Art Text 3.0Art Text 3.0
Art Text is an application for creating high-quality textual graphics

Customer comments:

As a Web Designer, PR and Marketing Consultant for both online and offline projects, Art Text is by far the handiest, simple yet powerful program I have purchased and used. I use it constantly with stunning results, and because of the super easy user interface it has cut my time down so I am starting to catch up on workload! It also allows for creative flow, which is incredibly important, as often when I am creating graphics for projects the final outcome is nothing like where I started, which is common amongst creative people. That's the best thing I find out Art text, it allows me to change my mind and direction very quickly and easily without having to scrap a project and start all over again. Thumbs up big time to this one guys!
NunyaBizniss Solutions
This is the app I have been looking for for years to teach students how to manipulate text and to produce such stylistic txt art. I have been explring the trial version and can easily see how I would incorporate it into our ICT programmes. Many Thanks!
Graham Elsmore
This program fills an empty spot for Mac users like me. (TypeStyler dropped the ball.) Just a side note on how addictive I find Art Text: Even though circumstances caused me to work all night on that 2-07 newsletter issue, I still kept bouncing into Art Text for yet another quick creation, then having to force myself back out to the newsletter work with a promise that I could play more after that was done! Thank you, BeLight is a company who obviously ‘get’ the Mac experience.
Sylvia Rego, M.A.C.S. Newsletter Editor
Always enjoying your nifty softwares, making life easier in creating stuff, which otherwise would have taken a professional to dream and pen out the final product.
Louis Lau, Japan
Hello from Philadelphia. I just downloaded your demo of your new art text, and IT IS TERRIFIC. So many of our small business customers are “graphically challenged”, and this is as useful and intuitive as your other applications to date.
Edward I. Deutch
All is well, and software functions perfectly. Really nice program. thanks again.
Ignatius Sahula, Graphic designer
I love all of your software. Your interface is easy to understand and extremely user friendly. I am constantly checking your site for new software!
Dori Weinstein
WOW... I am starting to like your program more and more! I haven't had time to play with it, BUT... if it works as you describe, you should promote your program to graphics people as an OSX alternative to TYPESTYLER, which only works in the old OS 9 environment. I have been seeking such a program for at least two years since Strider Software cannot seem to re-write the popular type styling program for OSX. There are hundreds of designers who would want this program so they can retire their older Macintosh systems. YOURS may be what they need if they knew it was available. I really think you are onto something and the world is waiting. Thanks again!!!!
Dean Langevin
Several readers voiced positive responses for your software and it looks like it would work well as a replacement for the software we've been stuck waiting to arrive for over three years.
Bill Defelice
New in Art Text 3.0:
  • General
  • 20+ samples that demonstrate Art Text capabilities.
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher