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CSVEditor makes editing CSV data more comfortable

Customer comments:

I just wanted to say thanks for this program. I first tried register this via dsd.net but cannot do that. Of course there are newer and maybe fancier one but this fit for my needs. I currently use Mac Os 10.15 Catalina and it works fine. (v2.16)
CSVEditor is awesome software. Thank you for your development. (v2.11)
Kudo H.
Like the simplicity of the program! Love the program! (v2.03)
Nick W.
Now that copy/paste works, CSVEditor is a very nice little application. (v2.01)
Pat L.
It does what is says without surprises…thats what I want! - This is a simple app, but that is what I needed. It is incredibly iritating to have a program like Excel, Pages, or Libre Office import csv files then I spend a bunch of time manipulating the data and then when I export the data back to a csv I find that these programs have completely botched the csv format. It is for this reason that this simple app shines. I like tools that do basic functions and do them well. This is it for csv. I have to manipulate files from 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of records. I have only tried this app on files of 25,000 records and smaller so I am not sure if it will scale up to a million records or higher, but I can say it handled 25,000 records quickly and efficiently on my Macbook Air. It imported quickly and reported what it thought were inconsistencies. I color coded those inconsistencies and I think it did a great job and trying to help me, but my files were fine. Still, I agree that some areas of my csv files could have been a problem. This app does what it does well, but it should do more. The one thing I would like is search and replace on a single column. I work with sensitive information and I would like to take one column and do lots of scrambling to obfuscate it. I did love finding that I could completely replace the contents of a column to one text value and then fill it again with a sequential number. That was a good workaround. This app could do more, but it does what it does without surprises. I like it!
Surgeworks (v2.01: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
nice program. worked well with a test file of over 26,000 records. some features are a bit hidden. there's a pretty nice find setup - the results can be selected and a new file made from that subset of records. it's a lot easier than doing the same operations in a text editor. couldn't resist the purchase.
stwijjin (v1.16: MacZOT! comment)
Very useful. Now stable with ver. 1.12 update. - The frequent crashing that I noted in an earlier review appears to have been completely fixed with the latest update. CSVEditor is a solid tool for editing CSV and TSV files--although not yet completely bug-free.I do think the price is high for a light-weight, single-purpose tool such as this. If you need a tool for editing text data files, you might also consider a more recent App Store entrant, DB-Text, which has a similar feature set but is more economically priced. Each apps has its own advantages, and for my workflow, CSVEditor fits a little better.
Tom Rosenberg (v1.12: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
An excellent, light-weight, if pricey, app. - I do a fair amount of data translation work, and the 'lowest common denominator' is frequently character-seperated value files of one sort or another. While Excel or LibreOffice will handle them, you have to click on about a dozen different dialog boxes to do so… and all you may want to do is sanity check the data, look for inconsistencies, etc… While you could also fire up a text editor, you lose the visual picture of the data since it is not column aligned if you are just looking at the raw text. There is a need for a light-weight, fast to use program that depicts CSV data the way it is 'meant' to be viewed. This program fills that need.This program opens CSV or TSV files with one dialog box. It attempts to guess the encoding, (but you can select it from a vast list) and the field separator. It handles the various line ending options ( , , ) without user intervention…. nice. You can choose if the first row is a header row or not, and you can trim leading and trailing spaces (or not). One dialog box to fill in, and it opens. Quickly. Fantastic. It is handling 50 column, 50000+ row TSV files without a problem. It handles poorly formed TSV files, where the first dozen lines or so are notes, comments, etc., before the meat of the table starts below. And, most nicely, it has RegEx find and replace! When saving, you are given a choice of Encoding, Field Seperator, Line Ending, and whether or not to use the column headers as the first row, in one dialog box. No fuss or clicking through a dozen choices. It allows you to go through the data with a minimum of disturbance to it, without forcing you to change it to one format or another.It is not perfect. The author could do well to improve/upgrade the following:1) While you can add columns/rows to the 'edges', you apparently can not insert them.2) Your field seperators are limited to a comma, a semicolon, and a tab. Arbitrary field seperators are not allowed.3) You are only allowed to open files ending in .txt or .csv, apparently, which is a bit silly.4) It is unclear how it handles quoting/escaping conventions….5) The icon is ugly :-)It's a little pricey, considering it does a small subset of what LibreOffice and/or Excel could do with the same file. Where it wins, however, is speed and ease of opening, inspecting, editing, and saving various character delimited data - that speed & ease combination is what made it worth it for me.
nff22d7 (v1.10: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
Great fast CSV viewer (and editor) - For me this app is a perfect database viewer (via handy CSV files). The best thing for me is the life filtering: when you enter a search pattern into the search field the content is life filtered to the matching rows.So in many cases I export data having already in Excel to CSV because the lookup is so much faster than in Excel and fits my needs better. Examples: lookup in a price list or a database with customer, ZIP codes etc.That I can edit the CSV (adding rows and columns, modifying field content) is another great feature (but for my usage pattern only second most important). Buy.Thomas
Thomas Schlosser (v1.10: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
Very Nice - First, I want to let you know this software is very nice. It fills a gap between an import to Excel/LibreOffice (which requires a dozen dialog boxes, choices, saving in a different format, etc.), and raw editing with a text editor (where you do not see the intended structure of the file data). I do a lot of data migration work, and this is a lovely, light weight program to accomplish that; the auto detection of line endings, choices of encoding (UTF-8, MacRoman, etc.), all in one dialog box, are great.
Nick Fabry
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macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher