Barcody Express 1.15Barcody Express 1.15
Barcody Express makes creating barcodes a piece of cake

New in 1.15:
(2014-07-21, R 168)

  • Now also supporting 2D barcode Data Matrix. Barcody Express now supports 31 barcodes.
  • The GUI has been modernized with high-contrast toolbar icons.
  • The manual can be navigated by keyboard.
  • [98] Information line about valid and unused characters wraps into two lines.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 1.10:
(2014-01-08, R 156)

  • New: requires Mac macOS 10.8 or higher.
  • New: 64bit application.
  • New: supports Sandboxing.
  • New app icon.
  • New: 2D barcode output enhanced.
  • New: Last content will be stored automatically.
  • New option Draw Background can be used to suppress drawing of the background which will then be output transparently.
  • New toolbar icons (resolution-independent).
  • The GUI has been modernized.
  • Manual screen shots have been updated to reflect the new GUI elements.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 1.03:
(2013-02-20, R 108)

  • [181] Checksum and calm zone calculation for UPC E barcode fixed.
  • [180] PZN barcode enhanced to PZN8 (7 code digits + 1 checksum character, valid as of 2013-01-01).
  • When vector-based formats (PDF, EPS) have been chosen for export, the resolution and colorspace popups are hidden to avoid irritations about these parameters.
  • Japanese localization added. ja

New in 1.02:
(2012-01-17, R 54)

  • Output issue with QR codes fixed (no stripes any more).
  • Window elements in the scroll bar area now always shown correctly, even in Lion.
  • Spanish localization added. es
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 1.01:
(2011-10-24, R 54)

  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 1.0:
(2011-06-21, R 40)

  • Initial release.