TweakMe 1.14TweakMe 1.14
My tiny UI tool for macOS

TweakMe: Localizer's Pleasure

TweakMe Window

When you're busy localizing macOS applications, you will often have to switch the system language and region settings. This is usually done in the System Preferences pane Language & Text, but it's not too handy. So I have created my own little tool which offers the most important information from its Language and Formats tab views in a single window.

I have also added some the UI tweaks often used by localizers.

Enjoy this free app. I love to get your comments.

1.14 での変更点:
  • The function Clear Help Viewer Caches is more reliable.
  • ちょっとしたバグを修正。
1.13 での変更点:
  • Supporting macOS Sierra (10.12). .
  • The Window menu offers four entries to switch the currently …
1.12 での変更点:
  • As of this version, macOS 10.8 or higher is required.
  • The dialogs now use Auto Layout.
macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) もしくはそれ以降