Dec 10, 2007: Tidy Up available in German


Let's bet … your hard drive need to be tidied up?

You know this well enough: The hard drives are almost full. The trash bin is notoriously congested. You have no idea how many double or unrequired files bum around on your hard drives.

Tidy Up tidies up your drives!

With Tidy Up you can search for duplicate files and packages. Find them by various criteria. Find duplicate and empty folders. Eveny tidy up your iTunes, iPod, iPhoto databases and your mailboxes in Apple Mail. And Tidy Up is damned fast! Smart baskets help you to filter unrequired files as close as possible. The Tidy Up security system even ensures that you can restore already deleted files if you have done things too fast.

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Tidy Up has a smart user interface for its tasks. Define search criteria easily with the Search Assistant or on your own, using the criteria panes. It also offers pre-defined tasks and many additional features to make tidying up your hard drives a piece of cake.

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