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The following is a non-exhaustive list of features of PDFClerk Pro. It is intended to provide a good overview of many of the possibilities. Of course nothing compares to actually seeing it in action, so by all means, download it and give it a spin. A help file is available from the Help menu in the program, which also contains a link to a downloadable user guide in PDF format. Or get the PDF manual right here and now.

Feature Description
PDF Edition Features
Pages With and/or Without PDF Content pages do not need to contain PDF content (e.g. only text and/or graphics is possible), mix and match per page to your heart's content...
Textual content search, select and copy PDF based text.
Annotations mark up your documents with PDF annotations.
Outlines also known as bookmarks.
Search and Replace for outline labels including powerful regular expression matching.
Forms create and edit interactive PDF forms.
Merge PDF Documents by importing or dragging one or more documents onto the page list. Append, interleave (e.g. when joining a document with even pages with a document with odd pages) or merge in other patterns as required using the Interleave import option.
Exchange Pages Between Documents by dragging selected pages from one document to another.
Add Blank Pages easily add blank pages to any document.
Duplicate Pages easily duplicate selected pages.
Rearrange Page Order drag pages around to change the page sequence.
Sort Pages by Page Number, Source Name or Page Label by clicking on the column headers in the list of pages.
Rotate Pages rotate selected pages by 90º increments.
Add Layered Graphics and Text Boxes paste text or graphics, or drag graphics onto pages.
Add Vector Objects add live vector objects with flexible formatting/appearance options.
Rotate Objects rotate selected objects.
Resize Objects on Page drag object edges to resize objects.
Lock/Unlock Objects on Page to ensure they stay put while editing other page objects.
Color Paper (Page Background) change the color of the page background.
Manual and Automated Page Relabelling use standard or roman numerals, with optional prefix and/or postfix.
Overlay Page Labels with opaque or transparent background, e.g. allowing you to add or replace existing page numbers.
Import Text Files you can import plain text, rich text format and, to some extent, MS-Word files. Complex rtf and doc files are only partly supported. Your mileage may vary.
Split Pages Export to two documents with even and odd pages split, or explode into a separate document for each page, or even into documents with your choice of sheets (pages) per document.
Export Finished Layouts to a New PDF Document use flexible options to create new PDF documents from your work in PDFClerk (splitting even/odd pages, exploding into sets of any number of pages).
Display Media, Crop, Bleed, Trim or Art Box you can dynamically choose which PDF display box is used to render each PDF page. PDFClerk will adjust the layout dynamically as appropriate.
Define each page's PDF display box you can define display boxes for pages individually or batch assign them to any batch of selected pages, mirroring the margins for opposite pages if required.
Save each page as a graphics file save all or selected pages as individual graphics files in the format of your choice.
Recurring patterns add watermarks, headers, footers and other recurring patterns to your documents.
Media Library keep often used objects in an easily accessible library to quickly drop onto your pages. Get easy access to your photos and other graphics files.
Remote Control Use the remote control to browse documents and/or present them fullscreen.
Option to apply a filter when exporting to PDF or bitmaps. Produce PDF-X, reduce file size, etc. You can even create your own filters.
Layout and Impositions
Factory Provided and User Defined Imposition Layouts use the provided templates or easily create your own simple or complex layouts. Roll your own sheetwise, step & repeat, work-and-tumble, work-and-turn or most any other layout.
Define Number of Rows and Columns Per Page decide on number of columns/rows per page, or let PDFClerk figure it out in case of step & repeat layout.
Define Page Sequence On Sheet control how a document’s pages are distributed among available slots on the sheet (printer spreads).
Gather Slots into Groups with Gutters want 8 slots per row in 4 groups of 2 slots with a 3 inch gutter in between each group? Sure! 3 groups of 1 slot per column? No problem! Whichever way you like it.
Flip Even and/or Odd Rows flip the page orientation for even and or odd rows to ensure correct results after folding.
Flexible Control over Slot Sizing size slots dynamically to individual page size, all slots according to first page size (either fixed or scaling) or specify your own fixed slot size.
Automatic Single Signature Impositions let PDFClerk figure out the number of pages needed to fit the whole document into a single signature. Then easily change the number of pages on the fly if you wish to.
Print Pages in Mirror Image want to transfer your text to a T-shirt?
Page Size Options decide whether pages are sized dynamically according to content, or size to sheet size or specify a fixed size.
Sheet Size and Margins choose a sheet size from the page setup dialog and optionally let PDFClerk calculate the margins for you if you’re not sure what they should be
Automatic Creep Compensation specify the sheet thickness and let PDFClerk do the hard work for you.
Registration Marks have registration marks printed in the margins. Control their size, placement and style.
Crop Marks, Fold Marks, Bleed Marks control their size, placement and color. Crop and fold marks can be derived from each page or rendered according to placement in group of slots and are hidden in gutters if the gutter is too small to fit the marks (unless you choose to force their display).
Tint Bars color bars and progressive grayscale bars by default, but you can define your own colors. Control their size and placement.
Printer Calibration if your printer doesn’t quite print where it is supposed to, you can specify separate offsets for front and back side prints to correct for this. These offsets will be integrated in any PDF output you create from your document.
Imposition template overrides override document settings by specifying them in the layout templates.
Easy and Intuitive work quickly and efficiently, easily navigating your documents and performing your edits. Let PDFClerk do most of the figuring-out for you, and progressively specify manual settings as the need arises.
Applescript automate repetitive tasks.
Speech Have selected text or whole documents read back to you or saved to an audio file.
Install as PDF Service easily ‘print’ to PDFClerk from other software, like your browser (great to quickly create a booklet from very long pages).
Application Wide Preferences control preferences that affect all documents and/or PDFClerk behaviour.
Document Wide Settings control settings that apply to the document you are working on.
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher