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Colorblender 1.4Colorblender 1.4
Easily create balanced web color palettes

New in 1.5:
(2016-03-29, R 39)

Requirements: macOS 10.9 (Mavericks), 64 bit
  • New: The GUI has been completely redesigned. The Results colors are shown right to the base color variants. A click on either a variant (smaller color swatches) or on a result color uses its value for the base color.
  • New: The base color values can also be entered numerically in RGB, HSV and HTML RGB.
  • New: File menu item: Export as … > Adobe Swatch Exchange file (.ase) saves the six colors as ASE file which can be imported into InDesign and Illustrator.
  • New: File menu item: Export to System Color Panel saves the six colors in the System Color Panel. You will find the saved colors in the Color Palettes tab of the System Color Panel, in the pop-up menu under Colorblender. You have to restart Colorblender (or any app using the System Color Panel) in order to see it listed in the pop-up menu.
  • New: Edit menu items: Cut, Copy and Paste. Use them for editing numerical color values.
  • New: Edit menu item: Show Colors opens the System Color Panel. Use its color picker to pick any color on-screen as the base color.
  • New: The app offers an About Colorblender dialog.
  • New: The app offers a Feedback dialog.
  • Fixed: Colorblender is shipped with a built-in, enhanced manual.
  • Fixed: The used graphics are resolution-independent.
  • Fixed: The recently used base color is being stored.

New in 1.4:

  • Exports as .aco palette for Photoshop (color swatches).
  • Exports as .clr palette for macOS. Applications which use the default macOS color picker can import this .clr palette.
  • Die Benutzeroberfläche wurde verändert.

New in 1.3:

  • Bug fixes.

New in 1.2:

  • Bug fixes.

New in 1.1:

  • Bug fixes.

New in 1.0:

  • Initial release.