DubbySnap 1.10DubbySnap 1.10
Capture web pages, even the very long ones.

DubbySnap 1.10

DubbySnap helps you capturing web pages, even the very long ones. Collect any URLs in your DubbySnap database and export them in PDF or various image formats. Or send them via email.

DubbySnap freezes the current content of the web page in PDF format. The other supported export formats are automatically rendered from this PDF. Just enter a new URL and you got it. Export or send the contents at any time. That's all.


Nieuw in 1.10:
  • Verbeterde CoverFlow weergave.
  • Vastleggen van vensters is geen inschuifvenster meer, waardoor eventsafhandeling beter …
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Nieuw in 1.0:
  • Eerste versie.
macOS 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) of hoger