CSVEditor 2.16CSVEditor 2.16
CSVEditor makes editing CSV data more comfortable

CSVEditor 2.16

CSVEditor 2 is the new Mac OS X tool which makes creating and editing CSV data more comfortable. You can create new spreadsheets or open any CSV file in any available encoding. Add, remove or move rows and columns. Add, remove and edit contents manually in the cell editor or automatically with the Fill editor.

Trim, search and replace data field contents, even using Regular Expressions.

CSV means Comma Separated Values, but data fields in CSV files may also be separated by semicolon or tab.


2.16 での変更点:
  • 修正点: The Registration dialog is shown again on OS X ...
2.15 での変更点:
  • システム要件: OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) もしくはそれ以降.
  • File menu now offers the Revert To item which lets ...
2.11 での変更点:
  • Issue fixed which prevented the built-in help book to be ...
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) もしくはそれ以降