Feb 23, 2015: DSD.net Website Relaunched

Although we do not offer apps for mobile devices yet, we are often asked to adjust our website for those mobile devices. Time for a relaunch. We now have updated the whole website and enhanced its accessibility for mobile devices, too.

New Menu Technique

On small mobile devices' screens, the new navigation shrinks into a menu button which opens the new menu structure. Of course its readability is great on small screens.

Below, you find the so called Breadcrumb bar which shows you exactly where you are on our website. The relevant chapters can be clicked or tapped there, too.

Applications Always Up-to-date

We continuously enhance and maintain our products. Keep your application versions always up-to-date, too. Therefore we recommend to subscribe our free newsletters which inform you directly when we release a new product version. Please do also use the automatic update controls which are available in almost all our applications.

These applications have already been updated this year:

BlogAssist iCalamus Quick Print Simon Tidy Up

Shortcuts to Products and Chapters

If you prefer typing, you can quickly reach various chapters of our website using shortcuts in the URL line of your browser. Here are some examples:

  • dsd.net/barcody directly opens the product homepage of Barcody. If you enter another product name in the URL line instead, you will see the relevant product homepage.
  • dsd.net/bugs opens the DSD.net Radar which is our Bug Tracker website where you can check 24/7 if there are known bugs and feature requests for our products.
  • man.dsd.net gives you an overview page of all available HTML manuals for our products.

Terms and Conditions Updated

We have adjusted our General Terms and Conditions and the License Agreement for the Use of Software to the current legal rules once more. Among other things, they contain important enhancements for the use conditions of demo versions and your obligations to cooperate for the improvement of our products.

(The translation of these documents is not yet completed.)

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