iLocalize 4.3.5iLocalize 4.3.5
Breng versnelling in vertalingen van uw macOS programma's

iLocalize 4.3.5

iLocalize is een krachtig en intuïtief programma dat is ontworpen om ontwikkelaars te helpen bij het vertalen van hun applicaties. iLocalize ondersteunt meerdere talen in hetzelfde project, ondersteunt eigen woordenlijsten, slimme filters en heeft krachtige functies ter ondersteuning van incrementele vertaling.


GlossaryThe glossary inspector provides a powerful way to immediately view suggested translation from one or more glossary at a time. Thanks to the multi-threaded glossary engine, you don't have to wait for the entire glossary library to be searched before translating or moving to the next string. Glossary can be exported or imported to the TMX standard format.

Smart FiltersSmart filters are a convenient way to display immediately only files and strings having particular attributes, such a to translate. When finding for a particular string, the results will always be available in the filter table for immediate access.

ProjectThe project window has been designed to efficiently use the screen space: smart filters and languages are immediately available. Moreover, multiple selection is now supported in the file table meaning that multiple files can be edited at the same time.

EditorsEdit most files directly in the project window thanks to the integrated editors: strings, txt, rtf, html, plist and many more. Encoding for text, html and strings files can be set on a file-by-file basis.

UpdatesGet notified automatically of new updates thanks to the built-in update capability.

Nieuw in 4.3.5:
  • Vereist macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) of hoger.
  • Alle dialoogvensters gebruiken nu aangepaste Auto lay-out en Basis-internationalisatie (lay-outproblemen …
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Nieuw in 4.3.4:
  • Ondersteunt macOS 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Alle vertalingen zijn opnieuw toegevoegd.
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Nieuw in 4.3.3b05:
  • Betaversie (alleen Engels).
  • Alle XIB's gebruiken auto lay-out.
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macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) of hoger; Apple Developer Tools (Xcode, Interface Builder, ibtool) have to be installed.