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New in PDF Nomad 1.6:
(2013-01-18, R 144)

  • New: Added the following interface languages: Dutch, French, German, Portuguese. (Except for the Help file, which is still English-only.)
  • New: Added document info dialog. You can now consult and change PDF document attributes.
  • Fixed: In the link annotation inspector, changing the value of the X and Y coordinates by typing in the input fields could display temperamental behaviour.
  • Fixed: Improvements to the drawing and hit testing of the bezel in Crop & Shift mode.
  • Fixed: When showing a document by facing pages, adding dynamic annotations to the page on the right would add them to the page on the left.
  • Fixed: Dynamic annotations would not always receive the last used fill color, when created.
  • Fixed: Improved rendering of free text annotation during editing.
  • Fixed: Closing a popover by control-clicking the view around it would raise an exception.

New in PDF Nomad 1.5.1:

  • New: Added preference option to never show the right side lists when opening a PDF document for the first time.
  • Fixed: Help file did not appear in version 1.5.
  • Fixed: Improvements to the link annotation inspector.
  • Fixed: Improvements to setting the color of static text annotations.

New in PDF Nomad 1.5:
(2012-11-08, R 135)

  • New: Arbitrarily rotate page contents. (Especially useful for deskewing scanned pages.)
  • New: Pages and other objects can now also be rotated by the rotate gesture on the trackpad.
  • New: Center selected objects on the page.
  • New: Option to merge in annotations from external PDF documents.
  • New: When creating link anotations from selected text, the URL is automatically filled in if present in the selected text.
  • New: When creating link annotations to external files, the file scheme is now automatically prepended if needed.
  • New: Button to clear display box in the Crop Box Insets dialog.
  • New: Manual alignment option when resizing the media box in Crop & Shift mode.
  • New: Added option under Help menu to show the welcome screen.
  • Changed: Add Link menu -> The shortcut for the Add link to local page menu item has been transferred to a new Add default link menu item.
  • Changed: Improved UI of document security options in the Save As dialog and tightened up password security.
  • Fixed: Corrected some issues in the implementation of setting and entering passwords.
  • Fixed: Removed option to create outlines (bookmarks) to external PDF document pages, since this is not supported.
  • Fixed: In the text based automation dialogs, dragging to create the selection rectangle in the preview area wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed: The Revert to Saved menu did not work.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 1.4.2:

  • Changed: Clarified and expanded the page scaling info dialog.
  • Fixed: When dragging files from the Finder to the page list, the last page added to the list would not always be shown.
  • Fixed: The popover for tiling pages could be temperamental when entering numbers in the input fields.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 1.4.1:
(R 131)

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that could occasionally cause a crash when saving a file while the preview canvas is redrawing.

New in PDF Nomad 1.4:
(2012-06-18, R 130)

  • New: Added support for high resolution retina display.
  • New: In addition to restoring windows that were open when last quit, now any previously opened PDF will have its window restored to the last known state.
  • New: Added option to select every n-th page in the page list.
  • New: Added option to export only selected text.
  • New: Added option to export text of freetext and note annotations.
  • New: When tiling pages, the trim box is now set to reflect the overlap boundaries.
  • New: Added welcome screen with useful information to the startup sequence.
  • New: PDF Nomad can now open the PDF inside a PDF bundle (extension type .pdfd).
  • New: Auto hiding the toolbar in fullscreen mode is now an application preferences option.
  • Changed: In annotation mode, showing the annotation order is now off by default. It can be turned on in the View menu.
  • Changed: For consistency, the shortcuts for the zooming functions have been changed to be identical to those in the Preview application.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the assistant preview canvas (split view) would not display correctly after certain operations.
  • Fixed: Filters are now applied, if specified, during a Save As.
  • Fixed: Linking TOC entries to target pages did not work properly.
  • Fixed: Undo/redo after merging pages did not work properly.
  • Fixed: More robust editing of dynamic annotations.
  • Fixed: A number of infrequent crashes.
  • Fixed: Pressing return while editing text in the note annotation inspector now enters a new line (rather then stopping the edit).
  • Fixed: Implemented other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 1.3.1:

  • New: Added menu item under Help menu that links to online tutorial clips.
  • Fixed: Crash that could occur when dropping a contiguous selection of pages in the page list back onto itself.
  • Fixed: Crash that could occur under certain circumstances related to the page number text field in the toolbar.
  • Fixed: Crash upon plain text export of highlighted annotations (broken in version 1.3).
  • Fixed: Issues could arise after splitting pages that contain internal document links.
  • Fixed: Adding a password to open the file now enforces also entering a master password.
  • Fixed: Importing/pasting TIFF images containing thumbnails could cause low resolution rendering.
  • Fixed: Importing multiple files at once into an open document could cause a crash.
  • Fixed: Saving selected pages now also works with the thumbnail view.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs and annoyances.

New in PDF Nomad 1.3:

  • New: Text can now be exported in plain text format as an alternative to rich text format.
  • New: Option to export only highlighted (marked up) text.
  • New: Option to hide the left side lists when opening a PDF document.
  • New: When starting PDF Nomad it will now more fully restore the windows that were open when it was closed.
  • New: Starting with version 1.3 the distribution is Developer ID signed, ready for Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion.
  • Changed: Improved implementation of markup annotations: Multiline selections are now converted to a single markup annotation.
  • Changed: Color for list areas now defaults to the lighter variant.
  • Fixed: Infrequent crash when dragging pages between documents.
  • Fixed: Resolved crash by disallowing dragging object width/height to 0.
  • Fixed: Creating a name based watermark with an empty name would result in a crash.
  • Fixed: When cropping pages or display boxes, the last changed value would not always be applied to all applicable pages.
  • Fixed: Crash that could happen under specific circumstances when merging pages.
  • Fixed: Creating outlines from links using visual indentation could produce inferior results.
  • Fixed: Entering an out of bounds page number in the outline generation dialog could cause an exception.
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to change text color of a form field.
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 1.2.1:

  • New: Preview canvas can be split (horizontally or vertically) for two independent views of your document.
  • Changed: Adjusted a number of save dialogs to prepare for Apple's soon to be required sandboxing.
  • Changed: When interleaving a file, an attempt to merge its outline, if present, is no longer made.
  • Changed: All applicable import/export function now support cancelation by pressing command-period while they are busy.
  • Fixed: Changing the action on a button annotation could result in a crash.
  • Fixed: Changing the color of a text based watermark would result in a crash.
  • Fixed: The Continuous menu item did not display correctly when the view was in continuous mode (which could lead to a crash).
  • Fixed: The thumbnail view no longer turns dark when the dark list theme is selected.
  • Fixed: Corrected some text strings.
  • Fixed: Search field could be incorrectly sized after the list area on the left had been collapsed.
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue with resizing the list area on the right of the document window.
  • Fixed: Changing font on dynamic text annotations now remembers the font for future use.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to change the font of dynamic text annotations without editing the text.
  • Fixed: Implemented Selected Value input field in button annotation inspector to work effectively with radio buttons and check boxes.
  • Fixed: After interleaving or importing a document, the progress ribbon would not always disappear.
  • Fixed: No longer attempts to import outline when inserting or interleaving other files.
  • Fixed: Popovers on annotations could unintentionally disappear when clicking on them.
  • Fixed: Various other bug fixes.

New in PDF Nomad 1.2:

  • New: Add watermarks to your PDF documents.
  • New: Explode a document into chapters (explode by outlines/bookmarks).
  • New: Select outlines (bookmarks) by level.
  • New: Toolbar zoom control.
  • New: Application preference for background color theme for lists: Light and Dark.
  • Changed: Clicking an annotation type on the annotations ribbon no longer enters sticky mode. To enter sticky mode double-click the annotation type.
  • Changed: Renamed menu item Split Into Bitmap Files to Explode Into Bitmap Files.
  • Changed: After editing a dynamic text annotation, undoing will undo all editing in one go.
  • Changed: When the note annotation inspector pops up it now highlights the comment field.
  • Changed: For appropriate annotations, adding one to a page now immediately pops up the annotation inspector.
  • Changed: Rearranged the tools menu somewhat.
  • Fixed: Clicking the annotation control to add a link the first time now defaults to an internal link.
  • Fixed: Merged pages could show up as blank pages.
  • Fixed: Resolved various issues related to tiling pages.
  • Fixed: Creating a text annotation, editing it, then creating another one, then undoing past the editing of the former would result in a crash.
  • Fixed: Annotation inspector no longer pops up after double clicking a dynamic text annotation.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances clicking a note annotation might not pop up the correct annotation inspector.
  • Fixed: After importing files the progress ribbon might not disappear.
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to attempt to set the media box of a page to 0 in the media box popover.
  • Fixed: Crash that could happen under rare circumstances when exporting pages as bitmaps.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances to open a file that contains popup annotations could result in a crash.
  • Fixed: When non-note annotations with a popup were clicked, they would not show the popup inspector.
  • Fixed: Splitting pages where any pages were half or less than the dimension in which they were being split could result in a crash.
  • Fixed: Some operations that change the number of pages could crash if the preview canvas was showing the document Two Pages Continuous.
  • Fixed: Auto Resizing pages now correctly handles landscape and mixed orientations.
  • Fixed: Auto generating outlines in a document with pages that lack a page label could result in a crash.
  • Fixed: Dragging graphics files (jpg, png, etc.) into thumbnail view no longer causes a crash.

New in PDF Nomad 1.1.1:

  • New: Toolbar scale field.
  • New: Extended toolbar page navigation control.
  • Changed: On new installations the feedback reporter tool now defaults to choosing the first email address found, rather than anonymous, for the sender.
  • Fixed: Pressing the escape key when editing a text box now turns of the sticky add text object mode.
  • Fixed: Quitting, or closing a document window, while the Find command was still searching for results would result in a crash.
  • Fixed: When the left side list area was collapsed by dragging, it would not uncollapse by clicking the Left Side Lists segment of the View button in the toolbar.
  • Fixed: The outlines list is now correctly sized when opening a document, when the document contains bookmarks.
  • Fixed: The Replace All command when batch editing outlines would crash if there were less than fifty outlines.
  • Fixed: Crash when exiting an empty text box.
  • Fixed: Dragging PDF documents from the Finder to the thumbnails list no longer results in a crash.
  • Fixed: Pages without page label could cause errors.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to empty page labels in the page list.
  • Fixed: Occasionally, using the Find function (text search) could result in errors.

New in PDF Nomad 1.1:

  • New: The status bar at the bottom of the document window can now be hidden.
  • New: The status bar now shows the current page number at the right.
  • Changed: Adding a note annotation now pops up the note annotation inspector.
  • Changed: Double clicking a note annotation brings up the note annotation inspector instead of the standard annotation inspector.
  • Fixed: Double clicking a word would not select it.
  • Fixed: Opacity can no longer be set on objects that do not respond to opacity.
  • Fixed: Crash when undoing creation of dynamic text annotation.
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to export a booklet/magazine to a new PDF file, if the open document is untitled.
  • Fixed: Crash when attempting to resize pages that were created as new blank pages in PDF Nomad.
  • Fixed: When changing the color of a markup, creating a new markup will use that color.
  • Fixed: Status bar now correctly uses singular/plural depending on number of pages in document.
  • Fixed: Dynamic text annotations now respond to font, font color and alignment changes.

New in PDF Nomad 1.0:

  • Initial release.
New in PDF Nomad 2.4.2:
  • Fixed: Bug fixes for increased stability.
New in PDF Nomad 2.4.1:
  • New: Options to show finishing marks in Booklet Editor.
  • Fixed: Bug fixes for increased stability and other minor enhancements.
New in PDF Nomad 2.4:
  • New: Multiline Form Fields. Now you can create forms …
  • New: Resize all pages to their crop box size …
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher