GuideLiner 1.26GuideLiner 1.26
Optimize your layouts for screen and web publishing

Customer comments:

GREAT TOOL!!!!! Thanks!
Fred Stahl
Just wanted to say I downloaded a demo of GuideLiner for mac - lovely and clean, really nice job!
Don West
Love it!! And need It! A must for any developer!!! - This app is great, perfect to what I needed it for. Measure the screen size in pixels to help me create the right layout for my web design project. A must for any web designer and app developer like me! :) To developer : Thanks!!!!
Rolando Azcona Jr (★★★★★ on Mac App Store)

Press comment:

GuideLiner 1.03 (Mac)

GuideLiner 1.03 enables the user to generate horizontal and vertical rulers and guideliness that are useful for ensuring the precise size and location of elements on the screen. The rulers can be set to a transparency level from 50-100%. The units are measured in pixels and the user can set the screen size to delineate the dimensions of 640 x 480, 800 x 600, and 1024 x 768. The rulers can be moved anywhere, shortened or lengthened, rotated 90 degrees, and deleted. An unlimited number of rulers and guidelines can be applied. Guidelines can be saved in sets, and loaded as needed. A very handy utility that can be applied to any application. Approx. $19 U.S.

Reprinted with permission from The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing, copyright 2006, Graphic Dimensions, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL.
New in 1.26:
  • Fixed: The Registration dialog is shown again on macOS 10.9.
New in 1.25:
  • System Require­ments: macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.
  • Rulers: The current mouse position is shown more reliably without …
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New in 1.22:
  • System Require­ments: macOS 10.7 (Lion) or higher.
  • Completely re-written 64-bit application.
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher