Tidy Up 6.0.2Tidy Up 6.0.2
The new generation of our duplicate finder

Comparison of Tidy Up 6 and DupeZap

Tidy Up 6 which is the big brother of DupeZap, includes all the features of DupeZap, plus the following features:

Features Tidy Up 6 DupeZap
Customizable Search Criteria OK No
Strategy Wizard OK No
Saving Criteria Capability OK No
Saving List to Scan Capability OK No
Backup Capability OK No
Export Capability OK No
Saving Result List Capability OK No
Assigning System Labels OK No
Replacing With Aliases OK No
Customizable Smart Boxes OK No
New in 6.0.3:
  • Bug fixes.
New in 6.0.1:
  • Added the possibility to create the smart boxes from the …
  • Bug fixes.
New in 6.0:
  • New version 6 is available - Easy to use as …
System Require­ments:
macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or higher