Notio 2.01Notio 2.01
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Notio Supports Browser Scripts For the Bookmarks Toolbar

From your browser, you can simply add URLs or text snippets from your current page view into Notio. This page describes how to add two special Notio links to your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar.

How To Install the Notio Links

  1. First of all make sure the Bookmarks Toolbar is visible in your browser.
  2. Now drag this link: URL to Notio up to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
    It adds a web archive with the current link of your active browser view to Notio.
  3. Then drag this link: Note to Notio up to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
    It adds every selected and marked text from the current page view in your browser to Notio.

That's it.

(And yes, you can change the name of the link in your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar, if you like to. Just don't change its address's content.)

New in 2.01:
  • More adjustments for the Mac App Store.
  • Tiny bug fixes.
New in 2.0:
  • Notio 2.0 is a completely new developed, database-based application.
  • The user interface of the application has been completely redesigned.
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System Require­ments:
macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher