Jun 08, 2011: CSVEditor 1.10 - enhanced CSV data handling


We happily present an important update for CSVEditor: CSVEditor is a handy tool for all of you who want to edit data spreadsheets.

CSVEditor is the new Mac OS X tool which makes creating and editing CSV data more comfortable. You can create new spreadsheets or open any CSV file in any available encoding. Add, remove or move rows and columns. Add, remove and edit contents manually in the cell editor or automatically with the Fill editor.

CSVEditor - New in 1.10 :
(2011-06-08, R 112)
  • [76] Empty data fields can be tinted optionally.
  • [79] Files can be merged into opened documents.
  • [80] Aside from.CSV, the file types .DAT and .TXT are supported.
  • [81] The function Insert Rows remembers the last used mode, when useful.
  • [88] Search & Replace support Regular Expressions.
  • When opening files, spaces can be trimmed directly.
  • The first column (Row Number) has been replaced by a rows ruler.
  • The dialog Edit Title can be closed by pressing [Esc].
  • New feature CSVEditor > Preferences > General: you can define the launch characteristics, autosave and effects.
  • New feature CSVEditor > Preferences > Cell Colors: data field cells can be tinted in different ways, optionally for empty content, numeric content, and other content.
  • New feature Columns > Transformations > Trim Spaces: removes all leading and trailing spaces from data fields.
  • New feature Rows > Sort Rows: sorts all rows ascending or descending by the content of a selected column.
  • New feature Edit > Search: you can search data field contents for text or regular expressions and optionally replace or select them.
  • Spanish localization added. es

CSV means Comma Separated Values, but data fields in CSV files may also be separated by semicolon or tab.


CSVEditor is now available for download. The price is 15 EUR. CSVEditor is available in English, German and Spanish (more languages to come) and requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher.

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