Caboodle 1.5Caboodle 1.5
Collect random snippets of text or images

Nuevo en 1.5:
(2013-04-14, R 1033)

  • The standard edition of the app is now signed with a Developer ID to support Gatekeeper on Mountain Lion. (Standard edition only)
  • Rebuilt for Mountain Lion using Xcode 4.
  • Many changes to improve Mountain Lion compatibility.
  • The license button in the Caboodle window now shows the Licenses window instead of going to the Dejal Store web page. (Standard edition only)
  • Added a license button to the Preferences window, when unlicensed, to make it easier to buy the app. (Standard edition only)
  • Fixed a bunch of memory leaks.
  • Updated localizations.
  • Caboodle now requires an Intel Mac and a minimum of macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Nuevo en 1.4.1:
(2011-08-18, R 1030)

  • Restored support for macOS 10.5 (Leopard), which was accidentally (and ironically) disabled in the previous release.
  • French localization improved. fr

Nuevo en 1.4:
(2011-08-16, R 1030)

  • Fixes for macOS 10.7 (Lion) compatibility.
  • Added full screen support on Lion.
  • Added a default font option to the General Preferences. By default it is used when there is no selected entry when adding as a sibling or child (i.e. creating a top-level entry), but there's a checkbox to use it for all new entries. If that checkbox is off, new entries inherit the previously selected entry's font attributes (as Caboodle has always done).
  • Added an automatic save one minute after changing an entry. Caboodle already auto-saves when selecting a different entry or on quit (if you made changes).
  • Removed the File > Save command, since a manual save is no longer useful, and it could cause confusion.
  • Swapped the View and Decrypt buttons in the decryption sheet, so View is now the default, since it is the most commonly used. The Decrypt button can still be activated via the keyboard via Cmd-D.
  • Replaced the password validation logic, since it broke when building for macOS 10.5 and later. Note that this means that entries encrypted in version 1.4 and later can't be decrypted in earlier versions.
  • Deleting an entry will now leave no selection, rather than selecting whatever happened to be after the deleted entry.
  • Removed the license agreement window. The license agreement can be viewed online.
  • The standard edition of Caboodle now requires a minimum of macOS 10.5 (Leopard).
  • Many other behind-the-scenes improvements made possible by dropping Tiger support.
  • Note: this version (and any 1.4.x bug fix releases) will be the last to support PowerPC (PPC) and macOS 10.5. Version 1.5 will require an Intel-based Mac and macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

Nuevo en 1.3.7:
(2011-01-06, R 1026)

  • Changes to be compatible with the Mac App Store.
  • Caboodle Express for the App Store requires macOS 10.6 or later, and omits the built-in update mechanism, since updates are done via the App Store.

Nuevo en 1.3.6:
(2010-05-17, R 1025)

  • Performance improvements for Snow Leopard.
  • Please note: the next non-bug-fix release will likely require macOS 10.5 (Leopard) as a minimum OS. So this may be the last version that supports macOS 10.4 (Tiger).

Nuevo en 1.3.5:
(2010-02-03, R 1024)

  • Fixed an issue with looking up licenses in certain situations.

Nuevo en 1.3.4:
(2009-11-16, R 1023)

  • To improve performance and reduce disk space, imported PDFs, files dragged to the Dock icon, or via the Save PDF to Caboodle print option are now copied to an Attachments folder within the Caboodle data folder, and aliased to the entries. This can be disabled via a hidden preference, by entering defaults write com.dejal.caboodle ImportAsAlias NO in Terminal, if desired.
  • The entry icons for files dragged to the Dock icon and saved to Caboodle are now set to those files' icons.
  • Fixed an issue where entries added by those means could be lost if Caboodle was quit without making further changes.
  • Find text operations, e.g. Find Next (Cmd-G), Find Previous (Cmd-Shift-G), now work when the entries list is the active control; the entry text is made active then the operation performed.
  • Removed ancient code to move pre-1.0 data, since nobody could still be using those versions.
  • Improved the data loading to reduce the risk of using empty data if the existing data can't be loaded.
  • Now includes a 512x512 application icon.

Nuevo en 1.3.3:
(2009-09-10, R 1022)

  • Enhanced Snow Leopard compatibility.

Nuevo en 1.3.2:
(2009-07-07, R 1021)

  • Dragging text to Caboodle's Dock icon now adds a new entry with that text (including rich text, e.g. from a word processing document or web page).
  • Dragging any document to Caboodle's Dock icon also adds a new entry with that document as an attachment, and the document's name as the Subject. Even easier to add entries!
  • Added a safety check to ensure the data has been fully loaded before handing a Services menu request, to avoid risk of data loss if Caboodle isn't running when adding an entry via the Services menu.

Nuevo en 1.3.1:
(2009-06-24, R 1020)

  • Improved the handling of imports to use multi-threading only when appropriate.
  • Added exception handling and an alert when saving the data, in case something goes wrong, e.g. too much data being saved.
  • Prices increased slightly.

Nuevo en 1.3:
(2009-05-19, R 1018)

  • Added a Save PDF to Caboodle option to the printing workflows (i.e. the menu in the PDF button in print panels), making it really easy to save any document to a new entry just by (effectively) printing it to Caboodle.
  • Added a menu command to the Caboodle menu to Install PDF Workflow..., so you can install it later if desired.
  • Added a PDF... option to the Import sub-menu. PDFs are imported as attachments in new entries.
  • Added an alert panel to ask if you want to install the print PDF workflow, since some people might not want it (e.g. if only trying Caboodle). Only appears once.
  • The folder hierarchy is now preserved when importing; folders are imported as entries with a folder icon and no text content.
  • Added Web Archive and HTML options to the Export sub-menu. The Web Archive format is nice and tidy, and can be displayed in any modern web browser. The HTML export outputs the entries as folders of HTML files and images.
  • Improved the handling of exports to use multi-threading only when appropriate.
  • Added General Preferences to include or exclude the creation and modification dates, Subject, and/or custom fields when printing and exporting. They are all included by default.
  • Changed the format of the printed/exported dates to be the same as displayed in the window, and fixed a bug where it was outputting the creation date instead of the modification one.
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug where having an entry selected, doing a search and not selecting anything, then clearing the search would leave the selection without displaying the corresponding entry content.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent finding licenses in very rare circumstances.
  • German localization improved. de
  • French localization improved. fr
  • Dutch localization added. nl

Nuevo en 1.2:
(2008-10-13, R 1015)

  • Added a View button to the decryption sheet. If clicked, the entry is temporarily decrypted and displayed read-only until you quit, but remains encrypted on disk, so the next time you use Caboodle it will still be encrypted. To edit the entry or keep it decrypted, click the Decrypt button instead.
  • Added a checkbox to the encryption and decryption sheets to enable saving the entered password in the keychain. The state of the checkbox is remembered automatically.
  • Added a new Security preference page, where you can specify a default password to use for encrypting and decrypting entries, and options of whether to use that, the keychain, the previously-entered password, or nothing when encrypting and decrypting. The default password is stored in the keychain, for security.
  • When displaying the encryption sheet, if there is a password for this entry in the keychain (i.e. it had previously been encrypted and the password saved), it is defaulted into the password fields. Otherwise if you've previously entered a password or any entry, it is offered instead. Otherwise if there is a default password specified in the preferences, it is suggested. The source of the password is indicated below the fields. These are all dependent on the preferences. You can of course replace the suggestion with a new password, if desired.
  • Similarly when decrypting, it will pre-populate with the keychain, last-entered, or default password, if available and valid. It only offers the password if it is correct, so you can just click the View or Decrypt buttons without typing anything.
  • Using the Services > Caboodle > Add Entry with Selection command, or dropping text on Caboodle's Dock icon, will now set the Subject to the first few words of the first line of text. Also improved the entry creation decision: if the selected entry has child entries when using these functions, the new entry will be a child of that one, otherwise it will be a sibling.
  • Now correctly indexes new text, instead of requiring a re-launch before it is available for searches.
  • Fixed a crasher when adding a new entry if displaying the search results.
  • Fixed a crasher when using the New Sibling button with no selection.
  • Fixed an issue with the Preferences window, where edits might not be saved when quitting with the window still open (specifically when an edit is still active).
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug with the Check for Updates feature when using a general release and wanting only general releases, and a beta release is available.
  • Updated the built-in Kagi purchasing tool to the latest version, which fixes some issues with Leopard.
  • Updated the French and German localizations.
  • Caboodle now requires macOS 10.4 (Tiger) or later.

Nuevo en 1.1.4:
(2008-05-05, R 1013)

  • The state of the menu item »Check Spelling While Typing« is now remembered across launches, so you can turn it off if you don't want it.
  • Fixed a bug where new child entries might not inherit a newly added icon or custom fields.
  • Fixed a bug with exporting, where a "/" in an entry Subject could cause the export to not work as expected.
  • Updated the built-in Kagi purchasing tool to the latest version, which fixes some issues with Leopard.
  • Switched the distribution method to ZIP archives instead of disk images, as it's simpler for everyone. Feedback welcome!
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the previous version to run on a MacBook Air.

Nuevo en 1.1.3:
(2007-11-19, R 1012)

  • Attachments are now saved to a unique temporary folder before opening (via double-clicking), to avoid mistakenly using the same file for more than one, if they happen to have the same filename.
  • Enhanced the URLs for the Help menu to better support localization.
  • German localization added. de
  • Fixed the tooltip for the keep backup checkbox in the Advanced preferences.
  • Updated the built-in Kagi purchasing tool to the latest version, which fixes some issues with Leopard.

Nuevo en 1.1.2:
(2007-06-28, R 1011)

  • The ruler visibility state is now correctly remembered for each entry, and the default ruler state for new entries (from the preferences) is respected.
  • Fixed a layout issue with the French localization.
  • Fixed an error that a few people experienced when checking for updates.
  • Some optimizations in the Caboodle Assistant window.
  • Minor tweaks for Leopard (10.5) compatibility.

Nuevo en 1.1.1:
(2007-04-16, R 1010)

  • Now automatically saves the entry when leaving the Subject field (via tab or click) or modifying the icon, so the entries list is immediately updated, to avoid confusion.
  • The entries list now remains the same size when the window resizes, rather that being resized proportionally.
  • Changed the default icon to a larger green ball, to avoid alignment issues that the smaller one had (it was 16x16 instead of 20x20).
  • Fixed a longstanding bug where encrypting an entry that contains a table would lose the table formatting when it is decrypted. Note: entries encrypted with this version can not be decrypted by previous versions (but this version can decrypt previously encrypted entries).
  • Fixed a crasher when exporting as PDF.
  • Added French localization.

Nuevo en 1.1:
(2007-03-08, R 1009)

  • Added import functions for HTML, Plain Text, Rich Text Format (RTF), and Word Format. They import into a new entry within the current selected one, inheriting its icon and custom fields. Select no entry to import at the top level.
  • Added export functions for PDF, Plain Text, RTF, and Word. They export the selected entries, including their child entries, preserving the hierarchy via folders.
  • Enhanced the Print function to include the dates, title and custom fields at the top, and to support printing multiple selected entries at once.
  • Added a New Sibling Entry function, and renamed the existing New Entry function as New Child Entry, with a new toolbar icon. The former adds a new entry at the same level as the selected one, while the latter adds one within the selected entry. As before, they inherit the icon and custom fields of their parent entry.
  • The Delete Entry toolbar button is no longer included by default; you can add it back if you wish.
  • Added a Select None (Cmd-Shift-A) command, similar to Select All, but to select no entries or text.
  • The Caboodle window close button is now available; clicking it will hide Caboodle.
  • The window close button now indicates when the current entry needs saving, using the usual dot indicator. Caboodle still automatically saves when you quit or change entries, so this indicator is just informational. You can always manually save if writing a long entry, if you wish.
  • Added a fabric lining behind the fields area!
  • The custom field values are no longer copied to new child entries (the fields themselves are still copied).
  • Enhanced the splitter between the entries list and content area. The list of entries can now be hidden and shown via a new Show/Hide Entries List command in the window menu. The splitter bar is now narrower, and you can hold Option while dragging it to resize the window at the same time as moving the splitter bar.
  • Fixed updating of the Show/Hide Toolbar menu command; now toggles appropriately.
  • Fixed bugs where changing an entry title or custom field value then immediately quitting without clicking or tabbing elsewhere wasn't saving the new value.
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug where deleting an entry immediately above an encrypted one would leave an ugly white gap in the window after dismissing the decryption sheet.
  • Added improved exception logging, to help with diagnosing possible future issues.
  • Now forces the OS to notice the Services menu commands without having to log out.
  • Replaced the feedback and e-mail options in the Help menu with Forums and Dejal Blog items.
  • Changed the Feedback toolbar icons into Forums ones.
  • Added a confirmation sheet to the license editor page of the Caboodle Assistant window, to avoid the common confusion of clicking Continue or Finish before Add when adding license details. (This was only an issue if entering the license details manually, instead of automatically via the clipboard or the built-in Kagi purchasing tool.)
  • Replaced the application icon with one professionally designed by Emily Pfeifer.
  • The Dejal logo has also been redesigned by Emily Pfeifer, so all places it occurred have been updated.

Nuevo en 1.0:
(2006-06-26, R 1006)

  • Erste Veröffentlichung
  • Initial general release.