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Nouveau dans la version 1.1.4 :
(2003-05-17, R 1009)

  • Enhanced the Casting Assistant to better support the format used by IRC (with the name between angle brackets), e.g. as archived in the bash quote database, and also to improve the handling of some other situations.
  • Fixed a minor encoding issue with the list of jokes for the Tell Me a Joke function.
  • The Help > Dejal Orders menu item and the Buy... button in the Licenses window now display the Dejal Orders page with the appropriate application already selected.
  • Fixed issue where certain valid serial numbers could be rejected.
  • Clarified a wording inconsistency in the Software Update mechanism, where running a Beta release with the preferences set to indicate you are only interested in General releases would report the previous General release as a newer version.

Nouveau dans la version 1.1.3 :
(2002-11-29, R 1008)

  • Fixed a minor issue where the license agreement panel would be displayed when downgrading as well as upgrading.
  • Fixed some issues with the license serial number algorithm.
  • Fixed a bug where the Licenses window would only automatically add a license from the pasteboard if it was the first time the window was opened after launch.
  • Altered the content of the Licenses window: removed the optional Organization field, as it just caused confusion.
  • Improved the About window content.

Nouveau dans la version 1.1.2 :
(2002-10-11, R 1007)

  • Now only reports errors when checking for software updates if the check was initiated manually. If an automatic check fails, it'll just try again later, so there's no need to bother you.
  • Added a software license agreement panel that appears when starting a new version, to cover our butts. :)
  • When automatically adding a license from the pasteboard, now uses the logged-on user's name for the Name field if the license is a Household or Site license.
  • Fixed a bug where the License window could cause a crash if there was other data on the pasteboard.
  • Plus some other minor improvements to the Check for Updates feature.

Nouveau dans la version 1.1.1 :
(2002-09-17, R 1006)

  • Added the ability to automatically add a license from the pasteboard.
  • Added support for a Household license, where multiple users in the same household can share a license.
  • Added the new standard keyboard equivalent for Hide Others, and changed the Font and Text sub-menu keyboard equivalents to conform to the macOS 10.2 standard.
  • Fixed some minor bugs to improve 10.2 compatibility.

Nouveau dans la version 1.1 :
(2002-08-05, R 1005)

  • Enhanced the Casting Assistant so that it ignores text between brackets when finding names. This allows Narrator to be used to read back a Fire or Adium instant messenger conversation.
  • Added a service for the Services menu. It enables you to select some text in another application (that supports the Services menu) and easily open a new document in Narrator with it. Note that you need to log out and in before the operating system will notice the new service.
  • If the Characters drawer is closed, the Director > Apply Character and Director > Delete Character menu commands are now dimmed.
  • If the Director > Add Character menu command is chosen when the Characters drawer is closed, it is opened.

Nouveau dans la version 1.0 :
(2002-07-19, R 1004)

  • Initial general release.
Nouveau dans la version 2.2.1 :
  • Narrator requires macOS v10.7 or higher (Narrator 2.2.1 is not …
  • Made a change to prevent macOS 10.8 Gatekeeper settings from …
Nouveau dans la version 2.2.0 :
  • Allows users to assign the new higher-quality voices that are …
Nouveau dans la version 2.1.0 :
  • Narrator is now a product of Mariner Software.
  • Current registered Narrator users can upgrade to the Mariner-branded version …
Pré-requis système :
macOS 10.7 (Lion) ou une version ultérieure