May 06, 2008: JobTimer 2.30 refurbished for Leopard


JobTimer is the time control for your jobs!

The current version 2.30 comes with many new items which make working and keeping track on the working time much easier. Here is a list of changes:

JobTimer - New in 2.30 :
(2008-05-06, R 111)
  • JobTimer uses a new registration dialog; old JobTimer 2.0 match codes should still be accepted. If not, please contact and ask for your free JobTimer 2.0 match code update.
  • File > Export uses shortcut [cmd][E] now.
  • Help Menu has been redesigned, offering a new JobTimer Help now.
  • Czech localization (by Petr Jandík).
  • Dutch localization (by Paul Pasveer).
  • The Preferences window no longer shows Toolbar (hide) button, as required by Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.
  • All export formats are available again.
  • Many text, layout fixes and adjustments for macOS Leopard.


  • Perfect tool for freelancers!
  • Measure your work time for projects now!
  • Get an overview about your work time!

Don't waste your valuable worktime with rough calculations! Use JobTimer 2.30 and gain control over various projects with simple mouse clicks. Check out exactly how long you have been busy working on that new website for customer X as well as the new print catalog for customer Y. Use the RTF export and handle your JobTimer protocols in other programs according to your needs. JobTimer is recommended as a boot application. One click, and your next job can be started.

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