CSVEditor 2.16CSVEditor 2.16
CSVEditor makes editing CSV data more comfortable

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New in 1.17:
(2013-06-11, R 279)

  • Japanese localization improved. ja
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 1.16:
(2012-06-11, R 151)

  • Import format recognition for non-UTF encodings enhanced.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 1.15:
(2012-04-16, R 146)

  • [148] Files with UTF-16 or UTF-32 encoding are proceeded properly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the option Selected Row is Header to crash the app in very rare cases.
  • Open Assistant: The Rows column has been replaced by a vertical rows ruler.

New in 1.13:
(2012-03-13, R 138)

  • [136] Supports .TSV extension.
  • Cancelling the Open dialog no longer crashes the app.

New in 1.12:
(2012-02-06, R 130)

  • [131] The German version 1.11 no longer created new documents.
  • Missing tooltips added.
  • Spanish localization improved. es

New in 1.11:
(2012-01-31, R 124)

  • Send Feedback dialog repaired; messages will be received by us again. We beg your pardon for not being able to receive messages sent to us from the previous version.
  • Lion compatibility enhanced.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

New in 1.10:
(2011-06-08, R 112)

  • [76] Empty data fields can be tinted optionally.
  • [79] Files can be merged into opened documents.
  • [80] Aside from.CSV, the file types .DAT and .TXT are supported.
  • [81] The function Insert Rows remembers the last used mode, when useful.
  • [88] Search & Replace support Regular Expressions.
  • When opening files, spaces can be trimmed directly.
  • The first column (Row Number) has been replaced by a rows ruler.
  • The dialog Edit Title can be closed by pressing [Esc].
  • New feature CSVEditor > Preferences > General: you can define the launch characteristics, autosave and effects.
  • New feature CSVEditor > Preferences > Cell Colors: data field cells can be tinted in different ways, optionally for empty content, numeric content, and other content.
  • New feature Columns > Transformations > Trim Spaces: removes all leading and trailing spaces from data fields.
  • New feature Rows > Sort Rows: sorts all rows ascending or descending by the content of a selected column.
  • New feature Edit > Search: you can search data field contents for text or regular expressions and optionally replace or select them.
  • Spanish localization added. es

New in 1.01:
(2011-03-19, R 62)

  • Overwriting files could cause garbage data to be attached.
  • [84] Deleting lines in filtered views could create garbage data.

New in 1.0:
(2011-03-08, R 57)

  • Initial release.
New in 2.16:
  • Fixed: The Registration dialog is shown again on macOS …
New in 2.15:
  • System Require­ments: macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher.
  • File menu now offers the Revert To item which lets …
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New in 2.11:
  • Issue fixed which prevented the built-in help book to be …
System Require­ments:
macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher