears in the Category:Utilities section of the library.
  • Fixed issue with InternetConfig queries and their conversion to and from unicode strings when booted in Japanese only.
  • Fixed Japanese input in the notes field of the Entry Editor.
  • Clarified instructions for CSV and Text import.
  • Now explicitly checking write permission on files so users will see a warning when their document is first opened instead of when it's saved. Status area at bottom of wallet will now display Read Only in bright white on red letters.
  • Now stripping leading and trailing white-space from URLs before opening them.
  • Made detection and repair of Leopard Custom Icon bug a little faster. (This bug prevents saving files from most Cocoa apps.)
  • Purchase or Register from the Application menu now brings up PasswordWallet by default.
  • [Palm Conduit] Fixed reporting for documents that are not found during synchronization.

New in 4.3.2:

  • Now express-opening PasswordWallet documents that are opened from other PasswordWallet documents. You can now create a tree of PasswordWallet documents that all reference each other.
  • Fixed one more case where NSColorPanel would abuse the window background color.
  • When picking linked fields for username or password, the list of entries is now sorted correctly.
  • Reworked code a little to avoid mysteriously changing background colors on Leopard's NSColorPanel.
  • Field substitutions may now be surrounded by other text or other substitutions.
  • Worked around Leopard bug where documents could not be saved if they had a stale custom icon bit. (Reproducible with too.)

New in 4.3.1:

  • Fixed issue with Categories menu not having command key equivalents 1, 2, 3 or 4 if the Background Color Picker was left on the slider pane the last time PasswordWallet was quit.
  • Fixed color saving bug when perfect white was selected as the background color.

New in 4.3.0:

  • Lots of iPhone changes... (See PasswordWallet for iPhone What's New.)
  • Added Synchronize Files automator action. Just place PasswordWallet in your Applications folder, and Automator will find it. Theoretically.
  • Added CSV import for Excel-style CSV files.
  • Added shift-tab auto-typing substitution character. This has the effect of moving the insertion point to the previous field on most forms. The special character is available from the popup menu to the right of the username and password fields.
  • The Confirm checked state in the Wallet Editor is now saved between runs of PasswordWallet.
  • Added negative relative font sizes to the Entry List preferences.
  • An open Color Picker palette correctly tracks documents as they open, activate and close.
  • Fixed lack of warning with Synchronize with file if file wasn't actually saved.
  • Better color conversions from non-RGB selections. Removed some tabs from color picker too.
  • Fixed issue where bookmarks.plist was backed up a little too aggressively. Backups now rotate.
  • Fixed issue on Leopard where conduit would not communicate properly with PasswordWallet if it was running.
  • Fixed issue on Leopard where right and left arrows wouldn't expand/collapse rows if a modifier key was down.
  • Fixed issue on Leopard where color palette would be overly aggressive when clicking in password fields where digit highlighting was turned on.
  • Fixed issue on Leopard with authenticated installer not installing on some systems.

New in 4.2.0:

  • Completely redesigned Export to iPhone interface. (See PasswordWallet for iPhone What's New.)
  • Display will now revert to Lucida Grande if Helvetica cannot be found.
  • Hold down the shift-key while selecting categories to select more than one at a time.
  • PasswordWallet is now shutting down the update check process when quit so users can trash when they're upgrading to a newer version.

New in 4.1.0:

  • Added export to iPhone! (sold separately as iPhone PasswordWallet.)
  • Added export to stand-alone web page! (sold separately as iPhone PasswordWallet.)
  • Auto-typing is now Leopard Compatible!
  • With Quit after last window closed turned on, a new blank document will be created if password fails when opening the default document.
  • Improved Window Background color on systems prior to 10.5.
  • Reorganized preferences so users can tell which settings will modify their file and trigger a save dialog when closing.
  • Fixed issue where Auto-typing slowness would not be reset correctly for new auto-typings.
  • Added contextual menu items with all sorts of goodies to the entry list.
  • Added support for upper and lower case password generation elements, including characters, words and phonetic syllables.
  • Fixed problem with random passwords that had > 100 words in them. (Who are these people?)
  • Drag and Drop will now accept local files. Local documents can be opened with the default editor for the document, or an alternate editor. Just use default browser to open the item the way the Finder opens it. This is useful for local files that are password protected, like QuickBooks documents.
  • Fixed Drag and Drop in the Editor window to avoid accidental drops from inside the same window.
  • Fixed problem where the master password wouldn't be found in the macOS Keychain if the file had a long file name.
  • Holding down the option-key while opening a document will position the document to the default location and size on screen.
  • Default File will now be set automatically set to the file saved if no default file has been set previously.
  • Added Find Duplicates to the Edit -> Find sub-menu. Hold down the option-key to during this operation to log differences to the console.
  • Added Font Size preference to increase the font size of the main list window.
  • If Font Size is anything larger than default, the notes field switches to the system font size from the small system font size.
  • The checked state of the Confirm checkbox is now saved between invocations of the Password Editor window.
  • If the name of a target record changes, the usernames and passwords of the referencing record are now updated.
  • PasswordWallet will no longer hog the CPU while it's asking you for a master password (or other password dialogs).
  • File selection paths are now colored red if they are empty. This includes default file and file selection for Palm OS Sync.
  • Added recommendation to use MissingSync for users running Palm HotSync Manager on Intel platforms.
  • Using URL's scheme with InternetConfig to find helper application more reliably.
  • Hold down the option-key when deleting records to bypass the warning delete dialog.
  • [CONDUIT] The Do Nothing sync setting no longer requires that a file be defined.

New in 4.0.4:

  • Now trying even harder to load web pages with the default browser if the Launch Services database has become corrupted.
  • Fixed the slow typing directive to reset properly at the beginning of auto-typing.
  • Fixed problem with saving files when selecting patterned or textured named colors.
  • Updated CSS for the help files.

New in 4.0.3:

  • Fixed problem where default browser would not be used correctly on some systems. Sorry about that.

New in 4.0.2:

  • Added warning for corrupt or incomplete Keyboard Layouts when auto-typing.
  • Fixed problem where the PasswordWallet editor window wouldn't activate correctly after the auto-typing palette was dismissed.
  • Added a preference to edit passwords in separate windows. (Reversible if the option-key is down.)
  • Added Next category and Previous category menu items (and keyboard shortcuts) to the Set Category menu. This works in editor windows too.
  • Added Next category and Previous category menu items (and keyboard shortcuts) to the Show Category to the Category menu.
  • When filtering with the Find Box, the first item found will be selected if there were no other items retained from the previous selection. This will assist with keyboard navigation.
  • Tooltips on File Chooser views no longer show %20 characters.
  • When pasting or duplicating, first selected resulting row will be scrolled in to view automatically.
  • Added better error messages when the type/creator code on the file is wrong.
  • Check for Update, if executed manually, will try harder to not hide its results behind other windows.
  • Fixed misleading messages in all Choose File... dialogs, especially those involved with Synchronization.
  • Copying modification and last-accessed dates when performing a Duplicate and a Copy-Paste.
  • Fixed problems where the Help menu would open the help in BBEdit. And fixed problems where URLs with a custom browser wouldn't always be loaded correctly.
  • Fixed bug in Category menu where releasing the mouse on a parent item would actually do something when it should do nothing.
  • [Conduit] Fixed issue where conduit settings wouldn't always be updated in conduit manager window. (HotSync and MissingSync.)

New in 4.0.1:

  • Fixed an issue where PasswordWallet would always attempt to store the master password in the macOS keychain. If you don't want your password stored in the macOS keychain, change your password and un-check the keychain box. Then save your file.
  • Auto-typing delays (not pause-resumes) are now working differently. Each delay character will toggle the delay state of auto-typing. The default is fast typing. If the character is delayed, auto-typing will be slowed through completion, or until the next delay character makes it fast again.
  • Added logic to make sure we're reading a PW4 file when the suffix or type/creator says it's a PW4 file.
  • Added warning in conduit installer for Macintosh overwrites Handheld setting.
  • Fixed problem where browser setting in some records was not imported from v3 properly on Intel. PW4 now handles all custom browser records correctly.
  • PasswordWallet will no longer quit while syncing a file even if the Quit after last window closed preference is on.
  • Added tool-tip to file selectors so long paths can be viewed more easily.
  • Fixed problem where Last Access Date change would trigger a record duplication during a sync.
  • Within the AutoTyping special character menus, the actual special character glyph was added for reference.
  • [Conduit] Fixed issues with PowerPC Conduit in HotSync Manager.
  • [Conduit & App] Fixed issues with all Reveal in Finder buttons.

New in 4.0.0:

  • PasswordWallet 4.0 and its Palm OS conduit are completely rewritten from the ground-up with Cocoa. Both the application and conduit are Universal and run natively on Intel and PowerPC Macintoshes. We've kept the same tight and unobtrusive appearance and added some incredible new features to help you get your work done faster, including:
  • A live-filtering seach box.
  • File-to-file synchronization.
  • Category filtering directly from the toolbar.
  • Auto-typing now works for sites where username and password are on separate pages.
  • Auto-typing also now works for sites that require more than one password.
  • Semi-transparent auto-typing palette.
  • Cocoa-licious transparency, sheets and animations.
  • Plain-text file export for iPod. (This feature should only be used with iPods with locking capability!)
  • A comprehensive user interface for text file import, complete with preview.
  • The ability to drag URLs directly from your browser to your PW4 document to quickly add a new entry.
  • Sort by last access date, and reverse sort, to see most recently visited entries at the top of your Wallet.
  • View passwords in extra large font to view them from across a room or laboratory with multiple computers.
  • Open multiple entries at a time in multiple windows.
  • Popup menus to change username and password field titles.
  • A new Window menu.
  • A new recent files menu.
  • Digits in passwords are now colored red everywhere.
  • Added automatic update notification. (Which can be turned off in preferences.)
  • All new icons, with tool-tips.
  • Auto-typing and URL functions available from the password editor window.
  • Improved printing for only visible or selected records.
  • Automatic conduit and Palm version installer.
  • Spell check in notes.
  • Slow down auto-typing for poorly behaved web sites.
  • New Cocoa based preferences window, complete with animation.

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