More Voices For Narrator

Narrator uses all voices which are available from macOS by default. But there is more...

Voices from Cepstral


There is a whole bunch of English and American voices at Cepstral. The trial period is not time-limited; It never expires. However, a voice will interject reminder messages into the audio output until you purchase a valid license key for it. Each single voice has a price of 29.95 USD at Cepstral. [State: 2010-11-30]

Cepstral voices: Try | Download | Buy

Voices from acapela Infovox iVox

Infovox iVox

The acapela Group offers Infovox iVox which enhances the voices for macOS at a high quality. (These voices can be used in Narrator and other voice supporting applications.)

These voices are distributed by AssistiveWare who have also developed the alternate product [GhostReader] which you can get here, too. There is a whole bunch of English and American voices available. The bundle price is 99 EUR for a whole voices package. [State: 2010-11-30]

Infovox voices: Try | Download | Buy

2.2.1 での変更点:
  • Narrator requires macOS v10.7 or higher (Narrator 2.2.1 is not …
  • Made a change to prevent macOS 10.8 Gatekeeper settings from …
2.2.0 での変更点:
  • Allows users to assign the new higher-quality voices that are …
2.1.0 での変更点:
  • Narrator is now a product of Mariner Software.
  • Current registered Narrator users can upgrade to the Mariner-branded version …
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