Dec 21, 2016: Charmas 2.20 refurbished

Charmas 2.20

Charmas, the handy tool for finding fonts and creating font catalogs very fast, has been refurbished to version 2.20 today.

Charmas - New in 2.20 :
(2016-12-21, R 339)
  • System Require­ments: 64 bit only, OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.
  • New: The registration form converts entered NAME and MATCHCODE strings automatically to uppercase letters.
  • New: Spanish localization added. es
  • All relevant icons updated into resolution-independent versions.
  • Tiny adjustments in localizations.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Get Charmas 2.20 for only 29 EUR. You can upgrade from former versions 1.xx of Charmas for only 10 EUR.

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