Barcody Express 1.15Barcody Express 1.15
La création de codes-barres devient un jeu d'enfant avec Barcody Express

Commentaires des utilisateurs :

Wonderful package - should have done this a long time ago - thanks.
B. Jordan
Just works. - We use Barcody Express to create ISSN barcodes for our publications. It couldn't be easier. Checksums are automatically generated, and we have control over the add-on digits as well. The color options for the barcode and background are a nice touch. There are so many barcode creation applications out there, and they can be a major hassle to evaluate. I'm glad we found this one; it's easy, affordable, and just works.
Jayson Elliot (v1.02: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
It’s a well thought out product.
George B.
Perfect for my needs. - By the way, Barcody Express does exactly what I was looking for in the program. Others charged $100 or more and I was not willing to pay that much for my very limited use. Barcody Express is perfect for my needs.
Doug H.
I remember Dunkel (DSD) from way back - This is exceptional software. Works effortlessly and I tried the software bar codes with integration into Adobe Illustrator. Couldn't be easier. The express version does exactly what I need.
SoftwareManiac (v1.02: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
Easy and simple. - This product was perfect for me! I enter my SKU's into Bardocy and exported them to the PDF clipboard. I then pasted them in illustrator, added my logo and had a customixed label for each of my products. I looked at many competing products and found the prices to be much higher. I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality and low price point of Barcody.
Random Brooklyn Guy (v1.02: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
Perfect Replacement to old Barcode Pro Software - This program works perfect to replace outdated Barcode Pro software that doesn't run on Lion. I do wish that when exporting a file that it auto generated the file name as the UPC (to save a step) but other than that it is very robust and user friendly. Files import with no problem into Adobe Illustrator. I also like the PDf to clipboard option.
risen526 (v1.0: ★★★★★ on Mac App Store)
The software seems to be both capable and easy to use.
L. Noel
Nouveau dans la version 1.15 :
  • Prise en charge des codes-barres 2D barcode Datamatrix. Barcody Express prend ...
  • L'interface utilisateur a été modernisée avec nouvelles icônes de barre ...
[Plus ...]
Nouveau dans la version 1.10 :
  • Nouveau : nécessite Mac OS X 10.8 ou une version ...
  • Nouveau : application 64 bits.
[Plus ...]
Nouveau dans la version 1.03 :
  • [181] Checksum and calm zone calculation for UPC E ...
  • [180] PZN barcode enhanced to PZN8 (7 code digits ...
[Plus ...]
Pré-requis système :
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) ou une version ultérieure