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New in 3.8.3:

  • Use now the locale defined by the current language when launching the application being localized.
  • Do not mark a nib file layout as modified when a comment is modified.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to read correctly certain TMX files.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting did not save modified files.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a previous search to be reset when searching for file.
  • Fixed an invalid formatting character detection with certain UTF-16 encoding.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a folder from being selected to update a project.

New in 3.8.2:

  • Preliminary support for xib file
  • Now use existing language folder at same level when creating non-existing localized files
  • Now save correctly the symbolic links when compressing the exported bundle
  • Fixed a problem updating a project when lproj folder are aliased
  • Fixed a crash when a file column is added if not all columns are visible
  • Fixed a crash when updating a project with some specific duplicated files

New in 3.8.1:

  • Use now Sparkle to update iLocalize
  • Display all language variants in the New Project Assistant
  • Handle old-style property value in .strings file (read-only)
  • Fixed a bug where modified files were not saved when closing the project
  • Fixed a bug where the file content could be lost if an old copy of the file was copied in the source bundle
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the drag and drop of bundle into the New Project Assistant
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the reset of warnings on strings when no warnings were detected
  • Fixed a bug that prevented flat-optimized nib files to be reported in the New Project Assistant
  • Fixed symlink problems in included frameworks

New in 3.8:

  • Ability to open previous version of a file
  • Refactored the Application menu by removing unnecessary items and moving the remaining in the File and Project menus
  • Export dialog preferences is now per project
  • Improved sort order in progress column (files)
  • Toolbar is now customizable
  • Added fields in preferences to set the Interface Builder 3.x or Interface Builder 2.x paths
  • Added the launch button back into the toolbar
  • Don't refresh the glossary list when the glossary window or main window is selected
  • Default encoding for language is now UTF-16
  • Display warning when creating project where a localized file is both in ISO or legacy language
  • Display warning before generating an application with missing files in one of its localized language
  • Display warning when read-only files are detected in a bundle
  • Display warning before export/build if strings/files still need to be verified
  • Make sure selected files are visible when the project is opened
  • Alert when exporting a bundle will overwrite one already existing on the disk
  • Fixed a bug where no alert was displayed if creating an already existing glossary
  • Fixed a bug where iLocalize would fail to detect unused keys
  • Fixed a bug to detect invalid formatting characters when they are not separated by a white space
  • Fixed a bug where changing the encoding of selected files would sometime fail
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to create a glossary when the translation is null
  • Fixed a bug that caused a unknown selector exception when importing text glossary
  • Fixed a bug that caused the backup nib file to be not removed when exporting the project
  • Fixed a bug where changing the project folder in the new project wizard did not update the description text
  • Fixed a bug where cleaning the project would replace double-quotes with escaped double-quotes

New in 3.7.1:

  • Check the project automatically after project creation
  • Add xml as a type in the Text editor
  • Optimized nib file version 3 causes iLocalize to abort prematurely the reading of folder content
  • Global/local buttons are hidden if no local file available in the current language

New in 3.7:

  • Added full compability with Leopard ibtool (Xcode 3 and Xcode 2.5)
  • Ability to choose the format of the project (Leopard only or Leopard and previous version)
  • Ability to ignore empty strings
  • Added contextual menu to copy translation from the Glossary Inspector
  • Added Select All/Deselect All button in preview dialog when updating a project
  • Check inconsistency after editing a string
  • Duplicated keys are now indicated in the strings table
  • Better performance when loading project
  • Better performance when updating a project
  • Fixed file selection if the name of the file is not unique
  • Fixed file update if the name of the file is not unique
  • Fixed double-click to edit strings (Leopard)
  • Fixed Enter key behavior when editing a string (Leopard)
  • Fixed the optimized nib detection mechanism (Leopard)
  • Fixed a bug where the operation sheet would not be closed if iLocalize is in the background
  • Fixed a bug in the statistics computation of strings and words
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent encoding from being detected on PowerPC machine

New in 3.6:

  • Handle both legacy and ISO language naming convention (i.e. English, en or en_US)
  • Ability to have files belonging only to a specific language (local files)
  • Ability to ignore files
  • Ability to export or import glossary in TMX format
  • Handle now .strings file in XML format
  • Language can be renamed
  • Create a backup each time the project is saved
  • Ability to show only project files in the Open Recent menu
  • Added encoding with no-BOM option
  • Ability to rename the source or target language of a glossary
  • New 30 days evaluation period without limitation
  • Requires now Mac OS 10.4
  • Early Leopard support
  • Empty folders in base language are now properly copied in localized languages
  • Modification date of nib file is now correctly reported after each nib modification
  • Fixed a crash when closing the glossary inspector
  • Fixed a bug when trying to drag and drop glossary from a read-only volume
  • Fixed a bug where the progress bar would not report correct information when updating more than one language
  • Fixed error reported when processing symbolic links
  • Fixed the way iLocalize launches applications (e.g. OmniWeb and SubEthaEdit are now properly launched)
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor UI enhancements

New in 3.5:

  • Possibility to create glossary with another language than the base language
  • Smart filter attribute to check has been split into translated strings to check and invariant strings to check
  • Path fields of dialog Update From Bundle are now editable
  • Added select all/deselect all button in dialog Update From Bundle
  • Add name of the file when exporting the warnings related to it
  • Left align file progress column
  • Do not remove duplicates entries in a glossary that have different translations
  • Reset localized layout when updating a project now correctly mark each nib file with the check layout status
  • Drag and drop file from project to Finder now copy file to the Finder
  • Individual settings of the editor can now be changed in the preferences
  • Mark strings as to check when creating a non-existent localized file from the base language in a new project
  • Don't display nibtool error when nib file does not exist (it will be marked in the project file status column)
  • Create localized file from base language if it does not exist during update of the project
  • Updated file status is now displayed even if the not found status is displayed too
  • Do not try to rebase a localized file that does not exist
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the enter key when editing a glossary entry to jump to the next non-translated entry
  • Fixed a bug when rebuilding files other than .strings/.nib
  • Fixed a bug where exporting a project with no .strings/.nib files would display an overflow number in the progress column
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the editors in the preferences to be persistent after quitting and relaunching iLocalize
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a new project from being created on Mac OS 10.3.9

New in 3.4.1:

  • fixed a bug when reading empty file when trying to detect the encoding of the file
  • fixed a cosmetic bug in the Save All dialog when the default button changes its title
  • fixed a bug when exporting a localization that would delete any generated application in the build folder
  • fixed a bug that would cause iLocalize to crash when exiting the application with a newly created glossary window open
  • fixed a bug that would prevent RTFD files to be correctly updated by drag and drop

New in 3.4:

  • new file encoding handling: default preferences per language, new column in the files table
  • labels are now available for files
  • smart filter improved to handle labels for strings and files
  • added contextual menu in files table header to customize which columns is displayed
  • improved file warning dialog to display warnings in a table instead of a pop-up
  • improved display of file name and path by truncating if too long to be displayed in the cell
  • use the Finder icon for each file
  • new preference to choose the update dialog selection by default
  • new menu shortcuts
  • added ability to rebuild a base language file: for nib and strings files, it means that new and deleted elements will be reflected into the project (useful if a palette was missing when creating the project)
  • new project assistant: iLocalize now accepts all bundle extensions and tries to auto-detect which ones are suitable for localization
  • prefs: new external editor dialog to help choosing the external application for a given extension
  • fixed column header text alignment
  • remove duplicate entries button in merge glossary dialog
  • save file columns width
  • removed item Save Modified Files as it was duplicating the function of the standard Save command in the menu File
  • file names are sorted correctly now (ignoring case)
  • LaunchAppPlugin: new contextual menu plugin to launch an application with one of its languages in one click only!- fixed a bug when reading HTML page with BOM header
  • fixed a bug where file with identical smart path would not be correctly selected after re-opening the project
  • fixed a bug where new project window would not be correctly positioned and sized on screen
  • fixed a bug where the preferences window position would not be restored after launching iLocalize
  • fixed a bug where switching from one language to another with the propagation mode set to all files would propagate the translation in the wrong language

New in 3.3.3:

  • fixed a bug where updating the base language with a bundle with identical base language files would delete all localized languages

New in 3.3.2:

  • fixed a bug where iLocalize would not perform an update if all localized files are identical (but the underlying code and other non-localized files did change)
  • fixed a bug where iLocalize would crash when comparing strings with different escape characters

New in 3.3.1:

  • added Italian localization
  • improved German localization
  • fixed a bug where keys not specified with a double-quotation mark and having a - character would not be correctly parsed
  • fixed minor UI bugs

New in 3.3:

  • Universal Binary version
  • new menu items and dialogs: Update Using Bundle and Update Using Files (it is now possible to update at the same time the base and localized languages)
  • project search field can now find file names using the contextual Search Menu
  • automatically try to fix inconsistencies when checking the project
  • drag and drop of files is now allowed between projects
  • language percentage is now computed relative to the number of strings (not anymore related to the number of files)
  • enhanced strings parser to handle comments between keys and values
  • remember now the type of EOL (end of line) based on the first EOL of the base language (previously used only Mac EOL)
  • auto-save after update operation
  • export localization now includes the name of the exported languages
  • remove any ~.nib file after a nibtool operation
  • can now specify in prefs if the list of files should be updated automatically after an operation that modify it (i.e. smart filter, etc)
  • improved the file content column to display the number of total strings when filter(s) - from the preferences - is enabled
  • find results now filter all languages (previously only the base language was filtered together with the localized language)
  • can now delete glossary entries by hitting backspace or delete
  • can now use the Enter key in glossary to jump to the next untranslated entry
  • added shortcut for Generate and Launch
  • added horizontal scroll bar for the file table in the project window
  • remember selected languages in the Generate dialog
  • display an alert if nothing to update instead of empty preview dialog
  • contextual menu in the glossary inspector to open and select the glossary corresponding to the selected matching entry
  • added strings with inconsistencies option in smart filter
  • added table content size (regular or small) option in general preferences
  • UTF-8 encoding by default for strings
  • fixed a cosmetic bug in the file table when resizing columns
  • fixed a bug where language completion percentage were not the same in the language project's pop-up menu and the generate dialog
  • fixed a bug where cancelling the multiple file match dialog before the update process begins would lead the interface disconnected
  • fixed a bug where creating a glossary with a filter activated would prevent strings to be added
  • fixed a bug where updating a normalized project with a non-normalized application would cause iLocalize to add/remove files that were identical
  • fixed a bug that prevent tooltip from being displayed for strings status when the string table was scrolled
  • fixed a dead-lock issue when performing multithreaded translation operations
  • fixed a bug when displaying matching score in the glossary inspector when ignoring case is selected in the preferences
  • fixed a bug that prevented the clean feature to replace three dots with ellipsis under specific preferences settings

New in 3.2:

  • export localization has been rewritten to export all the files of the language
  • export localization can be extended to support other mail clients (see Help for more information)
  • project can be checked against strings and nib file inconsistencies (new smart filter to detect such files)
  • files modified or added during an update operation are now flagged
  • strings can now be labeled
  • find now accepts regular expression
  • glossary can now export source or target strings
  • comments can be now displayed in light gray in the string table (prefs)
  • new HTML/HTM smart filter by default
  • display progress of each language in the generate dialog
  • inspector size is now correctly restored
  • prefs: custom mapping from built-in file editor and extensions
  • prefs: can now specify the default project folder used in the new project assistant
  • prefs: recognized bundle extensions can now be customized
  • ignore files located in Resources Disabled
  • can export the update preview list of operation
  • glossary text zone can now also display invisible characters
  • drag and drop entries between glossaries
  • files not existing on the disk are now identified by a red bullet in the status column
  • smart filter enhanced to detect file not existing on the disk and file having inconsistencies
  • smart filter results (the list of files) are now updated in more situation
  • rebuild from base language can now preserve the nib layout
  • corresponding base language files and strings are displayed when find filter is selected
  • new project assistant: better feedback about optimized nibs and nibs that are outside langage folder
  • display tooltip over file or string status icon
  • new nib preview process using a separate application
  • display status if base string is changed externally (this should not happen in a normal workflow)
  • display the number of nib/strings files in stats dialog
  • clean project can now replace apostrophe by quotation mark
  • update the structure list after an update operation
  • can now specify the position where the element will be displayed in the nib preview inspector
  • select now the current language in both application and file update dialog
  • improved a lot the speed of removing the duplicate entries in a glossary
  • enhanced operation report when warnings/errors are detected
  • improved drag and drop into the project window (no need to drag over a table view anymore)
  • improved console visualization
  • improved glossary translation speed
  • improved glossary inspector layout
  • improved performance when typing in a strings or nib file while filters are activated
  • add white space between comment and key=value pair in strings file if they are in the same line
  • progress dialog when translating using glossaries is now attached to the project window
  • added a section about workflow and symbols in the Help
  • fixed a bug where found substrings were not correctly displayed and iLocalize could stop responding (mostly for double quote)
  • fixed a bug when replacing a string with a shorter string
  • fixed a bug where imported text glossary would not be correctly saved (entries did not exist)
  • fixed a bug where the history inspector entries could be modified
  • fixed a bug where the table highlighting was incorrectly displayed
  • fixed a bug where the base language would still be editable even if the preference was set to read only
  • fixed a bug where base language nib file could have the 'check layout' status icon displayed
  • fixed a bug where merging a list of glossary could fail if one of them was empty or damaged
  • fixed a bug where the glossaries would not be displayed immediately in the inspector
  • fixed a bug where creating a glossary after closing a project with opened inspector could cause a crash
  • fixed a bug where the project timer would stop if another window was closed
New in 4.3.5:
  • Requires macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher.
  • All dialogs now use adjusted Auto Layout and Base Internationalization …
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New in 4.3.4:
  • Supports macOS 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • All localized languages have been re-added.
[More …]
New in 4.3.3b05:
  • Beta version (English only).
  • All XIBs use auto-layout.
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher; Apple Developer Tools (Xcode, Interface Builder, ibtool) have to be installed.