Dec 06, 2007: BlogAssist for Bloggers and Text Artists


Und schon wieder hat ein kleines, feines Progamm von Dejal Systems lokalisiert:
Die deutsche Version von BlogAssist ist ab sofort verfügbar.

Do you blog?

To blog means to write a diary in the internet (Blog derives from WebLog = internet diary.) If you blog or create othe HTML pages or write in forums, you are always busy checking if you have typed web links and formattings correctly. Using BlogAssist, you can lean back.

The floating BlogAssist window

BlogAssist is always at hand!

BlogAssist is a helpful tool; it adds a system menu (on the right-hand-side of the menubar) with a list of operations that can be performed on text. You can copy some text, choose an operation, and paste – the text will be marked up based on the chosen operation. The operations include HTML and forum markup. If you prefer, a floating palette is also available (to drag the text), or you can mark up inline by selecting text in your web browser or editor application, hitting [Cmd][>], and choosing the operation in a small window that appears, then click OK to substitute it right in the app.

Very handy... I use BlogAssist daily. For example, the product icon, and download link in this news were generated very simply by BlogAssist.

Try It Now!

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