Amadeus Pro 2.6Amadeus Pro 2.6
Amadeus Pro is the Swiss army knife of sound editing


I just completed a show in Las Vegas for the acclaimed producer Jean Ann Ryan. […] She needed me to be able to edit and playback on the fly for three days, to include a live show on the third evening. Normally I’d use Pro Tools, but this time I decided to give Amadeus Pro a try. Not only was I able to to give Jean Ann everything she asked for, edit after edit, I even ran the entire live show from it. I used two macbooks, (one as a back-up). We did the show which was 42 minutes flawlessly. I was amazed! Thanks Martin! Great job! Keep up the good work, I’m sold!
Rob Kaz
[Amadeus] has an amazing breadth of abilities, combining serious power with delightful simplicity, at an astonishingly low price. To use it is to love it.
Matt Neuburg, TidBITS
Amadeus Pro takes an already excellent program to a whole new level. With a completely revamped interface, large file editing capabilities, and multi-track functionality, amongst many other new features, Amadeus Pro is an incredible sound editor.
Joshua Wachs, Macintosh News Network
I've been in radio for almost 40 years, and have been doing digital audio production pretty much since it became possible. I've used just about every audio editing program out there, and have bought most of them. But, once I found Amadeus, all those other apps have been collecting digital dust. If you do audio production work on a Mac, you need Amadeus.
Kevin Nelson
Amadeus Pro has made it so much easier to complete edits and is basically... Amazing
Chris Mason
WOW what a great editor.
Stephen Falk
Nyt i 2.6:
  • Improved QuickTime and mp4 movie files support, including the preservation …
  • Improved support for m4a files.
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Nyt i 2.5.1:
  • Fejlrettelser.
Nyt i 2.5:
  • Supports Dark Mode on macOS Mojave.
  • Export individual tracks from the Tracks menu.
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