Porthos 3.24Porthos 3.24
PDF viewer / editor / PDF to CVG converter for TOS systems

Customer comments:

I wanted to let both you and Dan Wilga at Gribnif know that your latest release of Porthos (version 3.24) works very well now with Dan's Geneva operating system. This latest version of Porthos is very stable and displays and prints all of the PDF files that I was having problems with in version 2. I have verified this on my Hades 68060 machine and also cross checked it on my TT which is running with a beta version of the Galaxy color card by Mario Brecroft. Thanks again for your continued support of the Atari community.
Kind Regards, David A.
New in 3.24:
  • Caching error for color systems removed.
  • CMYK bitmaps are changed to RGB again.
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New in 3.22:
  • Various tiny bugs and issues fixed.
New in 3.20:
  • Completely new developed screen output for PDF files.
  • Shows more PDF files even better than before.