Calamus LE 2015Calamus LE 2015
The legend lives on – discover the professional DTP layout system

Calamus LE 2015

Calamus SL is a frame based, high modular Desktop Publishing system with high resolution and a very accurate document perfection. Other programs change your documents as they like to. In Calamus you control your documents as you like to.

Calamus LE 2015 offers a basical pool of important functions and modules which can be found in the full version, too. The lite edition cannot be enhanced by additional modules (except optional printer drivers).

After you have reached the 30 days test period, the program starts with a time delay. Then it is time for you to register your Calamus LE 2015 in order to get rid of the time delay and get access to our well-known support in our special Calamus site

New in Calamus 2015 R4:
  • Change Log for Release 4
New in Calamus 2015 R3:
  • Change Log for Release 3
New in Calamus 2015 R2:
  • Change Log for Release 2