We support software beyond the mainstream and do not want to fight in the daily battle for lower prices for office packages, like other software distributors do.

You will find practical software tools and products from our own and associated companies which we love to use ourselves.

We're supporting the following software platforms right now:

Atari macOS Windows

There are three sorts of software which are marked with different colors:

  1. Payware

    This kind of software has to be paid for. There might be a trial or demo version available for test purposes.
  2. Shareware

    Shareware describes a kind of software which basically works fine and you should honour the developer's work by paying the shareware fee.

    The idea of shareware is misunderstood very often (users take and use the software but only a few of them pay for it). Thus shareware comes sometimes with only a couple of disabled features. The restrictions do not make the program a demo version, but they should remind you to pay the shareware fee.
  3. Freeware

    Freeware is neither restricted nor a demo version but a software which you can use without having to pay for it.

    Software developers sometimes write freeware applications in order to initially present small programs to the public.

Prices: All prices mentioned in this website include the German VAT (19%). If you order from the European Community (EC) and possess a VAT reg.no., please mention it with your order. Otherwise we have to put the VAT of your EC country into the amount, too.

All other orders from abroad will be billed netto and charged from your credit card without VAT.

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