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Customer comments:

Well Done Ulf This has to be one of the most comprehensive DTP Programs that I have used. In all my years of Publishing, (And I have used quite a few DTP programs believe me). This has to be my all time favourite. Well done Ulf.
London City Graphics
Nice upgrade to Pagemaker - This is a friendly and powerful layout and DTP program. It may not be as powerful as InDesign, but then it doesn't cost as much either. Icalamus reminds me of Pagemaker, but is smoother, smarter and more powerful. Especially the typographic functions are excellent, and one can easily tell that the makers of this program are DTP experts. This software is not really for entry level users or beginners, to fully use the software it is helpful to have some basic understanding about layout and typography.This software does not come with lots of templates or clip art, as some of the budget competition do. You have to make your own templates. The user guide is brief but functional. It is not a learning book about layout or typography. Support is fast and friendly.For those with experience of layout, typography and DTP - I highly recommend this program.
Raphael Mabo (Mac App Store)
I have been using your program iCalamus to satisfaction. I'm enormously happy with the result. Excellent program.
J. Bremin
This is the finest page layout program I have EVER used.
P. Cranz
Thank you for a great application. I haven't scratched the surface as to its former capabilities, and now you make it even better.
S. Smither
iCalamus seems priced somewhere in between everything and it seems to have features that are appropriate for a user doing a bit more than Swift Publisher can do, and a bit less than InDesign.
Perfect positioning for you.
B. Guthrie
Thank you for creating such an excellent product. This really is a great piece of software that I have thoroughly enjoyed using this week. It's very flexible and powerful, yet is much more economical than one of the more mainstream DTP packages. Well done!
P. Littlewood
iCalamus has all of the strength of Adobe's Illustrator and InDesign, and the ease of use of Apple's Pages. What a great solution!
S. Young
At last a decent dtp programme for the home/small office or educational consumer without having to fork out a fortune for a pro package! I really hope this software gives the big boys a run for their money!
Keep up the good work I know many people on mac who would be interested in this - any chance of a comission!?!?!? hahaha
Seriously though keep up the good work with calamus!
R. Gardiner
Thanks for bringing this out - I can't believe how fast I'm getting used to Calamus again and it's probably 10 years since I last used it.
D. Mooney
I have used this program for one hour and I am purchasing it. Great job, better than Pages and Multi-Ad Creator Pro and easier to use than In Design.
A. Matarasso
Very cool new desktop publishing application: fast, many features, easy to use. Superior work!
clifton.lewisw (at Versiontracker)
This app still exists! It was one of the main reasons I bought an Atari back in the last century, and I missed it most when I moved from Atari to the Mac.
It looks great (technically speaking), it's fast, it's reliable (so far) – and it's cheap, compared to Xpress & InDesign.
busybeingborn (at Versiontracker)
The first time I opened it I just though: how gorgeous and simple, yet powerful! IMHO this is the BEST DTP app ever written! It's way better than Quark and InDesign - at least on a Mac, where those apps are just ugly.
K. Vasa (developer of 'Liberer')
It's been a long time, but it still feels like yesterday since I started using Calamus. I was so excited to follow the development of the true, Mac native iCalamus. It only took me a few minutes using the 'lite' version to make the decision to purchase the soon to be released v1!
Congratulations on making iCalamus real. It looks great and I look forward to many years use!
P. Morales
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macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher