JobTimer 3.17JobTimer 3.17
Calculate your job work time more easily – never lose a single second any more!

Customer comments:

I would also like to thank you for your unfailingly quick, friendly and professional responses to the various queries I've had. I am so glad I found DSD those years ago when I was looking for time tracking software. I have been happy and confident to recommend it to others who have asked me about job timing software.
Heath W.
A brilliantly simple way to keep track of where time really goes and to help understand costs.
Nick U.
JobTimer is an excellent program that I use every day.
Cathie S.
I/we really like the software piece that we have purchased. It shall be a valuable tool for us!
Brent W.
Great app. Thanks
Caren Josephs, N.Y.
I've done some work with JobTimer and I have found it to have some great features:
  • Easy stop and start
  • great tracking of times
  • Usable means of deleting a range of time units (ie. before a particular date)
Please note, I ditched TimeBandit because JobTimer gave me the ability to modify the actual times that I worked, which is very important for the way I manage my time.
Jim C., Auckland (NZ)
Out of all the job timers I looked at, yours was by far the fastest & most straightforward. Please don't add all sorts of functionality without making it optional. Fast & sweet!
Al J.
I love your little app Job Timer. However to make it more useful can I please suggest some improvements? Please let me know when you make future revisions to the project.
Dale M.
I have purchased Job Timer and I love it.
Drake M., Edmonds
Great job on JobTimer — it will save me so much time tracking jobs. […] I hope you are continuing to enhance this application — it's great for what I need and I hope others have found it useful as well.
Chad B.
I have been looking for something like this for years. You need to advertise this more. Thank you.
Jon R., Los Gatos
Press comment:

JobTimer 2.20 (Mac)

JobTimer 2.20 provides a simple way to track and record the amount of time applied to specific tasks, such as client work. One or more projects can be tracked simultaneously, with the program keeping track of time and a dollar total based on the hourly rate that the user has input. The data can be exported in the user's choice of RTF, PDF, text with tabs, and XML formats.Approx. $29 U.S.

Reprinted with permission from The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing, copyright 2007, Graphic Dimensions, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL.
New in 3.17:
  • Application no longer crashes on launch (Mac macOS 10.5 to …
New in 3.16:
  • App icons support Retina displays.
  • All time values will be recalculated when a JobTimer document …
[More …]
New in 3.15:
  • Bugfix for old v1 documents.
System Require­ments:
macOS 10.5 (Leopard) or higher