Mar 10, 2010: JobTimer bugfix update 3.01


JobTimer is the handy time control for your jobs!

The bugfix update version 3.01 offers some important bugfixes.

JobTimer - New in 3.01 :
(2010-03-10, R 215)
  • Window menu has a new menu item Zoom now.
  • Sparkle updater should work from this version in future.
  • Growl framework has been updated. JobTimer works again on macOS 10.4 (Tiger).
  • Registry dialog handles data pasted from the clipboard much better.
  • Menu entry JobTimer > Register JobTimer can no longer be selected in the registered version.
  • Danish localization improved. da

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JobTimer project window with drawer
  • JobTimer is the perfect tool for freelancers!
  • Accurately track your project work time now!
  • Get a complete overview of your work time!

Don't waste your valuable worktime with rough calculations! Use JobTimer and gain control over various projects with simple mouse clicks. Check out exactly how long you have been busy working on that new website for customer X as well as the new print catalog for customer Y. Use the RTF export and handle your JobTimer protocols in other programs according to your needs. JobTimer is recommended as a boot application. One click, and your next job can be started.

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