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New in 3.1.3:

  • No changes to application.
  • [Conduit 3.0.6] Fixed possible crash in conduit settings dialog that was introduced in 3.0.5.

New in 3.1.2:

  • When opening a document, if the titlebar of the saved window position will not be visible (perhaps because monitor arrangement changed), the window will be moved to the default window position.
  • [Conduit 3.0.5] Conduit settings dialogs are now compatible with Missing Sync.

New in 3.1.1:

  • Documents just plain work better with DOS and NFS formatted disks.
  • Made tokens popup in Format Preferences a little less annoying.
  • Fixed problem where entry would not be selected after an edit if (1) the entry in question was edited with the Enter or Return keys AND (2) a name change perturbed the sort order.
  • Fixed problem with temporary files not going away automatically on non-HFS disks.
  • [Conduit] Fixed same problem with temporaries on non-HFS disks.

New in 3.1.0:

  • Password generation tokens are now available in a popup menu.
  • Added repeaters and phonetic tokens to Password Generation template.
  • Added Phonetic Random password generation that creates random but pronounceable passwords.
  • When generating passwords, PasswordWallet can now show a list of candidates to choose from.
  • Added Default Browser setting to each record so users can, say, select Safari for one record and FireFox for another.
  • When clicking in the list of entries without the command-key or shift-key down, only one cell will be selected after the click.
  • Creating a new entry now deselects all other entries.
  • Moved category popup in the entry editing window.
  • Defaulted 3D Row Colors preference to On for new users.
  • File extensions for PasswordWallet documents now work. Append .passwordWallet3 to your documents if they are saved on a flat file system like NFS or SMB share points.
  • File extensions now work in Open file dialogs as well.
  • Larger credits box in the about box for all those amazing testers. Thanks!!
  • [Conduit] File extensions now work when selecting files in the conduit.
  • [Conduit] Fixed problem with choose file dialog in Conduit under Tiger (macOS 10.4).

New in 3.0.6:

  • Added code so snoopers can't monitor PasswordWallet's auto-typing keystrokes. (10.3 or newer only.)
  • Added code so snoopers can't monitor you typing information into any dialog. (10.3 or newer only.)
  • Added Shift as a key to start auto-typing. Control conflicted with the Go To URL keystroke. (Sorry about that.) The Option key still works fine as always.

New in 3.0.5:

  • If Quit after last window closed is enabled in the preferences, PasswordWallet will quit if no windows are open after unsuccessfully opening a document.
  • The Ask Password dialog will Cancel automatically after 15 minutes of idle time.
  • When opening a document, PasswordWallet will ask for your master password 3 times before closing.
  • If a username and/or password is of the format [:OtherEntryTitle:], the username and/or password will be taken from the entry whose title is OtherEntryTitle. (Any title can be between the [: and :] of course.) Substitutions are made when copying the username or password to the clipboard, and auto-typing.
  • In edit dialog: Command-g now generates a new password.
  • In edit dialog: Command-b now toggles bullets in password on and off.
  • Added better error detection for malformed keyboard layouts.
  • If the last character of Username or Password is a or a , then it will not be copied to the clipboard. It will be auto-typed, though.
  • The Control key will now initiate auto-typing, like the Option key. This was added for compatibility with Windows Emulators that use the Option key for ALT.
  • Fixed small problem in edit dialog after canceling a new category selection.
  • Sorting of categories is now ignores case so a1, A2, a3 will sort correctly.
  • Reduced some of the CPU usage at idle time.
  • Printing no longer wastes paper and just plain works better.
  • Added facilities to enable sales for International versions.

New in 3.0.4:

  • Fixed bug where auto-typing would stall under really bizarre circumstances.
  • If an existing password ends in a special tab or return character, this character is preserved when generating a new password. Special characters include option-7 and option-8 for return and tab, respectively.
  • Clarified 2.x upgrade notice so users are instructed to save their 3.x file after it opens.
  • Fixed minor issue with Category Menu command-key equivalents.
  • [Conduit] Removed a status message from the pure Classic conduit for HotSync 2.6.3 to bypass the View Log dialog.
  • [Conduit] Fixed another problem with the conduit's select file dialog in Palm Desktop 2.6.3.

New in 3.0.3:

  • Classic: Fixed problem where users couldn't select default file in preferences or in conduit settings.
  • Classic: Fixed Password Format preferences pane.
  • Classic: If your password isn't being saved in the Keychain, try changing your wallet password. This will re-push your password into Keychain.
  • Classic: Drastically reduced memory requirements.
  • Classic: Fixed Classic Finder icons for Version 3 documents. (Users should rebuild their desktop files.)
  • Twiddled Theme Font drawing for all macOS users.
  • Fixed problem with Rename Category menu items that contained a '/' character.
  • Auto-typing instructions now appear when the small keyboard is pushed in the row (like when the globe is clicked).
  • [Conduit] Fixed problem with Choose File dialog under Classic.
  • [Conduit] Now detecting category changes if syncing between more than one computer. Users who sync to more than one computer should select conduit options for Macintosh overwrites Handheld or Handheld overwrites Macintosh to avoid problems with synchronization. Only single computer/handheld synchronization is supported at this time.

New in 3.0.2:

  • Fixed problem with not unselecting all other cells when the globe (or other icon) is clicked.

New in 3.0.1:

  • Bumped up the Classic memory allocation.
  • Fixed problem with category menu item names that include escape characters.
  • Password generation no longer thinks there's a 255 character limit in the notes.

New in 3.0.0:

  • Over 50 new features between the Mac, Palm and Conduit!
  • Added multiple selection to the password list. Delete, duplicate, copy, paste and others all work with multiple selection.
  • Added Select All Found to find dialog.
  • Added Category menu complete with Show All, Show Uncategorized and other category related features.
  • New icons. (Log out/in or duplicate documents to see.)
  • Fixed bug where macOS Finder would use the old OS 9 icon for the PasswordWallet™ application and documents.
  • Removed 255 character limit on notes. New limit is 32,000 characters on both the Mac and the Palm.
  • 3.x now uses a new binary file format that's impervious to corruption from unix tools like mv and cp.
  • 3.x files open and save much faster than the old 2.x file format.
  • Added preference for Beep when auto-typing completed for those programs that don't provide any visual feedback when a password is typed. (Like Terminal.App.)
  • Added preference to hide and show individual shortcut buttons.
  • Added a Perform auto-type shortcut button to each entry in the Wallet window. This option doesn't copy anything to the clipboard.
  • Added preference to use Theme text in the Wallet window.
  • Preferences Window now automatically snaps back to the panel the user was last viewing when the preferences were closed.
  • Added Appearance panel with many options to the Preferences.
  • Wallet windows now have a document proxy icon in their titlebars. Command-click it to see where your wallet file is saved.
  • Added Sort by Category to Sort menu.
  • Better, faster sorting. Nested sorts are correct too.
  • Windows may now be resized very wide.
  • Editor window now has a size box in the lower right corner.
  • Reorganized command-key shortcuts in all menus.
  • Command keys for categories 1-9 are created automatically.
  • Added a categories menu to the Entry Editor.
  • Keychain now shows proper service name if your Wallet's password is saved in the Mac OS Keychain.
  • Fixed bug with export/import of multi-line fields.
  • Changed Preferences keyboard-shortcut to command-comma (Apple recommended).
  • The notes field in the editor now has a nice border around it when it is being edited.
  • Now trying harder to find the default browser from the system for URLs that don't begin with http://.
  • Changed file format to support Hint Bytes.
  • Added option to substitute (option-7) for carriage returns.
  • Added Save hints for faster searching on Palm preference to the Wallet menu. Read more about this in the Palm PasswordWallet documentation.
  • Added the ability to set or override the category of each record when importing.
  • Duplicating original file before converting, and informing the user of this.
  • Rename a category to empty sets resulting categories to None.
  • [Conduit] Added Handheld overwrites Macintosh.
  • [Conduit] Added Macintosh overwrites Handheld.
  • [Conduit] Faster syncing.
  • [Conduit] Uses much (much much) less memory.
  • [Conduit] Added Reveal button in the Conduit Settings Panel to reveal the selected file in the Finder.
  • [Conduit] Improved error messages.

New in 2.7.4:

  • Fixed problem when copying and pasting between two or more files.
  • Fixed problem with notes lengths greater than 255 characters.
  • [Conduit] Sending Keep Alive notification to handheld when synchronizing huge databases.

New in 2.7.3:

  • Fixed problem with slow password fields in Chimera and Safari macOS X browsers.
  • Fixed compatibility with auto-typing using third party keyboard layouts in 10.2.x.
  • Fixed some font metrics problems for macOS X 10.2 in dialogs and windows.
  • Using more reliable Option-Key-Down detection method to initiate auto-typing.
  • Added 'dCla' 128 resource to the application so macOS 9 (Classic) users can twiddle auto-typing speed. (Some browsers can't handle fast typing.)
  • [Conduit] Added special debug mode that can be invoked by holding down the shift-key while synchronizing.

New in 2.7.2:

  • Delete, backwards-delete and clear keys now delete the selected record (with a warning).
  • Added pauses to auto-typing to support slow/clunky browsers under 9 and X.
  • Fixed a problem with record modifications after a record deletion. This could have caused deleted records to reappear after PalmOS synchronization or Unexpected Quit messages under macOS X 10.1.x.

New in 2.7.1:

  • Fixed problem with scroll-wheel support with old CarbonLibs.
  • Fixed problem with Quit AppleEvent when a dialog was open.
  • Fixed problem when screen bounds changed between file saving and opening.
  • Text in About Box now inside of a nice macOS X bounding box.
  • Reworded Find... window.
  • Text in Shortcuts and auto-typing instruction dialog now tells users how to enable auto-typing.
  • Bullet state will only be saved with file if Preferences:Opening Files:Use Last Saved Format is set. This prevents both this preference and bullet timers from modifying the file.
  • [Conduit] Now using Nav Services file dialogs in conduit configuration.
  • [Conduit] A beta version of the conduit is now available for macOS X and Palm Desktop 4.0.
  • [Conduit] Clarified conduit error messages in log.

New in 2.7.0:

  • Updated the text prompt in the Select Default File... dialog.
  • Renamed Preferences:Timings:Clear auto-typing option from Never to the more appropriate Disable auto-typing.
  • Added some error checking so auto-typing will never wreak havoc under macOS X.
  • Added scrolling wheel support when running in macOS X. (Scrolling wheel support in macOS 9 is handled automatically by third-party mouse software.)
  • For documents with auto-save enabled, documents are saved immediately after major changes.
  • Added an option to insert random punctuation into generated passwords.
  • Added an option to insert random words from a dictionary into generated passwords.
  • Added preference to substitute the bullet character with a tab character when auto-typing. This allows users to configure auto-typing when more than two fields are required.
  • Further minimizing Keychain access to work around Keychain bug in macOS X.
  • Fixed problem with macOS 8.6/CarbonLib 1.3.1, and Quit after last window closed preference.
  • [Conduit] New interface with instructions for conduit configuration.
  • [Conduit] New error messages with very complete installation and configuration instructions.
  • [Conduit] FINALLY fixed that Type 3 error with Conduit setup with some system configuraions.

New in 2.6.2:

  • Fixed Quit after last window closed preference occurring prematurely for some users.
  • Canceling the initial password dialog will no longer clear the default file preference.
  • [Conduit] Fixed type 3 errors with conduit configuration on some systems.

New in 2.6.1:

  • Auto-close timer doesn't start until document opened with correct password.
  • Improved auto-typing action.
  • Built in the eSellerate registration engine.
  • Everybody's 3-D preference will revert back to 'off' for this release. Please re-enable it via the Preferences. (Sorry about that.)
  • Fixed problem with Keychain not allowing first mouse-button-down in new window.
  • Added an explanation of auto-typing to the Go to URL function.
  • Added Quit on close preference that will quit PasswordWallet™ after all open documents are closed.
  • If all documents are closed, but PasswordWallet™ is still running, double-clicking PasswordWallet™ will bring up the default file if one is set in the preferences.
  • Fixed extremely rare problem where PasswordWallet™ would be unable to open a document if the monitor dimensions changed.
  • [Conduit] Using fewer system resources to improve synchronization while running under macOS 8, 9 and X 10.1.

New in 2.6.0:

  • Added 3-D look to rows. (And preference to turn it off.)
  • Command-SemiColon now works to bring up preferences panel in macOS X.
  • No longer topping off system queue with AutoTyping of very large buffers in macOS X and macOS 9.
  • Fixed problem with Copy menu item in edit entry dialog under macOS X.
  • If either the username or password fields are empty, auto-typing will not type a tab character between them.
  • Fixed problem when opening a document while a dialog was active.
  • Added Reveal in Finder menu item.
  • Added preference to collapse all when document opens.
  • Moved Record's Modified Time stamp down into to expanded row view.
  • Added preference to disable shortcuts bar.
  • Added Shortcuts bar to every row.
  • Expanding the bottom-most cell with the keyboard will now scroll the cell into view.
  • PasswordWallet will now be able to find your default file even if you rename it and move it anywhere on your disk.
  • AutoType now works in macOS!!
  • Added preference to save old password in notes when generating a new password.
  • Revert to bullets now works after documents are opened or the preferences change.
  • Added preference to draw digits in passwords with a highlight to help distinguish them from other characters.
  • Updated Shortcuts text and made window wider for easier reading.
  • Added Password in Keychain to the password entry dialog if the correct password was found in Keychain.
  • Fixed problem with detecting whether clipboard was previously replaced by another program before being cleared by PasswordWallet.
  • Added warnings around the Keychain preferences checkbox as this was very confusing for users... especially those using macOS X; macOS X Keychains are unlocked at log-in!!!
  • [Conduit] The option to View Log will no longer be presented if the conduit preferences are set to Do Nothing.
  • [Conduit] Clarified error messages.
  • [Conduit] Fixed minor problem in confirmation dialog with the Chicago vs. Charcoal system font.
  • [Conduit] The conduit now uses an alias to keep track of the target file for synchronization.

New in 2.5.0:

  • Password is only saved to Keychain after it is changed or initially set and the preference is turned on.
  • Tab key now works in first password dialog.
  • Added conditional note in ask password dialog if password was found in keychain.
  • Fixed punctuation and capitalization in message.
  • Entry count now remains visible if window is narrowed.
  • Smoother scrolling.

New in 2.4.2:

  • Fixed problem with auto-close timer.

New in 2.4.1:

  • Fixed problem with auto-close if an auto-opened document didn't exist.
  • Fixed problem with corrupted preferences, and added auto-repair functionality.
  • Fixed problem with launching while running CarbonLib 1.0.4.

New in 2.4.0:

  • Added preference to not beep when auto-type is ready for option-key release.
  • Added a Duplicate Entry item to the Wallet menu.
  • Added preference to always save last access date, even if no changes are made to the wallet.
  • Added preference to automatically close documents that are idle after a specified amount of time.
  • Added Shortcuts help window.
  • Added more plural options for international grammars.
  • PasswordWallet™ looks much better on macOS X. Most dialogs and windows completely redesigned.
  • Preferences and Quit menu items now appear under application menu in macOS X.
  • Enabled the Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard to scroll the wallet window.
  • The Find function now searches all fields, including the Notes field.
  • Speed select now works with the caps lock key down as well as with the option-key down.
  • All sorting now uses caseless comparisons. Before lower case would take precedence over upper case.
  • If a cell at the bottom of the document window is expanded, the list will be scrolled into view to reveal entire record.
  • Compatible with CarbonLib 1.3.1.
  • Printing now compatible with macOS X 10.0.3.

New in 2.3.0:

  • Users can now type the first few characters of the title of their password to Speed Select an entry.
  • Typing a tab selects the next record alphabetically, irrespective of sort order.
  • Typing a shift-tab selects the previous record alphabetically, irrespective of sort order.
  • Added preference to turn on bullets automatically after a specified number of seconds.

New in 2.2.0:

  • Added option to reset a document for clean synchronization (option-key down in the File menu).
  • Added preferences to customize password generation format.
  • Added preferences to specify bullets, no bullets, or saved state when a file is open.
  • Added preferences to allow the user to specify a file to open by default when application is run.
  • Added preference so the Ask Password dialog will not come up if the keychain contains the correct password.
  • Added preference for delay before clipboard is cleared.
  • Added preference for for delay before auto-type buffer is cleared.
  • Fixed problem with the Go to URL function on some systems.
  • Added Type it for you technology. To use:
    1. Go to a web page with the Go to URL function.
    2. Once the page has loaded, place the insertion point in the username field on the web page.
    3. Hold down the option-key until you hear a beep.
    4. After you hear the beep, release the option key.
    5. You're done! Your username and password will be typed for you!

New in 2.1.0:

  • Added warning under systems prior to macOS X that command-H has changed to command-B.
  • Added Export to Text File menu item.
  • Added warning if text in notes field is greater than 255 characters. (This helps speed up the Palm side.)
  • Confirm check box when editing a password entry now is unchecked if bullets are off.
  • Command-H for Hide is now Command-B for Bullet Items. macOS X reserves command-H for its own use.
  • [Conduit] Fixed mysterious duplicating record bug.
  • [Conduit] Fixed problems with long fields.

New in 2.0.1:

  • Fixed error with detection of CarbonLib 1.1.1 and the availability of KeyChain.
  • The import text file open dialog now reads Import Text File....
  • Revert now reverts sort and background color preferences.
  • Fixed problem on some systems with internal safe save. (Conduit too.)
  • [Conduit] Fixed synchronization failed (-50) message on some Macintoshes.
  • [Conduit] Users will now be warned to clear their Palm side data when they change files for synchronization on the Mac.
  • [Conduit] Fixed esoteric looping bug if users inadvertently change target files for the conduit.
  • [Conduit] Clarified text in Conduit Settings dialog with an extra label.
  • [Conduit] Fixed preference file weirdness.
  • [Conduit] Added better error messages.
  • [Conduit] The conduit no longer has a memory leak and should not fail after ~20 synchronizations.

New in 2.0.0:

  • Synchronize with Palm Compatible PDA by using included conduit.
  • Users can choose the backgrond color of wallet entry rows.
  • Fixed problem with going to more than one web site without quitting. (Sorry about that.)
  • Hold down the option-key while selecting new color to reset the color to the default blue.
  • (Hint for macOS 9 or better: hold down the option-key while in the color-selection dialog to pick up any color on-screen.)
  • Much faster and cleaner rendering for all on-screen operations.
  • Multi-line Notes, up to 255 characters, can be added to any entry.
  • Added AutoSave option that is available if a wallet has a password and has been previously saved.
  • Number of records now displayed at top of window and printout.
  • Old PasswordWallet™ 1.0 thru 1.1.1 files can be opened, but must be saved with a new name.
  • Passwords for different files are stored in Keychain separately.
  • PasswordWallet requires CarbonLib 1.2 to enable Keychain access under macOS 9 or later.
  • Added Random Password Generator to edit entry dialog.
  • Window positions and sort preferences are now stored with each document.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste clipboard operations work between PasswordWallet™ files.
  • Printing and Page Setup options are now available.
  • Multiple wallets may now be opened at once in multiple windows.
  • Wallet documents may now be saved and opened just like documents in other programs.
  • Wallet entries can be expanded and collapsed.
  • Added Sort by Password menu option.
  • Highlight selection is preserved between sorts, collapses and expansions.
  • Arrow keys may be used to scroll through the wallet window.
  • Left and Right arrow keys collapse and expand the selected cell respectively.
  • Add Confirm checkbox to the Edit Wallet Entry dialog. After unchecking this box you'll only have to enter your passwords once, and without bullets.
  • Last sort command now checked in menu.

New in 1.1.1:

  • To avoid confusion, 1.1.1 is not the beta that was accidentally shipped the morning of 8/4/2000. We apologize for this inconvenience.

New in 1.1.0:

  • Window positions and sizes, sort state, and hide information state are saved between executions of PasswordWallet™.
  • Find command now searches all fields, not just titles.
  • Added Zoom Box to wallet window.
  • Added Sort menu and appropriate menu items.
  • Renamed Hide Passwords menu to Hide Information
  • Wallet files can now exist on read only volumes, like your company's file server. Changes can be made to the opened wallet, but will not be saved. Alternatively, click Locked in the Get Info window of the Password File to make the file read only.
  • The Password File may now be an alias to the actual wallet file on another volume. The alias must still be named Password File.
  • Shipping PasswordWallet with a new, easier to use, S3 Register Products application.

New in 1.0.0:

  • Initial release.
New in 4.8.12:
  • PasswordWallet is now localized to Dutch!
  • Show password Full Screen now works again on Catalina.
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New in 4.8.11:
  • Prevent user from adding circular references when linking entries together.
  • Added highlight for found text in Notes.
New in 4.8.10:
  • More Dark Mode fixes.
System Require­ments:
macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher