May 06, 2008: Caboodle 1.1.4 brings important bugfixes


Caboodle runs now on MacBook Air!

The current version 1.1.4 brings some important bugfixes which make using Caboodle even more comfortable. Here is a list of changes:

Caboodle - New in 1.1.4 :
(2008-05-05, R 1013)
  • The state of the menu item »Check Spelling While Typing« is now remembered across launches, so you can turn it off if you don't want it.
  • Fixed a bug where new child entries might not inherit a newly added icon or custom fields.
  • Fixed a bug with exporting, where a "/" in an entry Subject could cause the export to not work as expected.
  • Updated the built-in Kagi purchasing tool to the latest version, which fixes some issues with Leopard.
  • Switched the distribution method to ZIP archives instead of disk images, as it's simpler for everyone. Feedback welcome!
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the previous version to run on a MacBook Air.


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