MagicMacX 2.0MagicMacX 2.0
TOS Operating System for macOS Computers

MagicMacX 2.0

In 1994, Application Systems Heidelberg published MagiCMac, a program which offered unknown speed for Atari ST software – using Macintosh computers.

At first MagicMac was available for Macs with 680x0 CPU only, followed by a version for PowerMacs. Since these days MagicMac has found thousands of enthusiastic users who still love and use it. This motivated ASH to put a lot of idealism and efforts in a version for macOS. A demo version 1.0 is available for download. MagicMacX had to be programmed almost completely new as macOS no longer offered the 680x0 emulator like former macOS versions did. This emulator had to be rebuilt in order to emulate the Atari CPU.

MagicMacX is a carbon application but will not run with macOS 9.x, only macOS will be accepted.

The current full version as well as the demo version are not completed yet. Some features of the final release are not implemented yet. This is why we call this version '1.0 ES' (EarlyStarter).

The (German) demo version is 'read-only' as it cannot write to drives or disks. No new files can be created, no existing files can be modified.

This product is no longer sold.

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