Amadeus Lite 2.6Amadeus Lite 2.6
Amadeus Lite - the intuitive yet powerful wave editor
Yes, starting from version 2.0.3. If you are using an earlier version, please upgrade to the latest version.

Amadeus Lite 2.0 is a free upgrade for all registered users of Amadeus Lite.

As a general rule for future upgrades, minor upgrades will always be free of charge to existing users. I reserve myself the right to charge for major upgrades.

The main differences are:
  • Amadeus Lite can now read and write QuickTime files. Furthermore, video tracks are preserved when editing the audio track of a QuickTime movie.
  • Amadeus Lite can now read and write 32 Bit audio files.
  • The new version supports the 3GP and AMR audio formats, as well as the ability to create iPhone ringtones.
  • Overall improved stability and many bug fixes.

The only way to get a true feeling for it is of course to download Amadeus Lite 2.0 and to give it a try.

Yes, a 20% discount is available for students. Just send an email from your university address to asking for a discount coupon.
Yes, just download Amadeus Pro to the new computer and reenter the license code that you received when you first purchased Amadeus Lite. If you lost your license code, please from the email address used when originally purchasing the program.

They only appear so in iTunes. The reason is that instead of correctly reading the CD-TEXT information contained on the CD (which is what a CD player does), iTunes tries to be smart and queries an online database (Gracenote) that tries to recognise the CD based on the lengths of the tracks. Chances are that your home-made CD will be matched with some completely unrelated commercial CD that just happens to have the same (or similar) track lengths, thus the resulting garbage. Apart from lobbying Apple to fix that bug (feature?) of iTunes, there's not much that one can do. To be fair, one possibility would be to burn the CD as a data CD instead of an Audio CD, but then most CD players wouldn't play it.

As you can guess from the explanation, this problem is not specific to Amadeus Lite at all. It is just the same if you burn the CD with iTunes or any other other CD burning software.

This can happen if you try to create a high-quality compressed file from low-quality uncompressed audio, which is something that you would not want to do on purpose. Just decrease the bitrate in the Mp3/AAC settings to a lower value.
Not without any third-party software. The free programs SoundFlower and Jack macOS allow you to route the output of any program (like iTunes for example) into Amadeus Lite for recording. Please refer to the corresponding programs for instructions or look at Section 8.4 in the manual.
You can find the terms of the single-user license here and the terms of the site license here. The upshot is that the single-user license is valid for one user (so if you and your partner use it that would require two licenses) but can be used on up to three different computers (so if you have a desktop computer at home and a laptop for travelling, you can have the program installed on both).
Go to the Keyboard and Mouse system preferences panel. It allows you to assign key shortcuts to arbitrary menu items.

These sliders directly control the hardware. Therefore, they are only active if your hardware actually does provide gain control and the driver of your hardware implements it correctly. If your particular hardware doesn't support it, there's nothing that one can do about it. You should be careful to adjust the level of the signal to the correct level before it reaches your hardware (or using the controls of the hardware if it has some). Also, make sure that you are actually using the correct sound input device. You can check whether a particular device supports gain adjustement with the Audio MIDI Setup application in your Applications/Utilities folder (select the device and check whether the input sliders there are greyed out).

Note that the iMic has a little black switch that allows you to switch between microphone level input and line-in level input. Make sure that this switch is in the appropriate position.

No, Amadeus Lite can only be purchased through the Mac App Store.
Occasionally, Amadeus makes an http query to see whether a new version is available. What happens is exactly the same as what happens when you click on this link and this link (i.e. it just retrieves a piece of text). If you are concerned about this or choose not to believe what I say, you can disable version checking in the Updates section of the Amadeus Pro preferences.
Yes! Select the menu item Amadeus Lite Help... in the Help menu. You can also download the manual here.
Apple forbids third-party applications the access to m4p files. One workaround is to play the files in iTunes and to use Jack to record the output from iTunes. Another workaround is to burn the file on an Audio CD and to open it from there.
New in 2.6:
  • Improved QuickTime and mp4 movie files support, including the preservation …
  • Improved support for m4a files.
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New in 2.5.1:
  • Bug fixes.
New in 2.5:
  • Supports Dark Mode on macOS Mojave.
  • Export individual tracks from the Tracks menu.
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher