Oct 29, 2014: GuideLiner v1.22


Since today, a completely updated version of our handy screen layout tool is available: GuideLiner is a handy tool for all of you who want to optimize layouts for screen and web.

GuideLiner - Nyt i 1.22 :
(2014-10-29, R 130)
  • System­krav: macOS 10.7 (Lion) eller senere.
  • Komplet omskrevet 64-bit program.
  • The Screen Simulation menu disables all resolution menu items which make no sense for the current screen resolution.
  • Alle relevante ikoner er opdateret til opløsnings-uafhængige versioner.
  • Spansk lokalisering tilføjet. es

With GuideLiner you can measure your web and screen layouts, check and optimize them for smaller screens and work with guidelines in all applications.

GuideLiner offers horizontal and vertical screen rulers and guidelines which can be placed free on your screen (even overlaying other applications). Use these tools and effectively measure and proof on screen, if your layouts have the right size, etc.


GuideLiner is available for download. The price is 15 EUR. GuideLiner is available in English, German, French and Czech (more languages to come).

System­krav: macOS 10.7 (Lion) eller senere.

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