Time Out 2.5Time Out 2.5
Break reminder tool with micro-breaks

Customer comments:

Time Out has a lot of configurability and is very cool - and definitely worth checking out for anyone who finds themselves getting too tense while working.
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My chiropractor suggested I stretch every hour because of a pinched nerve in my back … I downloaded Time Out and began taking time outs for 2 minutes every half hour. I'm am now pain free in my back!
Michael Wade, Greensboro, NC
For someone who easily drops into a trance when immersed on a project I found Time Out to be a helpful and easy to use tool. I like the control of setting my own breaks, and the micro breaks are just long enough to remind me to breathe and relax, but not so distracting that I loose my train of thought.
L. Kling, graphic designer, Chico, CA
As a glasses wearer, my eye doctor told me to look away from my computer screen into the distance about every 50 minutes or so, so as to refocus my eyes which helps prevent eyestrain. Running Time Out is the sensible way to do this – it does what it says: it blanks the screen for a given period of time (user customisable) which then cues me to look away. In effect, Time Out is just what the doctor ordered! Recommended for any computer user no matter what you're working on or indeed whenever you turn on your computer for that matter.
Allan B., Sydney, Australia
Time Out helps you manage your energy throughout the day. Even if all you do is stop and take a breath, the benefit is there. I smile each time Time Out comes on...
Cam Barber, CEO, Vivid Learning Pty Ltd
New in 2.5:
  • Mojave dark mode and compatibility
  • All of the app content has been updated to support …
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New in 2.4:
  • Added a Statistics page under Activity
  • Added page buttons to the Activity page of the preferences, …
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New in 2.3:
  • Optional postpone and skip display and limits
  • Added an option to the Break Appearance preferences page to …
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher