Porthos 3.24Porthos 3.24
PDF viewer / editor / PDF to CVG converter for TOS systems

New in 3.24:

  • Caching error for color systems removed.
  • CMYK bitmaps are changed to RGB again.
  • A heavy bug on deleting inline images has been fixed.
  • Error on Indexed DevGray removed.
  • Whitespaces in HexStrings are ignored correctly.

New in 3.22:

  • Various tiny bugs and issues fixed.

New in 3.20:

  • Completely new developed screen output for PDF files.
  • Shows more PDF files even better than before.

New in 3.03:

  • Anti aliasing mode can be switched off.
  • New CVG export. Type3 glyphs are positioned correctly now.
  • FreeType API enhanced to version 1.01.
  • A French user interface is available.
  • Porthos no longer crashes on original Atari hardware (we hope).

New in 3.01:

  • CID TrueType fonts are recognized.
  • Fonts are shown with antialiasing on-screen.
  • Filled vector objects are no longer shown by NVDI but by new output routines which are even faster than NVDI.
  • More PDF files are opened correctly than before.
  • Many bug fixes and tiny detail enhancements for a more stable PDF recognition.
  • Registered users of Porthos version 1+2 do not need a new matchcode!