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New in 2.15:
(2013-08-10, R 500)

New in 2.14:
(2013-02-20, R 495)

  • [181] Checksum and calm zone calculation for UPC E barcode fixed.
  • [180] PZN barcode enhanced to PZN8 (7 code digits + 1 checksum character, valid as of 2013-01-01).
  • [179] Preferences: The preset default barcode color no longer is RGB Black, but Device CMYK Black (recommended for offset print).
  • [147] Preferences: The used default font is finally stored.
  • When vector-based formats (PDF, EPS) have been chosen for export and email, the resolution and colorspace popups are hidden to avoid irritations about these parameters.
  • When an update is available, the application directly leads to the download page view in the browser.
  • Japanese localization added. ja

New in 2.13:
(2012-01-17, R 438)

  • Output issue with QR codes fixed (no stripes any more).
  • Window elements in the scroll bar area now always shown correctly, even in Lion.
  • Size of Preferences window is fixed again.
  • Structural issue in French manual fixed.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 2.12:
(2011-10-24, R 424)

  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 2.11:
(2011-09-05, R 422)

  • Spanish localization added. es
  • Dutch localization improved. nl
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 2.10:
(2011-05-12, R 394)

  • [72] QR Code is the first supported 2D barcode by Barcody.
  • Calm zone input is respected again.
  • Requires at least macOS 10.5 (Leopard).

New in 2.04:
(2011-02-28, R 363)

  • [62] The Toolbar can now be edited and hidden.
  • [70] The Placeholder elements for Export and Send Email can be dragged by mouse.
  • [71] The suggested export path can be defined in the Preferences.
  • [73] The export filename is stored in the user preferences.

New in 2.03:
(2011-02-09, R 322)

  • [66] Sequence Editor: checksum value is copied to Name field.
  • [65] Export and Email: two new placeholder strings: @DOCNAME@ and @TYPE@.
  • Application icon adjusted (transparency, border).
  • Manual navigation buttons use Cocoa style.

New in 2.02:
(2011-01-18, R 313)

  • EAN 128/GS1-128: AIs can also be entered with normal parentheses (…) when no parentheses are used inside the data field information.
  • Adjustments for the Mac App Store.

New in 2.01:
(2010-10-18, R 276)

  • [63] Wrong words in German document window corrected.
  • [64] Feedback dialog can send messages again.

New in 2.00:
(2010-09-16, R 272)

  • Barcode Series: Create a whole bunch of similar barcodes in no time with the new Barcode Sequence Editor. Choose a type, define format and increment value, done.
  • Export More Comfortable: Only one export sheet for all supported formats (PDF, EPS, image formats).
  • Now you can select any barcodes at once and export them.
  • When you want to export or send a whole group of barcodes via email, just select the group name in the outline view to proceed them all.
  • Print Barcode Label Sheets: Define your own label sheets for your work, and print barcodes directly from Barcody, even with multiple copies of one barcode per label sheet.
  • [54] More Barcode Types: These are the newly supported eight barcode types (aside from the previously supported 21 types): Code 11, EAN 18 / NVE / SSCC-18, EAN-Velocity, GS1-128 (EAN 128), MSI-Plessey, OPC, Telepen ASCII, Telepen NUM
  • Send Barcodes With Email: Create barcodes and send them directly via email from Barcody. (Barcody will launch your email client. Apple Mail, Entourage, and Mailsmith are supported.)
  • The currently selected barcode can be copied to the clipboard in PDF and LinkBack format with a single click.
  • New preferences pane for label sheets.
  • After you have added a new barcode, the name field can directly be edited. Another mouse click saved.
  • An information line below the content field shows the allowed, valid and available characters.
  • A new field Barcode Width shows the current barcode width which can be changed here, too.
  • The Action menu now offers entries for export and sending mails.
  • Use the new search field to quickly filter the barcodes list for barcode names, content and descriptions. Only the found barcodes are then shown in the barcode list.
  • The zoom value of the preview is now stored with the document.
  • All important functions are now available as toolbar icons.

New in 1.06:
(2010-01-16, R 171)

  • In rare cases saved Barcody documents could no longer be reloaded.
  • Update Check enhanced.
  • The manual shows an Index link on each content page now.
  • The online manual files have human readable names now, e.g. registration.htm instead of 0101.htm.

New in 1.05:
(2009-11-28, R 161)

  • Font selection enhanced.

New in 1.04:
(2009-06-12, R 156)

  • ISBN 13 codes accept the character X now.
  • EAN 13 codes which start with cypher 2 are coded correctly again.
  • When groups are being copied, no virtual copies are created any more.
  • The menu entry Export as EPS file is no longer selectable when no barcode is opened.
  • Cosmetical enhancements.

New in 1.03:
(2008-01-05, R 137)

  • New: ISBN 13 text line can be reformatted.
  • Registration dialog enhanced.
  • Info dialog no longer shows Register button when the application has been registered already.
  • ToolTip text error in Preferences dialog fixed.

New in 1.02:
(2007-12-03, R 118)

  • New: Export as EPS File

New in 1.01:
(2007-10-31, R 111)

  • Italian localization added. it
  • Dialog Enhancements
  • Leopard Support

New in 1.00:
(2007-06-29, R 65)

  • Universal Binary
  • LinkBack Support
New in 3.16:
  • Fixed: The Registration dialog is shown again on macOS 10.9.
New in 3.15:
  • New: [117] 1D Barcodes: An additional info text can …
  • New: [119] The position of the add-on barcode text …
[More …]
New in 3.11:
  • New: Export: The @CONTENT@ placeholder is shortened to 32 characters …
  • New: Export: Since macOS 10.11, export panel options are …
[More …]
System Require­ments:
macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher